The rules and explanation of this game are located here. 

I have thought of something for you to guess. If you choose to play this game, your goal is to discover the, "ultimate answer". In other words, your goal is to learn the thing I have thought of. Make sure you have read the rules of the game so that you know how to phrase your questions, AND so that you know what to ask. Each time you think of a question to ask me, fill out this form. Read this page well, before you fill it out. Also, make sure you read the "answer page" so you know what other people are asking.  This will provide clues to you, and it will prevent you from asking questions which have already been asked. When you hit the "submit" button at the bottom of this page, the form will end up in my inbox.  I will follow your instructions on this form.  I will either send you an E-mail to answer your question, or I will let you read the answer on the "answer page". If you have any questions, let me know.


(since this is our first try, I am giving more clues than normal)

The item to guess is:

an "event"

Clues: 1. It is a "generic" rather than a "specific" event.  2. It is something "we" on the fan list look forward to. 3. It is something that, "happens" on [or is that via?] an "object" that is "mineral". [Both the "thing being guessed" and the "object that is mineral" are "man made".] Hopefully that last clue [3.] does not confuse matters.)


Amendment to the rules: (sort of)

Normally, I play this game with just me and Douglas.  It is to keep Douglas awake as he drives. We have played this game with more than one "player" before.  In most of those cases, the "players" were sitting around in one place. I don't remember a situation where one person asked a bunch of questions and then a third person got the "ultimate answer" correct.  That may have happened, I just don't remember.  It would be more fair if people sort of waited until all the "players" got their questions in before someone started on a new round of questions. Playing this via E-mail might make that difficult.  Until we get going we won't know how many "players" there will be if any.  And then someone (a stranger) might accidentally run across this on the Internet (after we have been going a while) and decide they want to play. I will have to watch as these forms get "spam" to them when they have been up and running for a time.  The "spam" won't end up on the "answer page" as this is set up so I can screen things.  If you have any thoughts on this, let me know.


Because we are playing this game with (potentially) lots of people, there is an "answer page" with answers to the questions that people ask me.  I will put the questions along with an initial letter or screen name so that I can keep straight who is asking what.  It is only fair that I do this so that people will know what questions are being asked so that they don't "re-invent the wheel," so to speak.  If you want your questions to remain anonymous, please let me know.

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"Answer Page" for "Guess Game No. 1"

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If your answer is no or maybe, please click here to go back to the rules pageIf you have any questions about the rules please do not hesitate to ask me in the space below the contact information.

What is your question?
(Remember that the question must be phrased so that it is answered by either yes or no. If the question is inappropriate or the "it person"  finds it puzzling, the player may get an answer of "rephrase" or "define". If the "it person" does not know the answer to the question, then the player will get a reply of "unknown". If you get a response of "rephrase," this means you either worded the question wrong, or it is not an appropriate question to ask about the "ultimate answer". If you get a response of "define," that means you need to define what you mean by the terms used in the question. I cannot explain what or how to define anything, and I cannot explain how to rephrase the question, because to do so might give away the "ultimate answer".)

Please provide the following contact information:

Give me your name so that I know who you are.  Also give me a, "screen name" of some sort, that I can use on the "answers page".  An example of a screen name would be, "Writerwithbottles".  Let me know who you are, so I can keep straight who is asking which questions. Let me know how to get in touch with you, if you want me to give you the answer to your question.  Otherwise you can look at the answers on the answers page by clicking here.  Items with a * are optional. If you are a stranger (to me) who is running across this game, I will be curious to know where you are writing from.

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