List of Magazine and Newspaper Articles

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This is a horribly incomplete list.  If you have anything to add to it please let me know.  Thanks!

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*Partial article bought as "clipping" from eBay--listed only if date or partial date is known

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*TV Zone January 2000 The Magician's House Creating the Magic 38-42 About The Magician's House
*The Birmingham Post September 11, 2000 Neil's Family Affair unknown promoting "The Magician's House"
*Hello Magazines' Seven Days October 18-24, 2001 The Neil Thing 13 Interview about "The Real Thing"
*The Daily Record July 14, 2001 Brave Writer who put Illness in its Place unknown about "A Lump In My Throat"
*Radio Times July 14-20, 2001 Labour of Love 11, 12, 70, 72, about "A Lump In My Throat"
*Theatregoer January 2002 Unknown Unknown "Small pictures and/or articles"


July 2002 Benefit Gig by Nicole Carmichael Cover photo, 5, 12-13 Interview about Benefactors
**The Times Magazine June 14, 2002

saw on

Cold Call by Alan Jackson


unknown 1.5 pages (page 8? and ?)

forgot to

"interview" promoting "Benefactors"

bid on it

*The Mirror June 07, 2002 Interview: Frances Barber - Glad to be mad; by Thomas Quinn unknown Interview with Frances Barber "Having It Off star Frances Barber comes clean about her past craziness in love and the new man in her life"
*TV Times January 4-10, 2003 Neil's Sporting a New TV Roll 5 Announcing "Trevor's Sporting World" (Trevor's World of Sport)
*Radio Times August 9-15, 2003 Team Talk blurb on cover, 3, 24,25, 100, 102 Interview about "Trevor's World Of Sport"
*The Daily Telegraph Television & Radio August 9-15, 2003 photograph on front cover only main cover photo, 28, "Trevor's World Of Sport"
*TV Times January 4, 2003 unknown unknown "features on Neil Pearson," (etc.)
*The Independent on Sunday The Sunday Review September 5, 2004 How We Met Stephen Tompkinson & Neil Pearson "Neil Sort of Knocked My Socks Off" 5 About to star in "Cloaca", Neil and Stephen are interviewed about how they met each other
*The Daily Telegraph Iss. 46419 September 7, 2004 Why Spacey and I are poles apart by: Dominic Cavendish 17 About "Cloaca" etc.
*TV Times unknown 2004 TV Times Gold by Adrian Furness unknown "Oh, those unfathomable eyes..." about 10 year anniv. of TV Times from October 22-28, 1994. "If you want to drool over him now, you'll find him starring on stage at London's Old Vic in Cloaca, directed by Kevin Spacey."
*TV Zone Special #63 2005? (ISSN: 0960-8230) The Devil of Deadlines 80-84 Interview with Andy Hamilton
*The Sunday Telegraph Seven TV April 6, 2006 Man in the Middle as far as I know have only one full page photo "Neil Pearson Faces A Threat To His Marriage in the 'Kindness of Strangers' ITV1, Wednesday And Thursday"
*Daily Express Saturday June 10-16, 2006 Could You Write A Play? 19, 20 Interview about "The Play's The Thing"
*The New Review The Independent on Sunday October 7, 2007 A Very British Pornographer by Tom Rosenthal 34, 35 Obelisk: A history of Jack Kahane and the Obelisk Press
*TV and Satellite Week October 20-26, 2007 Frankenstein  ...but not as we know it cover, 3, 12-13, 69, 70 "Frankenstein"
*TV Times unknown My Freak's Unique by Daphne Lockyer as far as I know have only page12, "Frankenstein is previewed on pages 68-69" Helen McCrory interview about "Frankenstein"
*Radio Times? unknown It's Alive... by Gareth McLean have only pages 24, 25, 26 article about "Frankenstein"
*The Reader Winter 2007 A Visceral Experience 4, 31-35 (35 = ad for Obelisk) Interview? about "Obelisk"
*Rare Book Review December/January 2008 Books to Furnish a Room 3, 34-37 Interview? about "Obelisk"
*TV Mag April 4-10,  2009 Michael Faces the Music 17, 58 "All The Small Things"
*TV Times March 28-April 3, 2009 unknown all I have is, part of the index page, + pages 8 and 9 "All The Small Things"
*Radio Times March 29-April 3, 2009 All Together Now? by Jenny Eden 23, 24, 84 "All The Small Things"
*TV & Satellite Week unknown Last Choir Standing 12, 13 "All The Small Things"
*The Times Playlist May 30/June 5, 2009 Talking To... 28 Interview? about "Arcadia"
*Evening Standard June 5, 2009 A Funny feast of ideas from Stoppard by Henry Hitchings 21 Review of "Arcadia"
*UK Culture magazine 2009 "one day only issue" "TOM STOPPARD
interview and photo"
"3 pages" "Arcadia"
"PLUS Theatre review including Neil Pearson
and stage photo (Dan Stevens Jessie Cave)"




*TV Times August 28- September 3, 1999 The Unusual Suspects 3, 12-13, 55, 57 The Mystery of Men
*The TV Mag Iss. 33 May 28 1999 Forty but nice by: Jenny Eden Cover photo, 4, 5 Interview promoting "Bostock's Cup"
*The Birmingham Post May 25, 1999 Soccer Comedy Should Score a Winner by Graham Keal unknown article promoting "Bostock's Cup"
*The Independent 1998 Heaven in a Blue Suit by James Rampton Unknown Interview about Heaven on Earth
*The Look ? 1998 How Neil Healed Rift With Dad 3 pages ? Interview
*TV Quick October 24 to 30 1998 poster (photo) unknown photo
*The Mirror May 20, 1998 Marie's Nights with Drop Dead Gorgeous Neil unknown gossip
*TV Times February 21-27, 1998 I'm Keeping Sex Under My Hat 12, 45, 46 Article about "Heaven On Earth" with quotes
*The Birmingham Post February 17, 1998 Heavenly new TV role for actor Neil by Rob Driscoll unknown Interview promoting "Heaven on Earth"
*Radio Times October 5-11, 1996 The Thinking Woman's Pin-up? 3, 31-32, 66, 74, 76, 86, 89 Crossing the Floor, Drop the Dead Donkey, Rhodes
*TV Week
September 28, 1996 Just Look at Neil Now! 4, 10-11, 34 Publicity interview about Rhodes
*Hello! September 28, 1996 One photo page 76 76 "Neil Pearson, one of the stars of the BBC TV series Rhodes, visited Swiss Cottage school in London, where the pupils' 30-Day Challenge raised money for the school and for London's homeless."
*TV Times September 21-27, 1996 Why Neil's Turning Ugly small photo on cover, 3, 6, 43, 44 Article about "Rhodes" with quotes
*Sunday Mirror September 1, 1996 Will the Real Neil Stand Up by Sally Beck Cover and 3 pages? Interview promoting "Rhodes"
*TV Week
July 15, 1995 Between the Lions 4, 44, 68-69 Publicity interview about Between the Lines
*Radio Times
(100th Aniv.)
July 22-28 1995 Spotlight: Neil Pearson 3, 11, 105 Promoting "Stolen Kisses"
*You July 1995

missed it


on eBay

unknown 1.5 pages


*TV Week
February 11, 1995 Between the Loins! 4, 10-11 "Neil dumps Siobhan for his Drop the Dead Donkey co-star"
*TV Week
July 9, 1994 The Bed-Hopper Copper 4, 24-25, 55 Publicity interview about Between the Lines
*TV Week
November 19, 1994 Private Investigator 4, 20-21, 37, 58 Publicity interview about Between the Lines
*Radio Times October 15-21, 1994 unknown unknown unknown
*TV Week
October 22, 1994 Top TV Cop's Shock Weight Loss unknown "NEIL PEARSON in a 1 1/2 page story with 1 photo which is 1/2 page"
**TV Times October 22-28, 1994 Dark & Mysterious large cover photo, 4, 6, 7, 61, 62, 69 Interview about "Between The Lines" Cover blurb, "Neil's Secret Life Sexy TV 'tec Neil Pearson on his body, his dad-- and women".
*Radio Times October 15-21, 1994 Learning New Lines large cover photo, 3, 10, 28, 29 30, 104, 106, 143 Article about "Between The Lines"
*TV Week
August 20, 1994 Oh Mo unknown "SIOBHAN REDMOND in a 2 page story OH MO with 1 photo with NEIL PEARSON which is 1/2 page"
*New Woman July 1994 Men on Men
Neil Pearson By Melissa Jones
155, 160-161 "Famous for his womaniser roles, his life's become a media circus. But all he wants is a 'real' life. (The Secret Rapture)
*Radio Times October 2-8, 1993 Internal Affairs large cover photo + blurb, 3, 30, 31, 73, 74 Interview about "Between The Lines"
*Plays & Players August 1990 unknown unknown Therese Raquin



*TV Times January 31-February 6, 1987 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Up The Pyramid 12, 43, 69, Article about series "Up Line"
*Radio Times    (Ex library copy-- Birmingham Public Libraries Central Library--"Not To Be Taken Away?") October 29-November 4, 1983 Under the Ocean Wave 19, 52, Article about, "Submariners". (Which aired, Tuesday November 1, 1983, 9:25 BBC 1) One newspaper style photo on page 19 with the article.