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Radio Drama In Languages Other Than English

Radio Drama in Languages other than English title  This is NOT a definitive list.  If you know something I have missed, PLEASE let me know!!actor and actress-- they seemed "French" to me for some reason

A list of "Foreign" words and phrases that would be of benefit to the student of radio drama.  See the text below this picture for the same text as text

I am writing this page for an English speaking audience.  Most of the people I know speak English as a first or second language.  I assume that to be able to view this page properly (with all the special letters, "umlauts" etc.) you need the encoding of "Western European (Windows)".  At least that is how my computer views the page properly.  (In Window$ you go to "view" and then "encoding" and click on one so that you don't see strange symbols in amongst the text.  If I have it in the "wrong" encoding, I get Chinese characters on the page.)

Most of what I have on here is in German.  That is mainly because I have a German interest.  I know the German word for radio drama and I have searched specifically for that in Google.  If I have missed anything on this page, please let me know.    Also, I do not know German very well at all.  If I have anything mistranslated or put in the wrong category, I would like to know about it. I will try to fix the situation if I can learn how to do that.

In no way do I endorse, condone or otherwise believe 100% of everything in the links listed here!! I just found them and listed them. You make of them what you will.

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Some Help With Language, and Stations

bulletLanguage Helps
bulletA Bit About German Radio Stations
bulletAbout Web Sites in German

Links About Radio Drama in Languages Other Than English

German Language

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Some Help With Language, and Stations (mostly German)

In my searching, I learned that there are at least four German spellings "hoerspiel", "hörspiel", "hoerspiele", and "hörspiele". (If your computer does not view it, the second letter of the second word is an "O" with two dots over it or "umlaut".) They also take the word "hörspiel" and "pun" it with the English word "horror". They have radio drama or books of the horror genera. The word "hörspiel" can refer to radio drama, OR it applies to audio books.  They don't always put "radio" before the word "Hörspiel". If it has "radio" before it, then "Hörspiel" is for sure radio drama.

There is a news group on Usenet, for German language radio drama.  It is, de.rec.hoerspiel. 

Here, below is a list of non English words and phrases some of which are in the picture above.  I put them as a picture, so that the special letters etc. could be seen on everyone's computer.  I am also sticking them in this text, because not every one can view pictures, and because I might want to add more words to this list as I run across them.  Somewhere I have more words and phrases.  (I just don't know where they are right now.)  If you know these words and phrases in languages I don't have, please feel free to E-mail them to me.  I will always be looking to add to the list of non English words and phrases below.  If you know anything else that can help me, I would like to know please. 

I will always be looking for links in other languages too.  Most of this is German.  I do not want to leave anyone out, but I mostly know the German.  This page has become quite a job too.  I haven't even thought of looking for Russian Language stuff yet.  If I had found the French term I discovered, which meant, "radio drama" I could have looked for that too.  Then I could have been here forever doing this one page.  Ha!  If you know of anything I could add to this page let me know and I will try to figure out how to add it here. 

Language Helps (mostly German)

bulletWeb Surfing:

Search Engine / Search

German: Suche = search

Dutch: search engine = Zoekmachines

German: Nach irgendeinem Wort suchen = Look for any word

German: Nach allen Wörtern suchen = Look for all words

German: fenster schliessen = window close

German: mehr = more

bulletRadio Drama:

German: Hörspiel; hörspiel; hoerspiel; hoerspiele; hörspiele; (Radio Play/literally: listen play)

Dutch: Hoorspel

bulletMiscellaneous Terms You May Run Across

German Language Terms:

Hörspiel (etc.) Terms:

HoerspielKomponisten = Radio play composer

HörspielautorInnen = radio play authoresses

Hörspielprogramm = radio play program

Hörspielarchiv = radio play archive

HoerspielWettbewerbe = Radio play competitions

Hörspielwerkstatt = radio play workshop

Audiokunst = audio art

Hörkunst/Hoerkunst = listening art

Hörbücher = audio books (books on tape/CD)

Kinder = child

Titel = title

Mitwirkende = actor   (This is what they call "actors" on HörDat.)

Lesung = reading

Radio Terms:

Rundfunk = broadcasting/wireless/radio/broadcast (When you see it on this page it more than likely means, "radio".)

Hörfunk = radio

 Radiosender = radio station (radio transmitter)

Zeitplan = schedule

Radiozeitplan = radio schedule

Hörfahrplan = (radio) listening timetable

Zum Hörspielplan = To the radio play plan (link that takes you to the radio play time table)

täglich werktags = daily on workdays

Radiosendungen = radio transmissions (radio programs)

Sendungen A-Z = programs A-Z

im Real Audio Format = in Real Audio format

Hinweis = reference

Radio für Lesben und Schwule = Radio for lesbians and gays ~~~  This entry is on here mainly for my benefit.  (So I can remember the term so that I don't machine translate it every time I see it. I don't know German well at all. I am trying to be careful what sorts of links I stick on here.  If I have missed and stuck something "objectionable" on this page I am sorry.)


A Bit About German Radio Stations

There are quite a bit of radio drama resources at web sites for German radio stations.   I have been learning a few things about domestic German radio lately.  I am not an expert though.  Here is what I have learned.

The reason this part is on here, is because a few of the links below will be from radio stations such as, SWR, Südwestrundfunk (South West Radio). There could be a difficulty trying to figure out what all the abbreviations mean.  It might be nice if I explained something about these stations.

What you find about radio drama, on German radio station's sites, is either just texts and pictures or it is the drama itself. The text and pictures are usually about various radio drama productions.  They are historical or modern.  Then you also find that you can listen to German radio drama online.  Some of it seems very "experimental" to me.  German radio drama, and European radio drama in general does not always follow what I think of as the familiar format of dialogue and a story.  Some of it is the story depicted in sounds only.  Some of it defies description.

Via the radio station web sites, you can sometimes hear samples of radio drama.  Or you can hear the whole drama itself online.  They sometimes have samples of their radio drama schedule available, "on demand".  A lot of the time you have to know the local time in Germany, read the radio schedule and figure out when the drama is aired.  Hearing it via, "live streaming", is sometimes the only way to hear the whole thing.  On some of the other web sites below, you can hear the whole drama via, "on demand". 

Of course, you have to have the proper program on your computer in order to, "tune in" and listen... Window's Media Player,;        Real Audio,;  or    Winamp,

Look for the word "hören" (hear).  Usually you will see an icon picture of a speaker with sound coming out of it. Next to that is usually the word, "hören".  If you see the paragraph text description about a particular radio drama, and you see "mehr" at the end, this means, if you click on that word, you can read a "more" detailed description.  You can also find out the times that this particular radio drama will be on.  That way, you can, "tune in" and hear it via, "live streaming" should the radio drama NOT be available via, "on demand".

Live Streaming = the live as it happens audio in one long stream.  Once you connect to the stream, unless you are disconnected, you can listen to this for hours uninterrupted.  Once you've heard it, it is gone. 

On Demand = the audio that lasts as long as the program or sample is.  This is available as long as the web site makes it available.  You can hear it as many times as you want. 

This is how I understand things to be.  Most of the German radio stations that I find, which have radio drama in their schedules, seem to be regional "public" radio stations.  Mainly German public broadcasting is organized according to states.  They broadcast mainly in their home region.  Some of them have expanded outside their region.  Also, these stations generally aren't simply "one" station.  They have different frequencies with different formats.  They may have two or more of these.  For example, there is SWR2.  One or more will be on FM, another will be on AM or MW (Medium Wave).  They will each have different formats too. 

According to what I am reading here, (Exeter University Beginner's German--Daily Life: Television and radio in Germany)  Germany has two Public Broadcasting Corporations.  ADR was the first one founded in 1954.  It comprises eleven regional public television and radio stations. As far as I can tell, the second Public Broadcasting Corporation, ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is just a television corporation.  As a side note, they are both funded by public license fees. (Rundfunkgebühren)

Ok, so first off there is ARD, or "Arbeitsgemeinschaft der
Öeffentlichrechtlichen Rundfunkkanstalten Deutschlands" (Working group of the ????   ????  Germany; or rather, "The Association of German Broadcasters" ) It is the national organization for all public broadcasting in Germany.  Someone* told me that, although not a perfect analogy, I should think of it like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting here in the U.S.  

Then you have all the regional public radio stations.  Instead of making this page 400 miles longer than it ought to be; I will give you ONE URL (address) with links to all the ARD public radio stations on it. Here is a map of Germany that shows the regions and has links to the radio station for that region. Below the map is a list of links for all the public radio stations that are "under" ARD. "Alle Hörfunk-Programme der Landesrundfunkanstalten bekommen Sie mit Klick auf die Karte."  (With a click on the map you get all radio programs of the national broadcasting corporations .)  If that link is broken by the time you read this, then go to the ARD web site and do a search (suche) for "alle wellen" (all wave) in quotes.  

List of the Relevant German Stations-- The Abbreviations Deciphered: (clockwise according to the map mentioned above)

NDR = Niedersachsen Rundfunk  (Lower Saxony Radio)

RBB = Rundfunk Berlin und Brandenburg  (Radio Berlin and Brandenburg)


BR = Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio)

SWR = Südwestrundfunk (South West Radio)

SR = Saarländischer Rundfunk  (Saarland Radio)

HR = Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Radio)

WDR = Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Western Germany Radio)

Radio Bremen = (Radio Bremen) (there is also Nordwest Radio -- Northwest Radio )

Deutschland Radio = (Germany Radio)

DW = Deutsche Welle (German wave) Germany's International Broadcaster

* I would like to thank Joe Buch, John Figliozzi, Richard Cuff and Georg Simon, for helping me out with the "problem" that I had figuring out German radio stations.  Also, when in doubt read the WRTH!  If you listen to much radio, you need to get a current copy of the World Radio and TV Handbook.  It is well worth the price.

bulletAbout Web Sites in German

The web sites in the German language will usually (but not always) have a two letter designation at the end of the first part of the URL (web site address).  This denotes the country that the web site originates from. 

.de = Germany / Deutschland

.at= Austria / Österreich

.ch = Switzerland / Schweizerland

Links About Radio Drama in Languages Other Than English

bullet German Language (Some of these are listed twice.)
represents Germany
bullet   Comprehensive General Radio Drama Links  HördatWiki                                                             Welcome to the "HoerdatWiki", an hypertext system, which permits everyone to provide sites and                 (ex)change existing sites. Very good list of hörspiel links and information.örspiel   German Language Wikipedia article for Hörspiel  Hörspiel from "aeiou Österreich Lexikon" Hörspiel-FAQ 2.1  "Alles über das Hörspiel in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und..." (Everything about the radio play in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and...) Very comprehensive site about Radio Drama in the German language. Reinhard Döhl-- Stuttgart based media scientist and professor of literature. Renowned analyst of the history of Radio Drama. ~~~ in English: Interview March 2004, "Technology as Grammar"Reinhard Döhl in Conversation with Sabine Breitsameter in German: Das Interview: März 2004 Technologie als Grammatik
Reinhard Döhl im Gespräch mit Sabine Breitsameter

HörDat  Almost like the Internet Movie Database, but for Radio Drama. They don’t have every drama ever produced though. There is a ton of information about Radio Drama on here. Some of the synopses are in English, but most everything else is in German. Radio Hörspiel Info [Has link to this page as it is on our old web site.  I have stuck a notice on there, to view this page here.  Note, this page is NOT a page of "links to English "radio drama". There is a page of links to Radio Drama in English on this site.  You can find it in the index to the radio pages.]  Hörspiel in Österreich  (Radio Drama in Austria) Hörspiel & Soundart    Not at this address July 2006  FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup, de.rec.hoerspiel. This one says, it is from 2000. There might be a newer one somewhere? This next one might be better yet. There is the Charter etc. on here. Which is not working July 2006. To read this newsgroup in "Google Groups" go to  Radio Plays produced in the German Democratic Republic  Die Hörspiel-Feature Termine (The radio play feature of dates)—Chart with the Days and Times of Radio Drama and “Feature” broadcasts (ORF, DRS, BBC, Radio France Culture) The chart has links to most of the relevant program pages. This chart seems to be very comprehensive, yet not all the links work. (March 18, 2004) This was/is a web page of a student at Humboldt-Universität (Humboldt University).  Somewhere on here, the chart has a listing for Deutsche Welle.  Further "proof" that at one time they aired radio drama? (Or maybe this is features they broadcast?)   Not there July 2006 perhaps you can find it elsewhere.  HörNews always well informs  Fachwörterbuch Hörfunk und Fernsehen / Dictionary of Radio and Television Terms: Deutsch-Englisch / English-German, 5th Revised and Enlarged Edition  Herbert Tillmann (Editor) ISBN: 3-89578-106-1

bulletHow To  Lehrerinnen Fortbildung Teachers advanced training -- Printable chart with the various parts and aspects of Radio Drama in German (laid out sort of like a family tree)

bulletMiscellaneous   Not working July 2006 ARD-Hörspiel-Terminliste, Online Hörspiele(digital) abrufen und mehr Hörbücher und Liste der heute gesendeten Hörspiele ---Hörspiele; Audiobücher; Comedy; Radio  Media Culture Online  Marburger Forum  Apears to be about a radio drama of some sort.  Health-Angels Projekt-Marktplatz  Kinder-Hörspiel-Musical-CD-Projekt "Die Abenteuer von Mia Mauseschwanz und ihrem Freund Kevin Schwalbe" (child radio play musical CD project "The Adventures of Mia Mauseschwanz and his friend Kevin Swallow")  About the radio drama, “Animal Freaks”  Don't know if this is a radio drama, but was re-directed to July 2006.  Datschiburg Wo ist Fred Science Fiction Hörspiel von Stesa Heinrich ("Where is Fred” Science Fiction radio play by Stesa Heinrich)   Not there July 2006.  VollPlayBackTheater Online  Quest Art  Akustische Medien Audiokunst Acoustic Media Audio Artörspiel_Audiokunst  SWR Dschun fuer Kinder Hörspiel: Großvater und die Wölfe (Children's Radio Drama: Grandfather and the Wolf)   Not there July 2006. 
Bauhaus – Universität Weimar  Hörspiel Revisited-- Radio Drama in MP3 and Real Audio formats   The "Hörspiel Revisited" is not at this address July 2006.  Hoerkunst Hearing Art
page of links  Art Radio Austria  Comic Radio Show  Restauration Walden Berlin (Restoration Walden Berlin)   Walden Restauration hoerspiele  Münchner Sommertheter (Munich Summer Theater)  Don't know what happened, but you need a password to access this site July 2006.  Das Schwarze Ohr (The Black Ear) Plot  Ohrenweide (Ear Pasture?) Radio plays, pieces of hearing?, compositions, acoustic art, readings and documentaries  the world of the multicolored pictures(comic book web site don’t know why the next URL came up in my search)  Area 58 Studios  Schuldorf Bergstrasse European school  Radio Melibokus Das Bürgerradio an der Bergstraße (The Citizen? Radio at the Bergstraße) Ihre Ohren werden Augen machen (Their ears will make eyes?)  Welcome to the InterNet site of the new radio play label TITANIA MEDIA  This second URL doesn't work July 2006.  Tatort (Scene of the Crime) About radio drama which aired on Südwestfunk Baden-Baden in 1983. “Corpse in oil or the dream of Costa Rica” by Felix Huby  Tatort Fundus TV Crime drama  Was Science Fiction hörspiel  Gruesome Novels Live Radio Drama  Gruselromane Gruesome Novels  Hesselbach (Familie und Firma); The Hesselbach Family and Company a German television, movie and radio program. Familie und Firma, Filme, Fernsehen mit Kurz- und Langbeschreibungen der Folgen, Hörspiele, komplett (Family and company, films, television with short and descriptions of long of the consequences, radio plays, completely)  Die Hesselbachs im Hörfunk (The Hesselbach’s on Radio)  Denkmal Hörspiel (Monument Radio Play)  OSKAR WERNER
Eine Retrospektive des Filmarchiv Austria (A retrospective of the Film Archive Austria) Novelle Hörspiel (“Novelle”, Radio Drama) Mark Polscher “Towards A Comprehensive Model of Change” Hörspiel
für 2 Sprecher, Solisten und Elektronische Musik
(Radio drama for two speakers, soloists, and electronic music)

bulletChristian Radio Drama in German  Campus Für Christus (Campus For Christ)  Audio Version of the Jesus Film Evangeliums-Rundfunk (Gospel Broadcast/Evangelists Radio?) "ERF—das christliche Medienunternehmen"("ERF-- The Christian Media Enterprises")  Christian radio drama? Christian kids site

bullet Fan Sites; Forums and Clubs That Deal With Collecting; etc. (Some of this may deal with Hörbücher?  See also, "Other German Language Sites".)  Die FAN-Seite für kommerzielle Hörspiele (The fan site for commercial radio plays)  Das Hörspiel-Fan-Portal Radio-Krimi-Forum  Das Handbuch über die Welt von Professor van Dusen (The Handbook of Professor Van Dusen). They were a series of radio plays in Berlin. They were first broadcast in the late 1970’s.  Radio Plays produced in the German Democratic Republic  (Hoerspiel  Hoerspiel Forum  Hörspielbörse (radio play stock exchange) Koblenzer Hörspielbörse Koblenzer radio play stock exchange Collecting forum  Rocky Beach a fan project  Cinema 4D-Treff deutsches Diskussions-Forum über C4D (Cinema 4D-Clubs German Discussion Forums over C4D)  C4D-Clubs Archive  Jaxx's Horspiel site  Hesselbach (Familie und Firma); The Hesselbach Family and Company a German television, movie and radio program. Familie und Firma, Filme, Fernsehen mit Kurz- und Langbeschreibungen der Folgen, Hörspiele, komplett (Family and company, films, television with short and descriptions of long of the consequences, radio plays, completely)  Die Hesselbachs im Hörfunk (The Hesselbach’s on Radio)

bullet Some German Language Broadcasters That Appear To Broadcast Radio Hörspiel,3367,6396,00.html  This is a page from Deutsche Welle, Germany’s “International Broadcaster”. It is examples of Radio Drama. I do not understand it exactly, since they claim to not broadcast radio drama. (URL still works March 18, 2004) Hörspiel & Soundart  Deutschlandfunk  Südwestrundfunk (South West Radio),2514,SPM166,00.html  NDR Kultur Norddeutscher Rundfunk (North German Radio),2513,SPM208,00.html  Nordwest Radio Transmissions Radio Drama Preview  Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (Germany Radio Archive) Schallarchive - Standort Babelsberg (Sound archives - location Babelsberg) Photographs and Real Audio samples of “old” radio drama.  Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (Germany Radio Archive) Schallarchive (Sound Archive)  Querfunk Freies Radio Karlsruhe  (Free radio Karlsruhe)  Radio der deutschen und der raeto romanischen Schweiz: Schweizer Radio DRS -- Radio For German Speaking Switzerland (Radio der deutschen und rätoromanischen Schweiz)  (About Schweizer Radio DRS in English)  Freier Rundfunk Oberösterreich  Radio Melibokus Das Bürgerradio an der Bergstraße (The Citizen? Radio at the Bergstraße) Ihre Ohren werden Augen machen (Their ears will make eyes?)

bulletUniversities / Workshops etc.  Radio Drama workshop  “Ganz Ohr” Workshop für junge HörspielautorInnen 12. - 21. Mai 2004 (“Complete Ear?” Workshop for young Radio play authoresses 12-21 May 2004) 
Bauhaus – Universität Weimar  Hörspiel Revisited-- Radio Drama in MP3 and Real Audio formats

bulletRadio Drama in Schools  Radioarbeit in der Schule (Radio work in the school)

bulletArticles  Universität Hamburg tiefenschärfe online... Radio und Literatur article  Article about Orson Welles The inventor of the hoax. An article about E-mail hoaxes etc. (War of the Worlds)  Jungpfadfinder
Lösen das Rätsel (Young Pathfinder Solves The Mystery) article about a radio drama?

bulletAwards  Der HÖRSPIEL-AWARD

bulletHistory  Österreichischer Rundfunk (Radio Austria) ÖRF Geschichte (Pictures showing some history of ÖRF—shows some radio drama and studio pictures)
This starts page 1 of 16  Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (Germany Radio Archive) Schallarchive - Standort Babelsberg (Sound archives - location Babelsberg) Photographs and Real Audio samples of “old” radio drama.  Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (Germany Radio Archive) Schallarchive (Sound Archive)

Hopefully these URLs will still work when you view them. They are very interesting.   Some of the history of German Radio Drama in English  Narrative as Genealogy: Sound Sense in an Era of Hypertext  Towards a Genealogy of Electro-Acoustic Literature in English

bulletPages of Links Dykes Ohrenleser-Tipps  Hörspiel-Links, German language radio drama links  Hörspiel, Hörbuch und RadioFeature Links

Links to Radio and Television Schedules  HÖRZUtext Radioprogramm Navigation Hearing text radio program navigationörspiel&radiobroadcastid245584&seite=suche  Volltextsuche , Suchwort: hörspiel, Treffer: 44 insgesamt Full text search, search word: radio play, hit: 44 altogether  Hoerkunst Hearing Art
page of links 

bullet Other German Language Sites (Not sure if these are about radio drama, though) I am not sure if these are about audio books, or if they are about “radio” drama. (See also, "Fan Sites; Forums and Clubs That Deal With Collecting; etc.".)  I think this is a web site for kids? It seems to be about books on tape.  I am not sure though.  I think this is a kids site too.  Das Hörspiel-Fan-Portal  Hörspiel Info Box  Titel Magazin Literatur und mehr (Title Magazine Literature and more)  About hoerbucher? (…I hardly had time to keep this site current. I will close it for an indefinite time in order to accomplish a redesign. The sites to the series available on the link border on this site are not updated.)  Whatever you do, do not visit this site. You will have an avalanche of ever multiplying pop up ads come up on your screen. They multiply so fast it is difficult to turn them off.

bullet Netherlands (Dutch)
represents the Netherlands--Dutch  Hoorspel  Dutch "Hoorspel" tons of links

bulletDenmark (Danish)
Danish flag Denmark  Radio Drama

bullet Finland
flag of Finland  Swedish Radio Threatre in Finland

bullet France
represents France Radio France Culture

bullet Macedonia  Radio Makedonija

bullet India
India  All India Radio

bullet Philippines
Philippines flag  Republic of the Philippines Department of Health Office of the Secretary Central Office Bids and Awards Committee Invitation to Pre-Qualify Bid (Radio Drama Series)



bullet Miscellaneous
  European Broadcasting Union Slavic Orpheus

Radio Australia was broadcasting in November 2003, one Radio Drama. It was on their Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) service. It was a 20-minute radio drama series called "Famili blong Serah" (Serah's Family) once a week. The series was actually produced in the republic of Vanuatu, a South Pacific island group, by the Won Smolbag Theatre. (I am not sure if it is still aired on Radio Australia.)