Photos taken with new camera

We got a new camera that takes digital moving pictures (videos) and digital "still" pictures.  Here are some still pictures I have taken.

This first picture (above) is a spider in its web.  The plant is "Sweet Annie". It is a "strewing weed" or "strewing herb".  It is something they put down in the barn or whatever when dealing with animals so that when the sheep or other animals trample on it you smell the plant and not the animal. This one, "Sweet Annie" smells like Juicy Fruit gum to me.  I "love" to smell it!!!!  There is this nice spider that made a home in it.  Spiders should be encouraged in the garden as they eat other harmful "bugs".  Humans should watch that they don't get bit by them though. I don't know the poisonous ones from the non harmful ones.  I am learning to tolerate spiders.  This photo is part of that re-education.  They are fascinating so long as they aren't near me or my bed.

I will put more photos on here as I take them and pull them off.

Click on the photos below in order to view a larger version. The larger version should fill the screen.

We found a sprouting potato in the spring or summer of 2006. We planted it. Don't know how many pounds of potatoes we got from it.

Harvested these September 3, 2006

potatoes again

If they grew too near the sunlight and turned out green or if they were "eaten" like the one we put them back in the ground. They will grow more potatoes next year.

These next two are the "un-cropped" photos

We used to grow "Irish Cobblers". Invariably we would leave one or two in the ground. Next year we would have nice volunteer potatoes.

This is the sweet annie again with the spider in it

I think these are wild morning glory. They are on the noxious weed list. They are pretty. How can something so pretty be on the noxious weed list?

It gets in the way of farmers and farming.

These had a sort of greenish blue color to them. The stripes are sort of a pinkish. It was very striking when I saw them. The color didn't show up "correct" with this camera though.

You can kindof see the color in this photo


Douglas working on parts.

They are a thin clear plastic. They call them "fletcher stackers" but they are spelled, "flexure stackers". He was working in the hall way. Behind him on the left is the computer room I am sitting in. Douglas was helping me scan in a book we did so that I could put it on a CD. He was working on parts between pages.

We couldn't get across to my grandparents what work Douglas did. They understood him to make "gaskets". My grandfather would ask me every week, "Is Douglas still making gaskets?". I would always reply, "They make more stuff than that.". To which he would reply, "Well, I know.", and I would reply, "Yes, he's still working".

Douglas smiling between parts.

There was a fast food chain in the 1980's that had these funny ads. for their chicken "tenders". They were saying how most places used various chicken parts for their tenders. This place used the breast for their's. The punch line for the ads. was, "Parts is parts!". I always think of that when Douglas brings home parts to do.

Stripes on stripes.

We have "stripe-ed" sofas (love seats). And we have a "stripe-ed" cat. (I tried to write it with bad grammar.) We like to prounce it that way here. I would "love" to get rid of these love seats. They are made by "Henredon" wich is one of the better furniture companies in this country. They were bought new in the early 1980's. The frames should still be in great shape. I just think they are a little on the ugly side. I would like chintz better. "Oh give me chintz lots of chintz...".

Dubhghall again---so tired she didn't move after I took the first picture.

This was taken just before I took the ones of Douglas doing parts. He said that Dubhghall was so tired he went and pet her and she didn't move.

That is what you call, "zonked".

Very pretty ivy covered garage next door. Getting a photo before the new oners take all the ivy off---if they do that.

This is the whole picture of the spider in the sweet annie.

Showing you my mistakes. This is an out of focus picture of the spider in the sweet annie.

Bumble bee on golden rod.

Golden rod is the most hay fever causing plant in the world. At least I thought I read that somewhere. It does make a nice yellow flower. Very intense yellow. We grow it in a couple of places. We try to contain it to those two places. And then I sneeze a bit when they bloom. (No big deal though.) I like the yellow flowers and they make a good ground cover in one spot. Don't know what we would plant there otherwise. And once you get it going, it is not easy to get rid of.

Golden rod again.

I have this Victorian etiquette book that tells how to have a "goldenrod party". They tell you how to use the flowers to decorate the party. Also you decorate with yellow. Then because of the hay fever causing pollen of the goldenrod the guests of the party would sneeze through it. Ha!

Goldenrod again.

This one is blurry. The reason is because of wind. It was a very windy day. It was very difficult to get these flowers to say in front of the lense of the camera. I am very surprised that the one with the bumble bee and the one before this came out so well.

Chinese lantern plant amongst the ferns

We have a part of the flower beds, that is a virtual jungle. We need to get in there and get all the maple trees some day.

Memosa from Texas

I was taking some pictures of a plant I want to learn the name of. I looked down and saw this memosa tree growing. I wondered how it got there. Duh! Then I remembered planting it!!!! We brought a pot back from Texas. It had an oak tree. We hoped to give it to a friend of ours. He is collecting oak trees. We left the pot outside and didn't water it enough. The oak tree died. But this memosa grew. I brought it in the house as a souvenir of Texas. It flourished when I remembered to water it. This spring or summer, (2006) I planted it outside behind the garage.

The memosa again