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Trying To Find My Biological Father "Franklin"

I am really hunting "Franklin"                                           my "putative" (alleged) birthfather. As far as I know, Linda does not want to know me. I wonder if my birth father should want to know me. I know very little about him. I assume his first name is "Franklin" as my adoption file says.   

If you are related to Linda, my birth mother and you run across any photos of Linda and "Franklin" and there is a name on the back, will you let me know that name?  If you have any way of knowing who Linda was dating during the spring time "back in the day" will you let me know that?

The only way I will know for sure if Franklin is my birth father is to do a genetic test. My file says (on page 4), “If her baby has dark hair and complexion the information on the Putative Father will have to be changed”. I am not dark at all, but who knows I could be "recessive genes" or something like that.

Really, I simply want to let Franklin know that he can know me if he wants to.  It would be nice to know Franklin's last name.  It would be nice to know what part of Switzerland his father came from.  I would enjoy seeing family pictures.  I would also like to know if any sleeping disorders or ADHD run in his family. I would like to know any other family medical history.

Here is some of what I know about "Franklin"...

Franklin [last name unknown] (From page 7)
Age—28 [in 1962/born 1934?];
Occupation—Instructor electronic; Armed Forces—Branch.....; Length of Service—8-10 yrs.; Rank S/Sgt.;
Nationality—Swiss-German; Additional Information—Father: Swiss, Mother: European, German or Austrian, both parents born in Europe; he youngest of 5 children.
[Franklin was probably stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, "back in the day".]




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