And yet another "outrage"!!   June 16, 2003

If you hold certain viewpoints against the government you can be called "paranoid". If you are "paranoid", then you are of course mentally ill. If you are mentally ill, you can be "forcibly drugged" so that you can stand trial. Or is the reality that you can be "forcibly drugged" so that you can't tell what you know?? We live in a society that is increasingly more like the Soviet Union all the time!!

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on "forcibly drugging" the mentally ill so that they can stand trial. The case before the courts was Charles Sell a dentist from St. Louis Missouri. If you look up Dr. Charles Sell online, you will find that the "loony lefty" articles are quick to point out Dr. Sell's paranoia and delusions. If you read the more conservative articles, you will find that Dr. Sell's paranoia probably had a real cause.

According to articles at News Max and The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Sell, was a dentist in the Army Reserves. He was on the scene the day of the tragic fire at the Branch Davidian "compound" near Waco, Texas. According to News Max, the ..."accusation that Dr. Sell was suffering from delusions [is] because he thought there was a government effort to cover up his personal knowledge of the government's culpability in the 1993 deaths at the Branch Davidian land...". The AAPS article says that Dr. Sell was held in prison for over five years without trial. What does Dr. Charles Sell know that the U.S. Government does not want the rest of us to know???

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: Supreme Court rules: AAPS helps overturn forced drugging - 6/16/03

Letter to John Ashcroft:

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Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics (They evidently went to bat for Dr. Charles Sell) FAQ about Dr. Sell {Frequently Asked Questions}

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"And yet another "outrage"!!"   comments October 16 2003

Dr. Sell is not a non-violent person. He threatened the lives of an FBI agent investigating his alleged medicaid fraud and one of his employees being questioned. That's why he was mentally evaluated in the first place. The NewsMax article has several errors of omission non-the-least of which is the fact that he is totally out of his gourd.