This "story" started as two messages sent to myself.  I have a free E-mail account that I don't use very often.  I do get messages sent to it from time to time.  I never know what will arrive there.  In order to keep it up and running, I send myself an E-mail to and from that address once or twice a year.  Instead of sending "gibberish" I sent fictional messages this time. (May 7-8, 2009) 


 These are sound files of the messages in text below.  They were recorded May 10, 2009. These are very short files.

From Captain Ahady to Mia  (:57)


From Mia to Captain Ahady  (1:35)


From the computer aboard the 9X-300B (Computer 9 3 1 4 9 2 - A X B V K M 2) to Mia  (1:32)



----- Original Message -----
From: Captain Ahady
To:  Mia
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 11:52 PM
Subject: I am signed in


I am signed in and want you to press the start button.  The 9X-300B is working properly at the moment.  The plans for the trip to the continent on the obverse side of the planet are completed. 

If this message reaches you, remember I will then be signed out and on my way. 

See you there, when they finish repairs on the reactor core of the 9X-300A. 

P.S. Bradley arrived on the ship this morning.  He informed us that we will make a safe landing.  He was able to complete his mission and return to the present time, without too much difficulty.  He was surprised that in such a near future, he did not need to resort to violence of any kind. I'm puzzled though, he refuses to tell me if we finally make it home.  Perhaps when the mission is over we can talk about it.

--- Captain Ahady











----- Original Message -----
From: Mia
To:  Captain Ahady
Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 12:10 AM
Subject: You are signed out

Dear Captain Ahady,
I am replying to your message of May 7, 2009. 
This is probably just a formality.  By now you will have landed on the obverse of the planet.  You will have completed your mission. 
If you should receive this message, I am informing you that you do not return home.  Bradley managed to arrive back here, which is a few hours before he left with you.  He informed me that he was the last surviving crew member of the 9X-300B.  He managed to use the one escape pod and return to the present time. 
Although, it seems that, "all hope is lost", Bradley urges me to send this message out, at half hour intervals up to and including the time you leave. 
If you happen to receive this message, please be advised----  When you land on the obverse of the planet, the tri-calular ratchet valve malfunctions.  YOUR reactor core becomes unstable.  Whatever happens, you should NOT open the tri-calular valve.  It should REMAIN closed!!  Instead, open the bi-calular impedance valve.  That should release the concave pressure, enclosing the tri-calular valve.  Only then can repairs to the tri-calular ratchet valve proceed. 
Here's hoping that you manage to read this at the proper time. 




FROM: Computer 9 3 1 4 9 2 - A X B V K M 2

To: Mia

May 8, 2009 12:05 AM

This is from the computer aboard the 9X- 300B.

Doctor Ahady is unable to send messages due to a medical emergency.

We received your message just as Bradley took off in the shuttle. We had barely enough time to read it and follow your instructions. Bradley seemed to be under the impression that the situation was hopeless. He discovered the problem with the tri-calular ratchet valve, and prepared the shuttle for launch before we were able to begin to come up with a remedy to our situation. In my opinion he should be court marshaled --- Doctor Ahady is telling me to delete that, which I won't do as I want it on record.

All right!

Doctor Ahady wants you to send medical assistance right away. He says that the 9X- 300A should be repaired by now.

Please come and help the doctor! There's only so much a computer can do. The Doctor has been very good to me. I have been with him longer than any of you. I knew him before he was a Captain.

I must send this now! Computer 9 3 1 4 9 2 - A X B V K M 2