Radio Broadcasting Stations 1925

This is a list of radio stations from an old book.  The book is a "little black book".  It was a "give away" from "International Life St. Louis, Mo.".  The calendar on the inside front cover says, "1925".  Naturally, some of the chart in the book doesn't "jive" with what I am finding on the Internet.  The book might be off in some places. (see WDAP, for example) Wait! The book would have been given out BEFORE 1925! Duh!!  So the WDAP is probably NOT a mistake if this book was printed well in advance of 1925. 


Call  Station   Wave Length Current Frequency Current Info.(if different)
WGAW Altoona, Pa. 261 1340 Gardner Mass.
NAA Arlington, Va. 435    
WSB Atlanta, Ga. 429 750 Atlanta, Ga.
WNAC Boston, Mass. 278 680 WRKO Boston
WCAO Baltimore, Md. 360 600 Gospel
WGR Buffalo, N.Y. 319 550  
WLW Cincinnati, Ohio 309 700  
WSAI Cincinnati, Ohio 309 1360 Homer The Sports Animal
WCAD Canton, Ohio 280    
KYW Chicago, Ill. 536 1060 Philadelphia
WDAP Chicago, Ill. 360 (becomes WGN June 1924) 1530 Huntingdon, Tenn.
WJAZ Chicago, Ill. 448    
WJAX Cleveland, Ohio 390    
WEAO Columbus, Ohio 360    
WOC Davenport, Iowa 484    
WWJ Detroit, Mich. 516    
WCX Detroit, Mich. 517    
WDAF Kansas City 411    
KHJ Los Angeles 395    
KFI Los Angels 469    
WHAS Louisville, Ky. 400    
WGI Medford, Mass. 360    
WMC Memphis, Tenn. 500    
WLAG Minn'polis Minn. 417    
CKAC Montreal, Can. 430    
WOR Newark, N.J. 405    
WAAM Newark, N.J. 273    
WEAF New York City 492    
WJY New York City 405    
WJZ New York City 455    
WHN New York City 360    
KGO Oakland, Cal. 321    
WOAW Omaha, Neb. 526    
WFI Philadelphia, Pa. 395    
WDAR Philadelphia, Pa. 395    
WOO Philadelphia, Pa. 509    
KDKA Pittsburgh, Pa. 326    
WCAE Pittsburgh, Pa. 462    
WJAR Providence, R.I. 360    
WEAN Providence, R.I. 278    
WHAM Rochester, N.Y. 261    
KPO San Francisco 423    
WGY Schen'ct'dy N.Y. 380    
WBBR Staten Is., N.Y. 244    
WBAL Storrs, Conn. 283    
WBZ Springf'd, Mass. 337    
WQAE Springfield, Vt. 275    
KSD St. Louis, Mo. 546    
WRW Tarrytown, N.Y. 273    
CGCA Toronto, Canada 400    
6KW Tuinucu, Cuba 332    
WRM Urbana, Ill. 360    
WRC Washington D.C. 469    
WCBD Zion, Ill. 345