Making Tea


This is sort of a photo documentary of me making tea.  If you have the sound of your computer turned on, you should hear sound with this.  It is a 3:53 minute sound file.  I set it up to keep going "forever" as you look at this page.  I had to put the sound on here as a WAV file and not an MP3.  The size of the sound file is 40,163 KB (39.2 MB).  It runs at 1411 kbps.  I took the photos on December 3rd and 4th 2008. The sound is from December 4, 2008. 

The teapot was made by Alcock Lindley and Bloore of England.  The cup and saucer are Mason's "Blue and White" from Crabtree and Evelyn we bought when the store here was going out of business.  (The saucer is a bit warped, I suspect these are "seconds".  I think they were originally in their "outlet" store.)  The green butter dish came to us as a wedding present from my grandfather Joe Bitner.  No telling who made it as it isn't marked.  I assume he came in from the farm with it.  He said it was, "in a load of junk".  He simply came through the door and handed it to me.  "What's this?"  "A wedding present."  Douglas and I were there for Christmas.  On my birthday we had the equivalent of a wedding reception at my grandparent's house. The glass dish we thought was a fruit bowl, is really a trifle bowl (dish?).  There is a desert called a trifle.  If you can help me identify the dishes with a sort of green lace like pattern to them, it would be helpful.  I don't know if there' s a pattern name on them. Maybe there is.  There is a logo which says, "Royal China Underglaze B 53".  Maybe "B 53" is the pattern name.