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List of "Old" Books That Are On Biblical / Scientific Subjects:

Geezer being kicked in the backside by a creature that evolved from a bucket of objects he is spilling into a lake

"That's what I get for writing about such hair brained ideas!"  Or should this be, "The 'theory' of Evolution coming back to haunt the author of the theory"? 


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This page is being put together, March 31, 2004. Added to, and re-arranged some, on September 30, 2005.

This is a list of books we have or books we would like to find.  Most of these that I have are for reference purposes mainly.  They are good when researching subjects that I like to write about. 


As far as the old anti-evolution books go, if you know of anything I don't have on this list please let me know.  If you know of any good modern anti-evolution books, I would like to know about those too.  I might not add the modern books to this list, since this is a list of, "old" books.  Oops!  Now that I look at this list again and add to it, I see that there are some books listed on here from the late 20th Century and early 21st Century.  I guess I could add modern anti-evolution books to the list.

The Dawson family were from Canada. The father, Sir J.W. Dawson was one of the eminent scientists of his day.  He had another son (not listed) who is still famous in Canada today.  The town of Dawson in the Yukon is named after him.  It is amazing to me that men who were "big" in science, managed to remain Biblical believers.  From what I have read on the Internet, it seems that at this current time, it would be difficult to be a believer and yet be a top scientist.  (The Evolutionists would say that it would be impossible.  But I KNOW with God all things are possible! Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.)

We got these books at either used book shops, used book sales, garage sales, and charity thrift stores.

                                                          shelf of books


W. (William) Bell Dawson:

The Bible Confirmed By Science 1932
(Got by mail order from the Hannum  Company in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  I have always wondered if this book shouldn't have been called, "Science Confirmed By The Bible"!)

Sir J.W. (John William) Dawson:

Modern Science In Bible Lands 1892 (I bought this one at Booked Up in Archer City, Texas.)

Harry Rimmer

Dead Men Tell Tales by Harry Rimmer, D.D., Sc. D 1943 (fifth edition—first= 1939) Book on Biblical Archaeology (Believe it or not, I got this one in Littlefield, Texas.  It was in the "antique" shop they opened in the old Ware's Department store.  I didn't know that it was on this list under, "find" until I went to add it on here in the "have" category,  earlier this month.)

The Theory of Evolution and the Facts of Science by Harry Rimmer, Copyright, 1935, (Sixteenth printing, September 1972)   ISBN: 0-8028-1168-X  I got this at Shiloh Christian Books.  They have quite a selection of Harry Rimmer's books in there. 

Modern Science & the Third Day of Creation by Harry Rimmer, D.D., Copyright 1975  I got this one at Shiloh Christian Book Store on July 2, 2004. 

Harry Rimmer,  That lawsuit against the Bible. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, MI. 1940, (88p.) On the case of William Floyd vs. Harry Rimmer in a New York City court, from the "Fundamentalist" viewpoint.  I'm not sure this is a "Fundamentalist" book. 
That description of the book I got off the Internet. If you want to know more about how I came by this book click here.

Other Authors:

The Bible Triumphant by C. (Carmen) Urquhart, B.A. 1935?

Evolution An Investigation and a Criticism by Th. (Theo) Graebner 1922

The Physician Examines The Bible By C. Raimer Smith 1950
(This is an interesting book for reference.  I am not sure the author is a Believer or going at his subject from that standpoint.)

BIBLICAL ARCHĆOLOGY (Archeology) BOOKS WE HAVE (see also, "Harry Rimmer" above)

Doing Archaeology in the Land of the Bible A Basic Guide John D. Currid 1999

Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament by John D. Currid Copyright 1997, Second printing, July 1999.  ISBN 0-8010-2137-5 (pbk.)


Natural Law in the Spiritual World by Henry Drummond F.R.S.E.; F.G.S. 1886 (I got this one at Shiloh Christian Books, Lincoln Park, Michigan.  They are our local used Christian book shop.  And NO! They don't deal in USED Christians!--It should be more correctly, "Christian used book shop".)

Faith and Reason by Austin G. Schmidt, and Joseph A. Perkins 1959 (Catholic book on various subjects incl. “Evolution”.)


                                             this picture came up when I searched for "evolution" in Windows clip art.  "Ancient" man looking up to the sun. This must represent "superstition". Early "scientist" (Newton?) looking up at the planets. This must represent the "age of enlightenment".  "Modern" guy look up to a computer disk in the sky.  I guess this represents the "information" age. I chose this picture because it shows, "no wonder people believe in Evolution".  They look to everything but God for their knowledge.

The Descent of Man (And Selection In Relation To Sex) by Charles Darwin M.A. Don't know how old this one is exactly.  It is an old copy.  It has a "Preface To The Second Edition" inside, from 1874.  The Publisher is "American Publishers Corporation 310-318 Sixth Avenue New York".  For my own records, I got this one early after we moved here.  It was at the street sale on a street behind ours.  I am pretty sure it was at the street sale that had the old black Raleigh bicycle I wanted but didn't get.

Evolution by A. Franklin Shull Professor of Zoology, University of Michigan. (New Second Edition) McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.  1951.  It was Copyright, 1936, 1951. 

Creation and Evolution Myth Or Reality? by Norman D. Newell Copyright 1982. ISBN: 0-231-05348-7   Convergence Founded, Planned and Edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen.  Was once in the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Library of Dearborn Heights MI.

Scientists Confront Creationism Edited by Laurie R. Godfrey 1983 W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. ISBN 0-393-30154-0  This is the book that says, [roughly] that because I am from the rural Southern U.S., the economics are "depressed", and I am afraid that my way of life is going to disappear, I cling to outdated ideas like "creationism".  Little did that author know, but I am prosperous, and I live in urban Michigan. 

Get A Grip on Evolution by David Burnie Copyright 1999 by The Ivy Press Limited.  First published in 1999 by Weidenfield and Nicholson, The Orion Publishing Group Limited.  ISBN 0 297 82700 6   This is an interesting book for people who want to know about evolution, the theories, what the terms mean etc.  It seems to be written for non scientists which is nice.  It is easy to understand for the most part.  Doesn't make "evolution" hold any more water than it did before (I read through some of it).

The Modern Library of the World's Best Books     Evolution In Modern Thought by Haeckel, Thomson, Weismann And Others Can't find a copyright, but the publisher is Boni and Liveright, Inc.   The first section is, "Darwin's Predecessors".  Which is some of the  history of Evolution ideas. 

Darwin In America The Intellectual Response 1865-1912 by Cynthia Eagle Russett Copyright 1976  W. H. Freeman and Company ISBN 07167-0564-8  ISBN 0-7167-0563-X pbk.  (this last one must be the one I have since I have a paperback copy.)


Novels, Plays, etc.

Inherit The Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Copyright 1951 13th printing August 1968. Once owned by Bill Bressey.  There is drawing in ink on the back cover.  This is just a paperback of the play.  I forget where I got it.  I just got it so that I would have a copy in the collection.  I guess I should look for a "better" copy.  This one isn't falling apart though.


Copernicus and His World A Biographical Sketch by Wanda M. Stachiewicz Sponsored by The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America Canadian Branch Montreal--New York, 1972.  Copyright 1972.  "Compliments of The Polish American Congress Michigan Division".  This book has some liquid (water?) damage.  I think I may have gotten it at the Salvation Army store at Joy and Telegraph.  But I could have gotten it in 2004 at one of the sales etc. 

God's World and You by O.A. Battista, Sc.D. (Orlando A. Battista) Copyright 1957. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 58-59760

By Design Science and the Search for God by Larry Witham Copyright 2003 (first paperback edition 2004) ISBN: 1-59403-043-X (alk. paper) According to what I read in a customer review on Amazon.com this book is about the history of the Intelligent Design.  I got this at "Booked Up" in Archer City, Texas during the summer of 2005.

Dictionary of Theories by Jennifer Bothamley Copyright 1993, 2002.  ISBN: 1-57859-045-0 "One stop to more than 5,000 theories".  This book has a little bit of everything.  It doesn't have just "hard sciences", it has theories from, art, psychology, and others. (Accountancy, Anthropology, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Climatology, Computing, Economics, Feminism, Geology, Law, Linguistics, Literary theory, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Medicine, Meteorology, Music,  Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology) This book really belongs on the  "Reference" page.  I might stick a duplicate entry on there as well.  I got this book at the big book sale of 2005.

The Biology of the Spirit by Edmund W. Sinnott Copyright 1955.  This book is difficult to categorize.  It deals with things people are talking a lot about these days.  The famous "body/mind" connection etc.  If you look up the author in Google, you find articles related to finding the mind in the human body, and also finding "mind" in computers (artificial intelligence).  I don't know if I agree with this book or not. I haven't read it enough to know.

BOOKS WE WANT TO ADD TO THE COLLECTION (Yes! Robyn has "frogs" in her pockets!)

As far as I can tell these are by, W. Bell Dawson:

The Bible Confirmed By Science 1932 (So I can pass [them] out to friends.)

Forethought in Creation

Miracles and the Laws of Nature

The Bible and the Antiquity of Man

Evolution Contrasted with Scripture Truth

The Bible Science and Superstition 1920’s?

Is Evolution True? How the Creator Has Planned for His Creatures

Is Evolution True? The Story of Living Things Long Ago No.3 1932

Is Evolution True? What The Stars, Plants and Atoms Tell Us. No.2 1931

Sir J.W. (John William) Dawson:

Archaia, or Studies of Creation in Genesis (1870?)-- Rewritten and modernized, under the title, “The Origin of the World” 1877.

The Story of Earth and Man

Science of the Bible

???The Meeting Place of Geology and History???

The Historical Deluge

Eden Lost and Won

Harry Rimmer (“Gap” Theorist) of the Science Research Bureau:

Harmony of Science and Scripture

Modern Science and the Genesis Record

HAVE! Harry Rimmer,  That lawsuit against the Bible. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, MI. 1940, (88p.) On the case of William Floyd vs. Harry Rimmer in a New York City court, from the "Fundamentalist" viewpoint.  HAVE! Click word "HAVE" in order to learn more.

From the publisher,  Routledge:
The Antievolution Pamphlets of Harry Rimmer
Edward B. Davis
Price: $130.00 (USA), $195.00 (Canada)

Other Authors:

The Church, The Schools and Evolution J.E. Conant D.D.

Bryan’s Last Word on Evolution. William Jennings Bryan

Why I Do Not Believe in the Organic Evolutionary Hypothesis. James Edward Congdon

The Scientific Mind and Christianity M. H. Duncan

Evolution At The Bar Philip Mauro

The Life of Prayer in a World of Science Rick O Strander Oxford University Press 2000

From Routledge:
(The Antievolution Pamphlets of William Bell Riley
William V. Trollinger
Price: $90.00 (USA), $135.00 (Canada)

(The Antievolution Pamphlets of William Bell Riley
William B. Riley
Price: $930.00 (USA), $1,395.00 (Canada))

(The Antievolution Works of Arthur I. Brown
Ronald L. Numbers
Price: $90.00 (USA), $135.00 (Canada))

R. D. (Robert Dick) Wilson
A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament

Books of the “opposite persuasion”—or books that make the blood boil (Not listed for the knowledge of, “what the other half believes”…but to learn about the history of “the conflict”.)

A History of the Warfare of Science With Theology in Christendom/2 Volumes in One (Great Minds Series) By Andrew Dickson White 1896

UNKNOWN “persuasion” but sounds interesting none the less and quoted from often enough

A Collective Work: Evolution in the Light of Modern Knowledge
London: Blackie & Sons, 1925 1st ed. 528pp. Hardback. Illustrated. Fold out plate.

Evolution in the Light of Modern Knowledge. A collective Work.
London. Blackie & Son. 1932. Figures & folding plates. Cloth. xv+516pp+Index.