I would be interested in knowing what you think of my story.  I would like to learn what I need to know to improve it.   Any feedback will be very much appreciated!! (Some of the "answers" below are silly on purpose. I was having fun putting this form together.)

Due to excessive SPAM, this form is not working.  The E-mail address listed on this page is still in working order.  You can contact me via that address. I left the form on here, so you know what information I require in order to reply to your E-mail.  Thank you!


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  1. Do you like this story?

    I like it, but it needs a lot of work.

  2. Overall you rate the story so far a...?

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

  3. The story so far needs...

    more work.
    shorter sentences.
    a different 'plan of attack'.
    all of these.

  4. If the story so far, needs work, what kind of work does it need? Does it need, grammar corrections, more story added, what?

  5. Should I stick to NON-fiction and stop writing fiction? (Do my talents rest in non-fiction rather than fiction?)

    Yes. You are better at non-fiction.
    You can write fiction but you need to keep learning.
    No. I think you can write fiction.

  6. Should I continue writing this story until it is finished?

    I will have to read more in order to answer this.

  7. Should I stop publishing this story on the website and save it for publishing in book form?


  8. Would you rather see this story in book form?

    Yes. I would like to see it in book form.
    No. I think it is fine as a free web page.

  9. Do you "normally" read this type of story?


  10. Do you think this story will sell?

    Yes. I would buy it if it was available.
    I think it would have a limited 'market'.
    Is there such a thing as 'Christian Science Fiction'?
    No. I know no one who would buy a story like this.
    (There is such a thing as "Christian Science Fiction".  I am not sure if any of it is "on the Word" [Biblically correct] or not. I put some links about it onto the "Whyfore?" page.)

  11. Would you read this story if it was written by someone other than "Me"? (I am trying to learn if you are reading the story "just because I wrote it".)

    Yes. This is my type of story.
    Only if it was written the way you are headed.
    Only if it was written better than you are doing it.
    No. I do not normally read this type of story.

  12. If you have any other comments please type them below. As usual any input will be appreciated! (As far as I know, you have unlimited space to write text.)

    In this space, if you want to, you can elaborate and tell me details of what I need to do to improve my story. (That is, if you think it needs work and you know what needs changing.)

    Otherwise, you can add any kind of comments you wish to.

  13. How did you find out about "The Book-Case Conundrum"? If your answer is "other means" please write by what "other means", in the space below.

    via E-mail announcement.
    via a search engine.
    via a friend.
    via some 'other' means.

    In the space provided below please let me know by what, "other means" you found out about my story.

  14. If you want me to write you back, please let me know your contact information: (If you do not give me your E-mail address, I will not have it.) If nothing else, please leave a name of some sort and a place you are writing from, such as, "Writerwithbottles, Michigan U.S.A.". 


    Your Name
    Your E-mail
    Where are you from?
    Your Website URL
    Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

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