[August 25, 2006   About the drawing of the sign...  It was very difficult to draw a gear in Microsoft "Paint". The gear in the drawing looks something like a "straight bevel gear". http://m202.enme.ucalgary.ca/~brennan/CDEN/Linear-Rotational/Pages/Bevel/BevelGears.htm  You can read about gears in general via Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gear]

August 25, 2006  Most of the writing instruction books that I have say to "write what you know".  Well, I know nothing about running a bar or pub.  I do not know British culture as well as I think would be necessary in order to write this story.  I do not think it is good that I try and finish this one.  If I can learn more about this subject, then maybe I will pick it up again some day.  If you want to know what I was "up to" with this idea, then read the, "Help me with this story please." page.  If you think this is a good idea and you think I should continue, let me know



Episode One