I am experimenting with putting video on these pages. I am also learning how to use the new camera.  Most of the videos are self explanatory.

Just click on the "play" button to get the video going.  It may take a few minutes to start working. It can take quite a while for the video to download (appear on your screen). Even though the video is short, it is a large file.

Cat Videos

Garden Videos

Travel Videos



At first you see Douglas and I doing something on the computer. The first pictures are of the "wall paper" on my computer. Douglas is giving me directions. I don't know how to cut that part off. Then, you see me trying to find the cat in one of her outdoor sleeping places. After that you see a blue jay on a lilac bush next door. About the time that the blue jay flew off, Dubhghall was rubbing against my leg. She found me. So I took a video of her rolling around on the ground. The last thing you see is the last rose of the season.

A Blue Jay and Dubhghall

The picture is "jumpy" because I am learning how to use the camera properly. There should be sound with the video. I hear it on my computer. (some sections are somewhat quiet) At one point I was trying to follow a bird in a tree. I didn't do a good job.