My Adoption Information

Information As I Know It (March 2006)


I am putting some of my adoption story on here. My aim is to have my information in one place so that anyone from my birth family can be able to run across it.  In order to help you figure out what is going on with this page, I have a page with a "Legend" on it. I am using various "devices" to let someone know the sources of my information.  The "Legend" will tell you what the numbers and symbols (asterisks etc.) mean. click here to go to the Legend page

I am not going to write in great detail the long journey of how I obtained this information really.  I hope to do that on another page at some point.  Right now this is just some information I have gathered over the years.  I am not sticking on here "all" the information I have.  The only way I will know for sure if this is my family, is to have a genetic test. 

The last names or surnames (family names) that I have for my birth mother Linda's family are, Wallace; McKennon; Story; and BeersIf you wish to contact me about anything on this page, please feel free to do so. The cities that are relevant to this document are, Wichita Falls, Texas; Normal, Illinois; Sherman, Texas; Littlefield, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas.  For More information on all these names, please see, the "My Maternal Genealogical Information" page.

I have done a lot of "genealogy" detective work to find out some of this info. All the names I have in my adoption file fit together with what I have found doing genealogy research.  If the information on this page is difficult for you to believe, and you want "proof" of my "claims", register with the proper agencies.  I am registered with the adoption agency.  I am registered with the State of Texas official registry.  If you suspect you are a biological relative of mine OR you are in the family I list on this page, and you do not believe my "claims", please register with these groups.  They have access to my adoption file.  The official State of Texas registry, is able to view sealed court documents. If there is a "match", they will let us know. Methodist Mission Home (San Antonio) . Texas Vital Statistics--Central Adoption Registry

If I am in your family and you do not want to know me, can you at least help me find "Franklin"?  Is it also possible that you could let me know what diseases run in the family? I am curious to know if ADHD and or any sleeping disorders run in the family.

For More information on all these names, please see, the "My Maternal Genealogical Information" page.

If you want more information about finding family separated via adoption in Texas please go to, Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources & Education™

I had known I was adopted all my life. I know that God put me in the best family.  I couldn't have been adopted by a better family! I used to ask my adoptive mother about my birth parents.  She told me what she knew about them.  They were tall.  She also said that I was "Scotch-Irish". When I was 19 I learned from my adoptive grandmother that my birth mother was 19 when she gave birth to me.   Eventually I decided to search for my birth parents.  The first stop I made was the adoption agency.  I knew that I was adopted through an agency by talking to my mother and other relatives.  It was, "common knowledge" in my family.  Nothing was hid from me. I also had an old letter to my adoptive mother from the adoption agency.

The adoption agency sent me my "de-identified" file. (June 3, 1997) That is the adoption file with all the identifying information marked out. (last names; certain place names; some dates etc.) I learned that my birth mother was named Linda. At the "home" she used the house name (pseudonym), "Ellen Drews". I learned her parents names. When Linda was pregnant with me, her mother Eleanor was pregnant with Linda's brother Gary. The man listed as my birth father was named Franklin. Naturally, there was more info. about Linda's family than Franklin's. The person doing the de-identifying accidentally (on purpose?) left in the town where Linda was born. I read over the file with a "fine toothed comb".  On some pages it listed Linda as being 19.  On other pages it said she was 20.  The forms that had the dates they were written, allowed me to narrow down Linda's birthday to probably August.  They listed the year she was born, but not the exact date. 

As it happened my adoptive mother was living in the next town to where my birth mother was born.  I went to the library to search the newspaper archives. We searched every paper in August of that year.  We copied every instance of what amounted to the birth announcements that we saw in the paper. (They had two paragraphs that listed people going into the hospital and people leaving.  Mother's were listed as leaving with something like, "Mrs. _____ with baby girl____".)  I was looking to see if I could find her parents last names that way.  There wasn't anything about her mother going to the hospital in there. It was a very large job. It took us two tries at the library to get it all. What we were reading, took place during W.W.II.  I learned that some city official of that city (the person in charge of the black out) hadn't learned how to hang the "black out" curtains at his house properly. After weeks of notices in the paper on how to put them up, they had a sort of trial run the night the law went into effect.  I forget who it was, but they had light shining through a window.  

I posted my information on several web sites all through this process.  Eventually a professional searcher said she could help me.  Usually these people charge a fee.  She agreed to help me for free. She said my search was easy.  She gave me a last name for Linda and more information about her. (March 23, 2000) We don't have enough information about Franklin to find much about him. I had a city, address and telephone number for Linda.  I wanted to contact Linda, but was not very brave. So,



on April 12, 2000 a friend of mine telephoned her on my behalf.  My friend talked to her for quite a while.  Linda told her that I did indeed have her family's information. (from my de-identified file) Linda wondered how I came to have it.  Yet she said she didn't give birth to a child the year I was born. My friend and Linda finished the conversation. 




My friend called me.  We talked a few minutes.  It just didn't add up.  So my friend called her back.  Linda said that if "we" contacted her again, she would contact her lawyer. Some time later, I sent Linda a long "letter" with photocopied photographs of myself throughout my life.  I sent it to her address, but addressed it to "Ellen Drews", her house name.  I was writing it as if I were trying to find, "Ellen Drews".  That way, if someone found the letter laying around it wouldn't come back to haunt her.  I have no idea if she read it or not. 

Below you will find some of the information that I have gathered from my file and other places.  My sources are marked with text in brackets, asterisks and other symbols.  To find out what the symbols mean, check out the legend. If you want to contact me about any of this, please do.     


I am really hunting "Franklin"                                           my "putative" (alleged) birthfather. As far as I know Linda does not want to know me. I wonder if my birth father should want to know me. I know very little about him. I assume his first name is "Franklin" as my adoption file says.   

If you are related to Linda, my birth mother and you run across any photos of Linda and "Franklin" and there is a name on the back, will you let me know that name?  If you have any way of knowing who Linda was dating during the spring time "back in the day" will you let me know that?

The only way I will know for sure if Franklin is my birth father is to do a genetic test. My file says (on page 4), “If her baby has dark hair and complexion the information on the Putative Father will have to be changed”. I am not dark at all, but who knows I could be "recessive genes" or something like that.

I want to know Franklin's last name.  I want to know what part of Switzerland his father came from.  I would enjoy seeing family pictures.  I would also like to know if any sleeping disorders or ADHD run in his family. I would like to know any other family medical history.

Here is some of what I know about "Franklin"...

Franklin [last name unknown] (From page 7)
Age—28 [in 1962/born 1934?];
Occupation—Instructor electronic; Armed Forces—Branch.....; Length of Service—8-10 yrs.; Rank S/Sgt.;
Nationality—Swiss-German; Additional Information—Father: Swiss, Mother: European, German or Austrian, both parents born in Europe; he youngest of 5 children.
[Franklin was probably stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, "back in the day".]


Adoption Information Gathered From “De-identified” File- And Other Sources: Information is from my de-identified file, unless otherwise noted.

[2-16-98 / 4-15-98—March 18, 1999—May 10, 2000—July 18, 2000—March 14, 2006]   

ADOPTION AGENCY Methodist Mission Home, current address, 6487 Whitby Road, San Antonio, Texas 78240. [ed. The address "back in the day" was, 103 – 9th Street San Antonio, Texas.]

ADOPTION FINALIZED:  September of 1963, District Court of Lamb County.  Called around 8-7-97, and talked to a judge there in Littlefield who would not open the file. (My birth mother, Linda, was admitted to the Methodist Mission Home, on either September 3, or August 31, "back in the day". On 1-4-63 I was released from the home. On January 12, 1963 Linda was released from the Home.)

BABY WAS KNOWN AS: “Baby Girl Drews” (16)  and “Baby Girl Ellen” (14).

If her baby has dark hair and complexion the information on the Putative Father will have to be changed”. (4)

BABY'S ETHNICITY: Scottish-German-English; Swiss-European, German or Austrian. [ed. maybe not English.  When my friend called her, *Linda mentioned Scottish and German but not English.]




LEGAL NAME:  Linda  HOUSE NAME:  Ellen Drews

BORN:  Normal (5), Illinois (2 etc.)

[ed. Normal, Illinois, is in McLean County. Brokaw Hospital was the hospital for Normal Illinois in 194?.  It is no longer there, as it merged with another one and the name was changed.  Other hospitals in Bloomington-Normal at that time, were St. Joseph’s and Mennonite.]  Linda was admitted to Methodist Mission Home, September 3, back in the day. (4) (6)

?The searcher told me what Linda's maiden name was and what her married name was. 


{[ed. August 6, "back in the day" was 19 (2)---by August 31, "back in the day" she had turned 20 (13)]}

?The searcher in Texas, told me Linda's birth date was August___.

LINDA'S ETHNICITY: Scottish-German-English (5)




*Linda told my friend that her ethnicity was Scottish and German.

 LINDA’S RELIGION: Protestant  Post Chapel (4)



LINDA was a Legal Resident of Texas.  (4 etc.)

Conference: N” (5)

[ed. According to the Methodist Church, Wichita Falls, is in the "North Conference".  ?The searcher said that Linda lived in Wichita Falls.  %Richard Wallace's obituary said that he had a daughter Linda _____ in Wichita Falls. &The City Directory for Wichita Falls, lists a Richard and Eleanor Wallace living in Wichita Falls "back in the day".]


Completed the 14th grade of school; .....universities. (2)  Grad. 1 ½ yrs.; Occupation—cashier, library, officer work for insurance co.; Special interest or talents—insurance actuary work, accounting; Ellen is of above average intelligence. (4)  Education completed—12th grade; Name of High School—.....i; City—.....Tex; Work experience—cashier, library, office; 2 years-gen bus. (5)  Education—12th. 2 yrs.; ......colleges; Occupation—cashier, library, office work. (6)  Vocational Interests—Greatest interest in clerical and in computational; Has had 2 years college at..... (12)  Special abilities—Type (Elec.), cook, clean house, iron, shorthand, bookkeeping; Hobbies—reading, dancing; What employment or work experience have you had?—1.babysitting, 2.cashier, 3.assistant librarian, 4.private secretary. (13)

[ed. MY NOTES: [in about 1998?] I went to the library in Bloomington Illinois and look up August 194? in the Pantagraph archive.  I was looking for a birth announcement for a baby girl Linda who was born to a Richard and Eleanor.  Found "Bulletin Board" which had Marriage Licenses, and Births.  Also found "Hospital Notes" which had lists of people entering and leaving the three hospitals.  I did not get finished printing each from the paper from August 194?. I went back and finished on another visit. Brokaw Hospital was the hospital for Normal Illinois in 194?.  It is no longer there, as it merged with another one and the name was changed.  Other hospitals in Bloomington-Normal at that time, were St. Joseph’s and Mennonite.]

LINDA’S FATHER: Richard; 1920;  6’1”;  198#;  Nationality—Scotch;  Eyes—blue;  Hair—gray, blonde;   Complexion—very fair, ruddy; Education—H.S. Grad, 1 ½ yrs. College; Occupation—Owns Insurance Agency; Special Talents—Mathematical, Mechanical; Additional Information—....years.....during WWII; Mechanic, line chief; Statistical work; Does income tax work also; Baptist. (3)  Was—42[ed. in 19__]; Occupation—insurance agent; [ed. in]—Texas. (5)   Was—42; born—1920; Nationality—Scotch; Occupation—insurance agent; Texas; Te....1 ½ yrs. College; Marital Status—Married. (6)

&The City Directory for 19__ says, Richard J. "Jack" Wallace had a general insurance agency known as Government Employee Finance Co. It was located at Sheppard Access Road at Locke Lane.  +The Social Security Death Index, said, "Richard Wallace birth date, May 11, 1920.  SS# issued in Texas.  Death date, Dec. 1986.  ZIP code of last known residence, 76306.  Primary location associated with this ZIP code, Wichita Falls, Texas".

%Richard Jack Wallace's obituary of Dec. 4, 1986 said, he was 66.  He was born May 11, 1920, in Sherman, Texas.  He lived in Wichita Falls, since 1961.  He was a retired Air Force chief master sergeant.  He owned Wallace Tax Service.  He was also a member of Faith Masonic Lodge.  %The obituary listed his address as, ________Wichita Falls, Texas.

LINDA’S MOTHER: Eleanor;  Born—4-24-19;   5’2” ;  108#; Eyes—brown; Hair—dark  brown; Complexion—dark; Nationality—German; Education—H.S. Graduate; Occupation—Secretary/housewife; Special Talents—none; Additional Information—Methodist. (3)  Age—43 [ed. "back in the day"]; Occupation—housewife (pregnant-expecting anytime). (5)  Birth date—43, 19; Nationality—German; Occupation—housewife (pregnant-exp. any time); Place of Employment—Secretary; Education--......,Ill.; Marital Status—married. (6) 

?The searcher said her name was Eleanor S. (Story) Wallace.  And that she lived at ________ Wichita Falls, Texas.  She said that Eleanor's birthdate was, 04-24-19.  &The City Directory for "back in the day", in Wichita Falls, says that an Eleanor S. Wallace lived with a Richard J. "Jack" Wallace at 1706 Katherine Drive.  %Richard Jack Wallace's obituary listed Eleanor as his surviving wife.  His address was listed as ________Wichita Falls.  +The Social Security Death Index, says that an Eleanor L. Wallace born April 24, 1919 died November 26, 2003.  $Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace obituary, says, she was 84.  She was born, April 24, 1919.  She was born in Chicago, Illinois.  She died, November 26, 2003.  She died in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Her spouse was, Richard Jack Wallace.  Her mother was Myrtle Story.  Her father was William Story.


Brother Gary: Born "back in the day" [ed. possibly in October]  Fair C; Blonde H; Blue E; Marital Status—single; Address—with parents. (6)  Blonde hair; blue eyes; fair comp.; Normal infant; 62. (3)

{How I came to the possible birth month:---Born "back in the day" [ed. possibly in October]—On page 3, with no date [ed. but probably 11-29-__ as in (4)], says Gary born ___.  On page 5, no date, [ed. but Linda was 20—therefore after birthday August 19__] Eleanor listed as “housewife (pregnant-expecting anytime)”.  On page 6, no date but as on page 5, says also, “housewife (pregnant-exp. any time)”.  On page 11, [ed. which is probably from Sept. 19__ as it is a medical form which records several tests and the dates they were preformed—dates are all Sept. 19__], under “multiple pregnancies”, it says, “none, no siblings yet”—also, under other heading says, “Mother 43, L ? W, 8 mo. preg.”.  [ed. So, if Eleanor was 8 months pregnant in September 19__, then Gary was possibly born in October 19__.] }

?The searcher said that Gary was "Gary_____".  She also said he was listed as living at __________, in Wichita Falls.  %Richard Jack Wallace's obituary says, he had a surviving son, Gary of Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.  [ed. if someone is in the military, they sometimes use a "back home" address as their legal address.] + According to what I found on a genealogy web site Gary was born in September.


Brother Richard:  From page 6, [ed. no date but Linda listed as 20]; Birthdate—23; college grad; ??? [ed. possibly, H th, or 11th ?]; USAF; P ½ Bro. [ed. Paternal half brother.]





?%+Not mentioned by searcher, or obituary.  [ed. could have died in Viet Nam?] Can't seem to find this person on any genealogy searches either.


LINDA’S REFERRAL: to the Methodist Mission Home was by Mrs. Alice Lancaster (6)—friend of her doctor (5).  From town with “t” at the end (5).  [ed. Town possibly in Texas especially if this doctor was the Benjamin ??? who wrote out “DOCTORS STATEMENT” on the back of (2)].


LINDA’S AUNTS, UNCLES AND GRANDPARENTS: (8)  [ed. There's loads more to add to this below.  I did a bunch of genealogy research at one time. I will have to add that stuff sometime later. See the page, "Biological Genealogy" for more information on this.]

F=Father; M=Mother; S=Sibling

LINDA'S Paternal: (Father's Side of the family)

F:  Richard ???   1888 (74 was alive)   Texas           

M:  Esther???  1897 died in 1962 at 65

S:  Betty???  28 (34)

%Richard Jack Wallace's obituary lists a surviving sister, Betty Kinney of Sacramento California. 


LINDA'S Maternal:  (Mother's Side of the Family)                                            

F: William???  S:  Jerald??? 1915  Tenn
M:  Gladys???   1892 died 1931 at 39.  S:  William???  1909 Long Beach, California
S: Ruth???  Texas  S:  Evelyn??? Ill.  (single)
  S: Dorothy??? Wash.

Evelyn, Linda's Aunt in Illinois, was also someone listed who would contact her at the Methodist Mission Home.



Wallace  Story  Beers  McKennon  Richard Wallace  Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace  Richard and Eleanor Wallace   Linda   Gary  Richard   Illinois  Wichita Falls Texas