Texas Oct 2005

I was in Texas for my grandfather's funeral.  Although it was a very sad time.  It was great to see everybody. We did laugh a lot during this time.  I am not sure it had hit us yet.  It is not like it was a complete shock.  Even though we knew it would happen "soon", --- to me, it always seems to happen suddenly.  I do have "Photo Shop" on this computer.  I don't know how to use it though.  If I do any "cropping" or "editing" I use "Paint".  I know it isn't best, but it is simple.  These photos were taken on 35mm film.  I hope to get a camera that takes digital photos soon.  I am not the best photographer.  I hope I spelled people's names correctly.

Click on the photos in order to view a larger version.  The larger version should fill the screen.  In "Windows" it might "shrink" the larger version.  You can make it bigger. The photo should fill the screen.  If you have a slow computer, it might take a while to see the picture.

I was merely trying to get a photo of the flower arrangement. They put the things grown on the farm into the arangement. (cotton, wheat, peanuts)

A certain someone is seen in the photo squatting tending a grave. I didn't figure she would want to be displayed that way. I edited her out, but I didn't do a very "professional" job. Sorry.

My cousin Charla with her granddaughter. My cousin Jaylia is holding the yellow cup. Her husband is beside her.

Leigh Ann my sister. She doesn't always look like this.

Esta Mae my aunt can barely be seen wearing stripes. Her husband Gene is next. Jamie, Charla's son is sitting next to his wife.

Tom my stepfather, Jamie and his wife.

Charla and Jamie

Jamie, his wife, Tome and Gene

More booze please! I don't know what they were drinking. I know they didn't drink too much.

Jaylia, her husband, Leigh Ann, Dennis

My uncle J.W. wearing Gene's hat.

Don't know what was on television.

Friend of the family and J.W.

Esta Mae and her great-granddaughter.

Tom and whom?


My brother in law wanted his head shaved. My cousin agreed to do it. It was kind of a "spur of the moment" thing. Alcohol was NOT involved.

Leigh Ann holding a bowl of water.

more shaving

What would he look like, if he had hair like Jaylia?

Tom wondered why I took pictures of the "miles and miles of 'nothing'", that he believes is West, Texas. Well, that "nothing" is "something" to me.

I miss it sometimes. Miles and miles of Texas...

Another view--- these are at the Lubbock air port if you couldn't guess.

More Airport---actually I was trying to get a photo of the land to the horizon. I was trying to get a photo of the flat open country.

It's what I call a "home sick" photo.

This is from the air plane. Don't remember where we were "over". Maybe I tried to get a photo of the Mississippi??? I don't know.

I like seeing the clouds under the air plane. This was a very beautiful scene with the sun the way it was.

Of course this photo didn't do it justice.