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We would like to hear from you!!  If the text on this site drives your eyes crazy let us know.  If you want to know where there is a Bible Fellowship like ours in your area, ask us.  If you have any questions, write to us and we can try to find you an answer. 

Tell us what you think about our site. Can you read the text well enough?  Does the color get on your nerves?  Let us know if you can hear the sound files ok.  Robyn is learning how to do all of this.  She is always looking for ways to improve things. 

Due to excessive SPAM, this form is not working.  The E-mail address listed on this page is still in working order.  You can contact me via that address. I left the form on here, so you know what information I require in order to reply to your E-mail.  Thank you!

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