Plants to Identify

I have some plants that grow in our yard.  I have no idea what they are.  Some are trees.  Some are more like bushes. Others are "wild" or "volunteer" berries of some sort. (Are there this many varieties of "wild" strawberry?)

Click on a small picture in order to see a large version.

Anyway, if you could help me identify these, it would be most appreciated. Please see also our page, "Photos of Our June 2005 Texas Trip" in order to view some photos of these or other plants we want identified.  Thanks!

Wild Berries With Yellow Flowers

Are these a wild stawberry? Are they edible?

Small Red Berries With Yellow Flowers

Are these a wild strawberry? Are they edible?

Another Berry With Yellow Flowers

Are these a wild strawberry? Are they edible?

Berries With White Flowers

Are these a wild strawberry? Are these edible?

This Is What I Believe To Be St. John's Wort

(Hypericum perforatum)

Is This "Chinese Elm Tree"?

I know that what we call, "Chinese Elm", is not from China at all. If I remember what I read in my tree book, it originated in somewhere like Japan. Now, according to Wikipedia, they are originating in China. My grandfather said they planted it in West Texas during the Great Depression. He didn't like trees because they got in his way. So, he didn't care much for the Chinese Elm.

Sample Of Plant That Grows Beside Our House

This one is very nice. I would like to know what it is. It gets a white flower on it. And then it gets these very shiny black or dark brown seeds on it. The shiny parts come off it if you rub the seeds between your fingers.

Samples Of Some Unknown Tree Growing In Our Yard

Do you know what this is? Is it a nut tree? If it is a nut tree this means the squirrels probably planted it.

This Is Another Unknown Tree

Do you know what it is?

The Other Side Of The Other Unknown Tree

Both Views Of The Other Unknown Tree

This is a "wild" rosebush we got from "up north" on the 40 acres. Do you happen to know anything about it.

We are looking for the name and other info. on it.

This is a rose that was bought somewhere. It could have been given to my husbands grandparents.

We do not know anything about this rose either.

Same rose bush as before. I think there used to be a yellow or whit rose here very early when they lived here.

I hope to find the old photo and put it on here. Look for photos of our house.

We have a digital camera now.  I will be putting on here more plants I would like to know about.

Here are some pictures of this plant that seems to grow "wild" in the back yard behind the garage.  It is somewhat shady back there.  I see a similar plant in the neighborhood.  The one in the neighborhood is a hosta looking plant with green striped leaves.  The flowers look similar to these only larger.  The plant I am wanting identified, has a very small flower. The plant could be in the hosta family maybe?  The leaves are similar to a point.  I don't know if this is a wild plant.  I don't remember planting it.  But that doesn't mean anything.  I could have planted it and forgotten about it.  If I didn't plant it---and I suspect that I didn't, then I don't know how it came to grow in this spot.  It isn't too bad looking so, I keep Douglas from mowing over it.  I hope it isn't poisonous ---or that I have to pull it up for some other such reason. I tried to give you some idea of the flower and stem by drawing it the best I could in "Paint".  The leaf drawing isn't much better. It is the best I could do though.

See below the drawings for photos of the plant and flower.  Hope you can see it amongst the weeds and grass.

rough drawing of the flowers to the plant I want identified


The white spots closest to the camera are the flowers I am talking about.

If you see the white spots on the green stems, then you see what I am writing about.