Instructions on how you were to use the blog picture These "instructions" are no longer valid.  I have them on here because they "go" with the "old blog posts".  In order to read the full "instructions" see below this picture.

Blog Instructions Dec 7 2004

***** August 17, 2003 You will have to bear with this first section. I originally have this in paragraphs. The website won't allow it to appear in paraph form. Don't know how to fix it. I try to separate the paragraphs etc. with "*". Robyn

* This is the “blog” Robyn originally kept from May 29, 2003 to June 16, 2003. There should be more entries to this blog when I get time. Just come back from time to time to see if there is more. Also, you can sign up to an E-mail list to be notified when and if there is more added to this.

* A “blog” (‘blog) is short for “weblog”. It is an internet “journal” or “diary”. This “blog” is about all sorts of “pet” subjects that I have. I do not always keep from writing about “controversial” issues. The content of this “blog” is probably “adult”. I don’t mean “sexually explicit” really, just “adult situations” or topics. I originally signed up for this so I could write about all the “cute” things our cat Dougall does. It ended up that I wrote about many other things instead.

* You will have to be warned, that I don't use correct spelling 100% of the time, nor do I use 100% correct grammar. Sometimes I even type in the wrong tense or leave out a letter. I write a lot of these late at night, and sometimes I have been in a hurry as I wrote these.

* Maybe some day I will write more to this “blog”. Yesterday it looked as if they were going to delete this on me. I have not written any new entries in a long time. The company did not know that I want the entries to remain on the net. If there is any more to this, you will find it after the “last” entry of June 16, 2003.

* Yesterday, (August 16, 2003) I paid the $25.00 so as to guarantee that my “blog” will stay online and ad free for a year. Yea! Hopefully I will be able to add some photos on here.

* This entry is being written August 17, 2003. At this time there are ten entries to this blog. This one makes the 11th entry. If you want to view all the entries in this blog go to the calendar to the left. There you will find the word, “August” (or whatever month it happens to be presently). Beside it you will find a series of arrows. They are either, <<<< or >>>> Click on the back arrows or <<<< . To get to the beginning of this blog go back to May, 2003. To the right of the calendars, you will see the titles of each entry. You can click on those in order to read the text. The squares around the dates on the various calendars, are the dates that I wrote entries. The very first entry I did, has some valuable information in it. It tells you how to get rid of “spyware” from your computer. It is very good stuff!!

* Find Below a list of the first nine entry titles and brief words about the subject matter. There is more to each entry than I list here. They are listed in the order I wrote them.

* The List Of Entries To Robyn's Blog: (This list hasn’t been updated in a long while.)

* 1. What the Humans and Cats Are Up To by Robyn May 29, 2003 General information explaining this “blog”. Information detailing how to get spyware off your computer.

* 2. Biblical Research and staying out of grief May 30, 2003 Some general info. Then some things I was




learning about Biblical research.

* 3. Living with a "deaf" computer + other interesting (hopefully) stuff June 1, 2003 Radio, my lack of computer sound and songs etc.

* 4. Everybody Loves A Polka!!!!! June 7, 2003 “I’m gonna buy a bi, bi, bi, bicycle…” 78’s, radio, shopping, “catfoodterias” etc.

* 5. Follow the money right down to the local "loony bin"! June 8, 2003 Some rhetorical questions… Why is it that psychiatry is failing the mentally ill?

* 6. Oops! The one that got away... June 9, 2003 The point I had forgotten from the day before. Yuck and yucky, tobacco, as I “See you in the funny papers”…

* 7. If I take my cat to Windsor, Ontario, can I marry it? June 11, 2003 “Men” re-defining marriage. Ft. Worth Days. The coolest music of my youth.

* 8. Robyn's trip around the world June 14, 2003 The trip Robyn would like to make some day. The places she hopes to visit and so on.

* 9. And yet another "outrage"!! June 16, 2003 More on mental illness; the case of Dr. Charles Sell. *