Favorite and not so favorite things...  Some of this I had to "fudge" on. For example, it was difficult to find something for "X".  I just pulled out a pocket dictionary and looked at words beginning in "X" to find something that I could use as a favorite.  As I was writing out the "favorite" things, I kept thinking of NON favorite stuff.  I had to do up a list of that too. The "non-favorite" things are really, just things that get on my nerves. It isn't complete.  Maybe I will finish it some day.

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Apple Pie + Sharp Cheddar
Bible (plus Bottles, Books, Botany, and BEER/BIER!!!!!)
Chintz!!! Oh give me chintz, lots of chintz under starry skies... (Not just the fabric, but all that "chintz" implies.)
Douglas (and Dubhghall)
Traditional European Music / Estate Sales
Finding "Treasures" (and Fizz in Soda Pop)
God First! (Garage Sales somewhere down the line) / Gardening
Holding Hands With Douglas
Incoming E-mail From Friends and Family
Journeys of Discovery
My Kinfolks!!
Laughing Very Hard (Lager Beer/Bier)
Mail!!/Male (and Quiet Mondays) / Mini Cooper
Neil Pearson (Favorite Actor) / Nash Metropolitan
Old Office Supplies
Postcards/From "Exotic" Places/With Camels/"Home"/Etc. (Then there's Pastry!!)
Quantities (0f) Quintessentially Quirky Quaintness (Chintz!)
Rainy damp days spent in used book shops
Seeing People Smile
Teapots/(old) Tea Tins/Tea Cups-Mugs/Tea/Etc. (old biscuit [cookie] tins...)
Used Stuff Shops
Vitamins and Minerals in Good Foods
Writing (and West Texas)
Xylophone in Traditional Music
My "Yankee" Life Here in Michigan



Zephyr (soft, gentle breeze)


Arguing With Douglas
Barf (cleaning and doing)
What some people are calling, "Christianaphobia".
Dieting! (Diets don't work!!)
Being called "Fundamentalist"! (Or worse, being called, "Fascist".)


Not getting mail. (post)  Not getting BBC America and TVO on our cable.


Pears / Portrayal of Christians in Modern (secular) Dramas and Comedies / Profit Driven Adoption Industry




Medicine Labeled Quackery That Might Not Be Quackery!

Realism not being considered "good" art.

Certain Smells
Being called "Xenophobic"! (I ain't afraid o' "foreigners"!)