August 23, 2007.  This page was originally stuck on here, December 15, 2005.  I originally wrote this "story" June 28, 2004.  At the time I was doing a lot of chatting with my Chinese pen pal via instant messaging.  He gave me the Chinese names and typed them in Chinese for me.  I have the Chinese characters as text and as a picture.  That way, if your computer does not view the Chinese properly, it will come out anyway.  (Not that you can probably read it, that is, unless you know how to read Chinese.) The Mongolian name is the only Mongolian name I could find easily via Google.  The name is not from the Mongolia in China. It is from the Mongolia in the former Soviet Union. There are many problems with this story. For one thing, the formatting is not very good.  My pen pal said that there would not be private investigators in China. How do you have a "detective" story without a detective?  How about a "spy" instead of a "detective"?  So, "Oyunbileg" became a spy posing as a journalist instead of a detective. I am not Chinese, and was relying on my pen pal to fill me in on Chinese culture.  I never got very far with this story. I was experimenting with the template I downloaded from the BBC again. My pen pal and I don't chat as often as we did.  He cannot do it while he is working now.  And if he is at work, I should be in bed asleep.  Roughly speaking, if it is noon in China it is midnight here. (That might not be entirely accurate but it is a rough guide.)  See below the "script" for the "about" section.  I wrote up a character list and what I had intended to do with the story.  It's a very far fetched story, so I have abandoned it.





SCENE 1.  inside the newspaper office of the Mongolian, Oyunbileg

MONGOLIAN JOURNALIST:           The man from the Beijing office will be here any day now.  Will you be travelling into the steppe for an extended journey?

Mr Qian (钱 ):                         No, I will wait here for the man to arrive.  Do you know this man’s name?

Mongolian Journalist:           We believe he is Mr. Xu (徐.  Miss Wu (吴 ) would you come here please?  We will not know his true name until he arrives.   

Miss wu (吴 ):                        Yes?

mongolian journalist:           Make sure you tell me the moment the man from the Beijing office arrives.  I want to know, before he enters the building!  Please make a fresh pot of tea for our guest Mr. Qian ().  Will you also make sure to see that Mr. Qian has everything he needs while he is staying with us.

miss wu:                              Yes sir!  (You can hear in her voice that she is saluting Oyunbileg)

mr. qian:                              Oh, you needn’t trouble your secretary.  I already have my accommodations taken care of. 

mongolian journalist:           It is no problem.  I must confess, she isn’t my secretary, and I am sure she had nothing better to do. 

mr. qian:                              If our visitor is Mr. Xu, will he be bringing his wife?  The last time I saw Mrs. Xu was some time ago.  I wonder if she is still as beautiful as she was before?  

mongolian journalist:           I am not sure that Mr. and Mrs. Xu are getting along anymore.  The last I heard, Mrs. Xu moved to Harbin so that she could take care of her mother.

mr. qian:                              It is a shame this.  Perhaps, when this job is finished I should take a vacation and visit the sites in Harbin.  I haven’t been to Harbin in many years.  As I remember it, Harbin is beautiful this time of year. 

miss wu:                              The boss wants you in his office!

SCENE 2.  inside the office of the newspaper editor 

newspaper editor:      Why are you treating one of my best reporters as your personal secretary?!!  Do you know how difficult it is to find competent reporters?!  Are you taking good care of Mr. Qian?  I don’t know why he is here, but there had better be a good explanation!  Presently, the best story to come along in years has crossed my desk.  I was going to send you on a journey to cover it.  I assume that as usual, you will refuse the offer.  I guess I will have to send Miss Wu instead. That is, unless you should want to write the story that will get you national exposure? 

From: June 28, 2004

"About Oyunbileg From Mongolia, Characters List etc."...

story Title


A sort of “spy”, adventure story. This is a “cheap James Bond” type story. It is a cross between a, Charlie Chan / Perry Mason type of story, and a suspense or adventure story like James Bond or maybe some of the “martial arts” movies. (Not that I have seen too many “martial arts” movies.) There is some old fashioned sexist romance in here as well. “The hero” needs to have a woman along as he is being chased by the bad guy. It wouldn’t be a proper story without that. It adds suspense if she breaks her shoe or can’t run well because she is wearing high heeled shoes in the wilderness.

The main character is Oyunbileg from Mongolia. He is a journalist who works for a newspaper. His colleague is Miss Wu. (I do not have a name for the boss yet.)

Oyunbileg is talking to Mr. Qian. He is a from the Beijing agency. Oyunbileg’s real job is for the agency too. His boss at the newspaper knows nothing of his real job.

Mr. Qian and Oyunbileg are waiting for a man they believe is named, Mr. Xu.

Oyunbileg = "Gift of Wisdom" in Mongolian: Journalist from Mongolia (This name is from the country Mongolia and not the Mongolia in China. I couldn’t find much about the Mongolia in China.)

Mr. Qian: Works with Oyunbileg on agency business

Mr. Xu: Mysterious man that Mr. Qian believes he is waiting to talk to


Yang Yang Wu 吴阳阳 (Miss Yang Yang Wu 阳阳.吴小姐 ): The pretty female reporter that works in the Newspaper office with Oyunbileg. She is strong yet beautiful.

Mr. Wan (Shuhai Wan—in Chinese, Wan Shuhai 万书海 ) Newspaper Editor: The boss of the newspaper office [His surname is 万 , means of 10 thousands. 书海 Shuhai, means book ocean (many books).]