This is not a complete list.  There is a method to the madness.  To learn the whys and wherefores of my collecting, see the "Collecting" page.

"Air" in old bottles (Ha!)
Biblical Research books; Bottles; Books;
Candy (sweets/chocolate) Wrappers (from, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. for use in collage work)
Dishes (dish freak)/"Dust collectors"
Traditional European Music /"Electronical" gadgets/Etcetera
(Used to have a small feather collection, but one of the cats got to it.)
Incoming E-mail From Friends and Family
"Junk" (Ha!)
London, England (picture books, old guide books, travel books, etc.)
Mail (post) (stickers, stamps, labels, from mail or post for the purpose of using in collage work)/Books about Murder Mystery books/ "Old" Magazines/
"Old" Office Supplies
"Old" Postcards (Subjects-- "Exotic" Places, Camels, "Home", humor, Etc.)/ Neil Pearson (Memorabilia of Favorite Actor)
Quantities (0f) Quintessentially Quirky Quaintness (Chintz!)
Records/"Old" Radios/Radio related books/Radio Drama ephemera
Seeds/Subscription cards from magazines (for use in collage work)
Teapots ([old] Tea Tins/Tea Cups-Mugs, Tea, old biscuit [cookie] tins, etc...)/Tobacciana (old[er] tobacco tins, cigarettes, ashtrays etc.  Don't have much of this!)/Texas
Writing books/West Texas