Medium Wave DX Stations I Receive Here

This list is no longer completely accurate.  It is a good guide anyway.  I originally did this up on August 9, 2002.  I am putting this on here, September 8, 2006.    

For those who don't know, in the U.S. "Medium Wave" and "AM radio" are the same thing.

The reason I make note of "Art Bell" ("Coast To Coast" program) is because I don't like to listen to that program, and wanted to avoid it.  It seemed that when I was making this chart (and similar ones), "every other" MW station in the country was, "Art Bell", ESPN Sports, or some other sports talk station.  Much of the "variety" of programming has gone from the MW stations in this country.  Two of my favorite stations are WGN in Chicago and KMOX out of St. Louis.  Believe it or not, both of these still retain "local" programming at night.

Some of these have probably changed call letters and or formats by now. Some of the "standards" like WGN and KMOX have not changed their call letters or frequency for the better part of a century.  Others, change everything on a regular basis.  In fact there's a "new" host to "Coast to Coast" now.  It isn't always Art Bell.  This program may not be on the same stations as I have listed here. 

Please bear with my abbreviations.  Some of them are "obvious".  Others, such as, "local inter." are a mystery even to me.  Wait a minute, I remember now, it means, "local interferes"-- a local station interferes with this one.

"CBC French" was easier to type into the chart (and get it to fit) than to type "Radio Canada in French". 

I don't get all of these every night.  Some I get best on cloudy days or evenings.  Others I get during storms.  I get some of these during the day if the weather is "bad" enough. 

Medium Wave (AM) DX

(List of "NON LOCAL" MW [AM] stations that I get from home.) Art Bell*

Frequency  Call Letters  Location      Format       Conditions   Etc.

570 WKBN Youngstown     Ohio
610 WTVN Columbus      
630 CFCO Chatham Classic Gold    
650 WSM Nashville Country!    
700 WLW Cincinnati      
710 WOR NYCity      
720 WGN Chicago      
740 CHWO Ontario Oldies/Life (Hornby)  
750 WSB Atlanta   local inter.  
770 WABC NYCity   local inter.  
780 WBBM Chicago      
820 CHAM Hamilton   I never know Ontario
820 WOSU Columbus    which one  
820 WBAP Ft.Worth   I will hear.  
840* WHAS Louisville     Kentucky
850 WRMR Cleveland      
860 CJBC? Toronto? CBC French    
870 WWL New Orleans      
880* WCBS NYCity      
890* WLS Chicago      
900* CHML Toronto      
920 DTW Metro Wayne Co. Parking info. etc. low power Airport Radio
970 WLKY Louisville     Kentucky
980* WONE Dayton      
980 WTEM Washington     RARE
1000 WMVP Chicago      
1010 CFRB Toronto   Swaps  
1010 WINS NYCity   Swaps  
1020 KDKA Pittsburgh     Penn.
1030 WBZ Boston      
1040 WHO DesMoines        
1060 KYW Philadelphia        
1070* CHOK Sarnia     Ontario Art Bell may not be on CHOK
1100* WTAM Cleveland        
1120 KMOX St. Louis     Missouri  
1170 WWVA Wheeling     W. Va.  
1180 WHAM Rochester     New York  
1210 WPHT Philadelphia        
1220 WKNR Cleveland        
1290 WHIO Dayton        
1350 WAKR Akron     Ohio  
1370 WSPD Toledo        
1420 WVJS Owensboro Your Life? swaps Kentucky  
1420 WCLD? Cleveland? Your Life swaps    
1460     1950ís Rock swaps poor  
1460     sports swaps poor  
1470 WLQR? Toledo?        
1510* WLAC Nashville        
1530 WSAI Cincinnati        
1560 WQEW NYCity Radio Disney      
1680     Radio Disney storm August 3, 2004  
1690     oldies storm August 3, 2004  
1700   Westland community announcements etc. low power Michigan