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My Grandfather (mother’s father): %Richard Jack Wallace was born May 11, 1920 in Sherman, Texas.  He died, December 2, 1986. He lived in Wichita Falls since 1961.  +Was more than likely married to Mary Ruth Wheless Wallace who died probably in 1939.  They had a son Richard Porter Wallace born in 1939 as his mother died. $Married Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace November 20, 1941 in Bloomington, Illinois. They had a daughter Linda and a son Gary. @Richard Jack Wallace was Scotch, 6’1”, with blue eyes, gray blond hair, fair and ruddy complexion.  He was a high school grad. with 1 ˝ years college. Was a W.W.II veteran.  % Retired Air Force Master Sergeant.  Owned Wallace Tax Service.


@+Richard Jack Wallace’s father was Richard Emmet Wallace.  He was born August 25, 1888 and died in August 16, 1979.  1930 Census said that he was born in Tennessee as were his parents.  He was an accountant.  @+Richard Jack Wallace’s mother was Esther M. Wallace.  She was born in 1897 and she died in 1962 at age 65.  1930 Census said she was born in Texas.  Her father was born in Tennessee and her mother was born in Alabama. @%Richard Jack Wallace had a sister Betty Kinney born in 1928. She was born in Texas.


My Grandmother (mother’s mother): $Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace was born April 24, 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. She died November 26, 2006 in Wichita Falls, Texas. She was 84. She married Richard Jack Wallace November 20, 1941, in Bloomington, Illinois. @She was German, 5’2”, brown eyes, dark brown hair, dark complexion.  High School Graduate. 


@$Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace’s father was William Story.  German descent.  Deserted wife and children about 1922.  Was declared legally dead 1938.  Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace’s mother was Myrtle Gladys Beers Story.  She was born 2-1892 in Illinois.  She died in 1931 at 38 (+July 11, 1931).  1930 Census said her father was born in Ohio and her mother was born in Illinois.


@+ Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace had 5 siblings.  William Melvin Story, born March 15, 1909; died February 1986.  Evelyn Almira Story born February 19, 1911 in Lincoln, Illinois; died March 8, 2001, Wichita Falls, Texas.  Jerold (Jerald?) Story born December 23, 1915 Illinois; died July 1984 (Florida?).  Dorothy M. Story Wetzel born in Illinois (1916?).  Ruth V. Story born in Illinois, (1918?). 


+Eleanor Lucille Story Wallace and siblings were evidently “raised” by an aunt, Hazel Beers.  Hazel Beers was born in Illinois (1890).  She was the sister of Myrtle Gladys Beers Story. 





My Biological Mother:  @?+Linda Sue Wallace McKennon born August 1942, Normal, Illinois.  @Her ethnicity Scottish-German-English.  *Linda said her ethnicity was Scottish and German. +She married Richard McKennon.  She had two (other) children.  Richard O. McKennon born April 30, 1964, died February 26, 2006.  He was married to Kayla and they had four children.  (Matthew, Megan (Meagan?), Allysa and Kendall.) $Her daughter is Jana McKennon.  Jana has two children, Kyle and Karma. 


Siblings of Linda Sue Wallace McKennon: @Paternal half brother Richard.  Was 23 in 1962.  @+Was listed in adoption file, but not in Richard Jack Wallace’s obituary.  +Most likely son of Richard Jack Wallace and Mary Ruth Wheless.  Mary Ruth Wheless died in childbirth in either 1939 or 1940.  Son was Richard Porter Wallace. 

@Brother Gary born in 1962.  +Gary Wallace is married to Judy.  They have two children Krysta and Brandon.

If you want to know more on how I got this information, please see the other pages via the "Adoption Index" page. I have done a lot of "genealogy" detective work to find out some of this info. All the names I have in my adoption file fit together with what I have found doing genealogy research.  If the information on this page is difficult for you to believe, and you want "proof" of my "claims", register with the proper agencies.  I am registered with the adoption agency.  I am registered with the State of Texas official registry.  If you suspect you are a biological relative of mine OR you are in the family I list on this page, and you do not believe my "claims", please register with these groups.  They have access to my adoption file.  The official State of Texas registry, is able to view sealed court documents. If there is a "match", they will let us know. Methodist Mission Home (San Antonio) . Texas Vital Statistics--Central Adoption Registry

If I am in your family and you do not want to know me, can you at least let me know what diseases run in the family? I am curious to know if ADHD and or any sleeping disorders run in the family.


If you are related to Linda, my birth mother and you run across any photos of Linda and "Franklin" and there is a name on the back, will you let me know that name?  If you have any way of knowing who Linda was dating during the spring time "back in the day" will you let me know that?

If you want more information about finding family separated via adoption in Texas please go to, Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources & Education™


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