If I take my cat to Windsor, Ontario, can I marry it? June 11 2003

No, I do not want to marry my cat! 

Ok, they are re-defining marriage in Ontario, Canada Today (June 11).  The current Canadian federal definition of marriage is "a lawful and voluntary union between 'one man and one woman'".  The courts have ruled that this definition is discriminatory.  

See this article... http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2003/06/10/ont_samesex030610

So out of spite, should I take my male cat Patches to Canada and try to marry "him", I mean, "it"?  According to the "animal rights" people, animals are "moral" beings.  To them my cat has feelings and emotions similar to humans.  They are "sentient" beings.  So, using this argument, why couldn't I marry my cat???  Ha!

(I know the cat has some "feelings".  I just don't know what "emotions" it may feel if any.  And I don't believe that a cat can be seen as a "moral" being.  If anything they are "amoral".  AND also, it is "grammatically incorrect" to refer to animals as "he" or “she”.  Animals are not "hes" or "shes" they are "its".)

In 1975 a man in Colorado tried to marry his horse when the local county clerk issued a marriage license to a same-sex couple.  The man was attempting to marry his horse in order to show how ridiculous the marriage license for a same-sex couple was.   http://web.dailycamera.com/livingarts/pettem/25phist1.html

The thing of it is, the "men" of Canada are re-defining what marriage is.  God hasn't changed the true definition of marriage yet!!  God created humans.  He first instituted marriage between the first man and woman, Adam and Eve.  You would think that God would be the one to write the standard for the definition of marriage!! 

I saw a guy on television who identifies himself with cats.  He has tattooed his face to look like a cat.  He wears contact lenses to simulate cat eyes.  And he has posts put into his upper lip so he can screw in "whiskers" and complete the facial look of a cat.  He is trying to figure out how to get a tail of some sort.  I don't think he wants to be seen legally as a cat though.

I know what the laws do for "trans gender" people.  But what about "trans species" people?  What would the law do, if someone wanted to legally be seen of as a cat or whatever?

Psychiatrist to "patient's" wife: "How long has he thought he was a chicken"?   "Patient's" wife: "Ever since he laid an egg".   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ft. Worth Days... Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.....

I am currently listening to an audio tape I made in 1983.  Part of the tape has me in the kitchen of a building that used to be an apartment house.  It is sort of an echo chamber of a room.  You can hear a television playing loudly.  A guy I knew was trying to teach me how to play chess.  It was a very difficult thing for him to do, since I was refusing to learn!  Before that there was another guy I knew playing the piano.  Some unknown flautist (flute player) was playing along. 

Me and the first guy had been writing music of a sort.  The second guy was very good at playing things on the piano.  You could hum him a melody and he would play it.  The tape starts off with my piano playing friend playing songs we "wrote".   

Then on the other side, there is something "completely different"---the audio of ABC's 20/20 article on Monty Python.  They had just released their movie "The Meaning of Life". 

That's how I figured out the tape was made in 1983.  "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" came out in 1983---I looked it up on the Internet Movie Database.  On the other side, was a song by Carlos Santana.  He had just released an album called, "Havana Moon".  I looked that up on the net, and it was released in 1983 as well. 

1983 seems like a lifetime ago!!!! 

Why is Barbara Striesand (spelling) on this tape????  It is enough to melt your ears and turn your hair green!!  I can't believe this is on here!!!!!  It is only part of the duet she did with one of the Bee Gees.  I think I had some things on here that someone made me record over.  So I have snatches of radio that I wouldn't have normally put on here.  I left the recorder on, recording... and it caught someone who did not want their voice on my machine.  Because I did not have their permission, I had to remove it.  Wait a minute,


it is all coming back to me.  For some strange reason I liked the very end of this song.  That's it, I had it on here on purpose.  Gee!

It is followed by Madness with Tomorrow's Just Another Day.  I like this much better!!!!!  There was a hit musical made from their music, that was on in the East End of London (England).  It was called, "Our House". Now there is Elvis Costello singing the same song.  Cool!!!!!  Very different version. I had forgotten what was on this tape.  Madness was pretty big in the UK or so it seems.

I think it was around the time (either that day or week) when I first saw the Marx Brother's, that I discovered George Gimarc's radio program.  I have an audio tape with some of the Marx Brothers "Horse Feathers" on it. That was my discovery of the Marx Brothers.  If I remember correctly, that tape also contains my first encounter with George Gimarc.  Anyway, it was before 1983.  His program came on late at night on Sunday's.  The radio station was KZEW from Dallas. That was where I had to go to hear the likes of Madness and Elvis Costello.  I did hear some of that type of music via KTXT in Lubbock.  In those days KTXT was "college radio". "College radio" is known for playing "adventurous" things.  KTXT did not play "alternative" music 100% of the time.  Until Noon or 1:00PM they played "long hair" or classical music.  Then in the summer months and during "spring break" they went off the air.  That was the real BUMMER!!!!  This meant no decent radio until school started back up in the fall (autumn).  That is, unless I went to stay with my mother near Dallas for the summer.

Back in 1981 or so it was so exciting to find the kind of music I liked on the radio.  This was the days before the "Alternative Rock" format on radio.  They called the music "New Wave" or "Punk".  Today, I think they call it "Post Punk".  Of course there are different  "types" of this type of music.  There was "Ska Revival"; "Mod" and so on.  I thought for sure a city like Dallas would have a station playing this type of music 24/7.  Maybe that was the case in New York City, I don't know.  A lot of the music was top of the charts in England, but it was "underground" music here.  Even today, if you go online and look up the British music charts, you will see all sorts of songs you have never heard of before.  I did not learn about the British charts wasn't until I was able to hear the BBC World Service's "Top 20 Countdown" in about 1983 or so.  In those days they played what I thought was "cool" music on the program.  I don't think I discovered John Peel yet.  If you ever listen to his music program, it is a real learning experience.  I remember once that he played a song that either the band was


called, "Bang and Clang" or the song title had bang and clang in it.  That was the last song of the program.  The continuity announcer came on then and announced, "There will be more bangs and clangs next week...".  If you have ever heard the music of John Peel's program you will know why that is funny. By the way, a "continuity announcer" is the person who reads announcements and other things between radio (and television?) programs. I think John Peel is still on BBC Radio 1.  If he is, you can listen online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/

Nobody in the family (or later on "room mates") could understand why I had to have the radio on at 2:00 on a Sunday morning.  Now days my husband Douglas tries to understand this.  He knows that short-wave and medium-wave (AM) radio come in better at night. 

Here is some info. about George Gimarc... His official site is at http://www.gimarc.com/

At the bottom of this page is a picture and a biographical sketch of George Gimarc  http://www.itsthezoo.com/george.htm

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Ok I am going now... It is past time for bed.  Hope you are having fun too.  Robyn