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November 19, 2005

Day 1 of "Journal"

5:20PM EST---Douglas is wanting to go out.  It is a Saturday night. Of course I left a note saying I wanted to go out.  I am hoping to buy one of those cheap plastic fountain pens so I can write in my new paper journal.  I have to go get ready. He will be home soon.  I can't "d*ck around".  (Being a "girl" I guess it would be difficult for me to "d*ck around".  Ha!)  Perhaps I will write more to this soon.  I think I need to get rid of my paid for blog.  I don't seem to be writing to it.  If I wrote here, it would be much cheaper.  Catch you later.

Later: 5:43PM EST.  I am experimenting with this back ground and the formatting of this   journal.  It is not working 100% as it looks as if I am typing on the edge of the pages.  I can't avoid that.  I got this idea off the Internet.  Mine is a little different than what I saw, as I can't figure out how to do exactly what they did.  It wouldn't be all that difficult maybe. I just don't want to take the time to figure out what they did.

Ok, we aren't going out.  Douglas is buying pizza from Buddy's. I am getting one with black olives on it. I don't know what Douglas is getting.  Hopefully he will find my pen at Staples.  I like to shop our local one of a kind office supply shop.  They need the business.  But they aren't open on Saturdays.  They basically keep regular "business" hours.  That means we don't get there very often. 

On Monday nights a small group of us are meeting at a friend's house.  We are doing this Bible study dieting program.  It is very good for the fellowship, exercise, and Bible study.  The program follows the famous, USDA "Food Pyramid", which I highly disagree with.  I am hoping to modify what is in the program somewhat. I know I need to reduce calories or maybe increase calories.  (I need to have X number of calories a day for health.)  It is where the calories come from that bothers me.  It is the percentage of calories from, "what" that I am going to modify. I hope to develop the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables----raw and or cooked.  It's not that I don't like them, it is just developing that habit of eating them.  Douglas eats them as snacks.  He will eat a raw cucumber as if it were a candy bar sometimes.  Yuck!  (Not a fan of cucumbers unless they are made into pickles.) I want to do some "mall walking" as well.

Speaking of pickles...  My dear, Granny made these pickles that were "the best"!  They weren't traditional "lacto-fermented", but they did taste good. She was known for her dill pickles.  But she also made very good "sweet" pickles too.  I was remembering the sweet ones recently.  They were sliced on the thick side. When you looked at the last few in the jar, they were sort of a dark blue-ish green color.  They weren't the dark green color of the dill pickles.  When she made dill pickles she left them whole.  The reason her sweet pickles came to mind, is because I was asking my cousin how to make tuna salad.  I finally got the family recipe for making tuna salad.  Yea!!!  I have waited so long to taste it.  It isn't a secrete, but I just never bothered to get the recipe before. 

Ok.  I am going to stick this on the net and see how it looks.  Then I am going to try and undo my paid for blog.  If I succeed in that, I will just write here from now on.  Let me know if you can read this ok.  Then I should get cracking on sorting my last box in the living room.  Once it is sorted, I can stick the stuff in the file folders.  I need to work on my study book for Monday too.  I will write again when the bug hits me. Let me know how this is going so I can know if you want me to continue. 

More: 8:35PM  The pizza was good.  Douglas couldn't find the pen.  I guess I will have to look at our one of a kind office supply shop.  Am finally signing off.  I have a friend in Australia who is from England.  She sent me an E-mail, and I am going to reply to it.  I will let her know about this journal when I do.  We met online.  It is great that you can meat people online.

Don't expect all the journal posts to be like this one.  They will all be different I hope.  This one is just a test.  See you later.