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If you want to learn how to write radio drama here are some links to places that tell you how.  There are also tons of other links dealing with Radio Drama in English on here.  Some articles are in PDF.  Most things are in English, some are not.  I tried to list things in categories the best I could.  There is probably more stuff out there, this is what I could find easily.  If you know of any more, let me know.  This is probably not an exhaustive list.  I compiled this list by typing both "how to write" and "Radio Drama", into Google.  I did another search with just "Christian Radio Drama" and found a few more links. 

See also "Radio Favorites" page for a list of radio books that I have.  I will list the books about radio dram that I have.

These are not always in order from best to worst.  At first I was doing that, but then I just stuck them on the bottom of the section as I found them.  If I found an exceptional one, I put it near the top in the right spot.  Sometimes the same entry can be found in two sections. 

In no way do I endorse, condone or otherwise believe 100% of everything in the links listed here!! (I certainly don't believe in all the "Progressive" ideas listed under, " 'Entertainment-Education' Using Radio Drama for Social Change".)  I just found these links and listed them.  You make of them what you will. 

Index: To find what you want to read, just click on the subject in this index. How To Write Radio Drama-- English Language Links Guidelines for Submitting Radio Drama BBC Links Other Radio Drama Links— English Language “Broadcasters” Misc. Radio Drama / Radio Links Radio Drama “Theatres” University Courses/Workshops/etc.  Prizes/Awards/Fellowships etc. “Entertainment-Education”/Writing Radio Drama for “social development” Christian Radio Drama/Writing/Articles Radio Drama in Schools (as in, schools with children)-- Using Radio Drama in the Classroom etc. History of Radio Drama—In English (mostly about U.S. radio drama) ARTICLES BBC Articles Books Pages of Radio Drama Links Some General “Writing” Links
bullet How To Write Radio Drama-- English Language Links   BBC Writersroom   BBC World Service “How To Write”  Independent Radio Drama Productions   “Radio Drama Techniques, Training as a Radio Drama Producer” by Alan Beck, University of Kent, UK   The Well-Tempered Audio Dramatist   Radio Drama Resources by Tony Palermo   Writing for Performance   Audio Great Northern Audio "The Craft of Audio Theater" Writer Net Radio Drama  Radio College   How To Write a Radio Serial Drama for Social Development   Writer’s University, The Most Comprehensive Guide to Fan Fiction on the Internet—How To Write Scripts Sime Gen Radio Play Syllabus  (The “philosophy” behind this seems “strange” to me.)  Point-of-listening in radio plays by Alan Beck


 Guidelines for Submitting Radio Drama RTE (Radio Telefís Éireann) Radio Drama Playwrights’ Guidelines BBC Northern Ireland Radio, “Submitting Your Script”

I hope the three following work for you.  If they don’t, the most current information can be found in the section "BBC Links" below. Notes for Writers on Writing Drama for BBC Radio  What is BBC Light Entertainment Radio?  BBC ACCOMMODATION LIST - OCTOBER 1997 -


BBC Links   BBC Radio Drama   BBC Writersroom  BBC Radio 4 Arts and Drama Home page  BBC 7 Drama  BBC Training Radio Drama On Location  BBC Radio Five Live “Sports Shorts” competition. Scripts must be in by 11 March, 2004. (Has links to tons of stuff to help writers. Also lists some workshops.)  Various BBC World Service Writing Competitions

British              “BBC/British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition 2003”  Discovering the World of Radio Drama  BBC Radio 3, Drama  BBC Radio 3 The Making of a Radio Play  BBC School Radio—Drama  BBC Northern Ireland Radio Drama  Story Catcher  Writing a Radio Script  is the news group on Usenet for BBC Radio 4

bullet Other Radio Drama Links— English Language “Broadcasters” (See also "Radio Drama on Radio" page)                              BBC Radio Drama  CBC Radio Drama  CBC Radio Drama Studio  The Mystery Project on CBC Radio 1  About The CBC  European Broadcast Union Radio Drama  EBU Radio Drama Workshop  Funding for Radio Drama at Radio New Zealand (At the bottom is a PDF document with “Radio Drama and Comedy Development Application Form”)

bulletMisc. Radio Drama / Radio Links  Yuri Rasovsky Audio Dramatist  Radio Drama Resources by Tony Palermo  Alan Beck’s Home Page  About Tim Crook Mind's Ear Audio Productions HOSIPROG  We are a UK based group providing UK copyright free drama to the 300 UK strong network of hospital broadcasting stations as well as to those on a 28 day restricted service license. The Spoken Network (spoken word audio content available for a fee)  Stories on MP3 New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.'s "New American Radio" web site  UVoice Online Simon Fraser University Bilingual Student Newspaper Radio Drama Radio Drama in MP3 format  Radio Drama Live at Hofstra University  The Dramatic Exchange  A really good web site with loads of Radio Drama information. Most of it is British.  National Audio Theatre Festivals  Transom A Showcase & Workshop in New Public Radio  The Home of the Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production  National Federation of Community Broadcasters Christchurch Studios

bulletRadio Drama “Theatres”       ticket torn in half with the title "theater" on it  LA Theatre Works  Crazy Dog Audio Theatre Coyote Radio Theater Shadowlands Theatre  FreeQuincy Radio Theatre  Shoestring Radio Theatre The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company  Soundplay  Prof. Zounds  High Window Radio Classics  Virtually American  Violet Crown Radio Players  Sounds Like Radio  Imagination—X  Angel Dog Entertainment  ZBS Foundation  Ultimate Reality Australia  Radio Theatre for the Internet, George Mason University Mind's Ear Audio Productions READERS THEATRE DIGEST

bullet University Courses/Workshops/etc.                                                              ( Radio Drama Teaching and Learning Site-- Radio Studies Network and Drama Dept., Univ of Kent (Alan Beck)  “Radio Drama Techniques, Training as a Radio Drama Producer” by Alan Beck, University of Kent, UK  Lancaster University, Writing Radio Drama Level 1  Lancaster University, Writing Radio Drama Level 2  York College Adult Continuing Education (“Radio Drama Production” is at the bottom of page)  Coleg Harlech Performing Arts                 University of Alabama, Mass Communication 102, Introduction to Media Writing  Introduction  Radio Plays  University of Stirling Film and Media Studies, Production  University of Surrey Roehampton –School of Arts –Drama  EBU Radio Drama Workshop  BBC Training Radio Drama On Location  Creative Radio Initiative  On The Air Drama Workshop  BBC School Radio Drama Workshop  Writer’s University, The Most Comprehensive Guide to Fan Fiction on the Internet—How To Write Scripts  Schools in India  Occupational Studies Media  Humanities Modules  Grimsby College  Year Two Course Details Radio  Broadcast Education Association  UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND SCHOOL OF ARTS DESIGN MEDIA AND CULTURE Mind's Ear Audio Productions

bulletPrizes/Awards/Fellowships etc. Sony Radio Academy Awards  Prix Europa Mark Time Awards for Science Fiction Audio / Ogle Awards for Fantasy Audio  BBC Northern Ireland (Awards their productions have received since 1996—listed here because of the awards mentioned)  “Imison Award” introduced by the (UK) Society of Authors in 1993 for the best dramatic work broadcast by a writer new to radio (replaces Giles Cooper awards)  BBC Radio 4 Norman Beaton Fellowship  Prix Italia

bullet “Entertainment-Education”/Writing Radio Drama for “social development” (This section is very "Progressive" stuff. Be careful!)  Yahoo Groups list, “Creative Radio”, Media Making a Difference  How To Write a Radio Serial Drama for Social Development  “Journey of Life” Radio Drama Project Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  Entertainment Education  Radio Drama Changes Lives in Ethiopia  Aids Radio One World  Theatre of Sound, Radio Drama Conference  The Communication Initiative  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  African Radio Drama Association  The Commonwealth of Learning, “Audio for Distance Education and Open Learning: A practical guide for planners and producers”  Using Community Radio for Non-Formal Education  Sources of Further Information and Advice  Developing Countries Farm Radio Network  Writing radio scripts to improve food security: The Developing Countries Farm Radio Network model. If that link doesn’t work, try this one  “The Association for Progressive Communications”, list of “Training Materials: Learn About Audio Online and Community Radio”  Communicating for Change Nigeria  Burma gets educational soap  IMPROVED COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES FOR RENEWABLE
NATURAL RESOURCE RESEARCH OUTPUTS  Family Health International “Behavior Change Through Mass Communications”  UN Aids “THE ESSENTIAL HANDBOOK Radio and HIV/AIDS: Making a Difference”  Kabissa Space for Change in Africa  Mentions “Soul City” radio drama

If you want to know more type into "Google", “International Entertainment-Education Conference for Social Change”

bulletChristian Radio Drama/Writing/Articles  Focus on the Family  Announcement of the Unshackled program, “The Life Story of Kurt ‘Mario’ Haas”  Bob Jones University Radio  Smatterings A Writer’s Home Page  “The Middle East air war” by Bob Jones, “World Mag” (mentions Christian radio drama being broadcast to Arab countries)  International Christian Media Commission, “Your growing information source to the world of Christian involvement in media!”  Craft Skills Performance Objectives, “Post Graduate Certificate in Communication Radio” (June 1998) Has “Writing for Radio” as one of the “core units”  CBH Ministries  Down Gilead Lane The Weekly Audio Drama for the Whole Family  Commission Christian Radio Productions  Anastasis Productions (Christian theatre with a page of links)  True to Life Productions  A Christian Radio Drama in Japanese  Northern Rain in Alberta Canada  A Work In Progress  Christian Radio in the UK  Drama Share Drama Resources (not necessarily radio drama)

bullet Radio Drama in Schools (as in, schools with children)-- Using Radio Drama in the Classroom etc.  Student Radio Drama  Word Document, “Radio Performance Youth Drama Competition:
A Teacher Handbook for Grades 7 to 12”  Calling Crane Publishing, “Radio Drama in the Classroom” and “Why Radio Drama?”  Radio Drama Related Teaching Materials  Balancing Publishing Company, “A Radio Drama Project”$60  Kern County Superintendent of Schools Tobacco Use Prevention Education Through Radio Drama (3-12)  North Carolina Teacher’s Network, “The Not-So-Famous Person Report” (listed here, mainly for the links at the end of the page)  BBC School Radio—Drama  Amongst other things, “Using Radio Dramas in the GED Class”  The Commonwealth of Learning, “Audio for Distance Education and Open Learning: A practical guide for planners and producers”  Sources of Further Information and Advice  Sites for teachers Online Publishing  Teaching & Technology Resources to add to your Teacher Toolbox

bullet History of Radio Drama—In English (mostly about U.S. radio drama)  Radio Days –OTR, “Old Time Radio”  Broadcasting History Links  The WGY Players and the Birth of Radio Drama  CKUA Sound Archives, “Radio Drama and National Exposure”  The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy The Broadcast Archive Radio History on the Web

bulletARTICLES All about “Radio Drama”—article from “Wikipedia”  World Forum for Acoustic Ecology: ARTICLES ON RADIO ART AND DESIGN BY ALAN BECK

Hopefully these URLs will still work.  They are very interesting. Narrative as Genealogy: Sound Sense in an Era of Hypertext Towards a Genealogy of Electro-Acoustic Literature  Teaching Radio
Overcoming the tyranny of the visual in media studies by Eryl Price-Davies  Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia, “Radio Drama” Entry  LA Observed, “Radio Drama Lives On”  “Radio Drama (2000)” at Rotten  “The Radio Dubuque Stations Are Interested in Reviving the Art of Radio Drama”  “Radio drama takes story line from lives of Mexican immigrants”  The Daily Northwestern, “Video Didn’t Kill WNUR Radio Drama Stars”  Timeship Radio Drama Series Press Release  Waste Blog  “Challenging Territory: The Writing of Margaret Laurence, Christian Riegel, editor. University of Alberta Press. xxiii, 260. $ 24.95 Reviewed in University of Toronto Quarterly ”'Brien.htm  Interview with Maureen O'Brien  Article about “Blake’s 7” but which talks about scripts, broadcasting in general and of course radio drama  Old-Time Radio Comments by Mark R. Leeper  British Medical Journal Review of BBC Radio 4 drama “Signs of Life”  Innovation in Online News: What is Happening, What needs to Happen University of Groningen, Netherlands, June 2001 (mentions radio drama),12084,990271,00.html  The Best Plays You’ve Never Seen
“Rundfunk und Hörspiel in den USA 1930-1950 by Eckhard Breitinger” A paper in German about Radio and Radio drama in the US  The First International Festival of English Language Drama on Radio Hong Kong  Archive of “The World This Weekend” of March 11, 2001. They had a story on about A group of Radio Drama enthusiasts in Los Angeles

bulletBBC Articles  Article about the BBC’s “attitude” towards Radio Drama from the Trades Union Congress  “Winners of fellowship join BBC Radio Drama Company”  BBC Tyne “On The Air Drama Workshops Review”  Old Text New Radio Drama  BBC Wales launches Writers' Unit in North Wales  Drama taps into GM debate  Actors fear for future of radio drama  “The Invisible Play” by Alan Beck, About the First Radio Drama Banned by the BBC

bulletBooks  “Radio Drama Bibliography”—very comprehensive list of books about Radio Drama (See also similar list in German.  If I can find it, it will be on the "Radio Drama Links Non English" page.)  Book Review of, “Radio Drama: Theory and Practice” by Tim Crook  Radio Drama: A Comprehensive Chronicle of American Network Programs, 1932-1962 by, Martin Grams Jr.  “Words at War: World War II Era Radio Drama and the Postwar Broadcasting Industry Blacklist” by Howard Blue  Melbourne University Publishing, about the book, “The Golden Age of Australian Radio Drama”  Reference Hall Medias Store: List of interesting, Books Covering various aspects of American radio, including, “Historical Dictionary of American Radio”; “The Great Radio Soap Operas”; “The Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Radio”; “Writing for Radio: How to Write Plays, Features and Short Stories That Get You on Air”; “Radio Drama: A Comprehensive Chronicle of American Network Programs, 1932-1962”; etc.  Complete Book of Scriptwriting  Writing for Performance—list of books  List of books, Mostly about film, but see: “Script Models: A Handbook for the Media Writer”  Writer’s Bookcase  Writer’s Bookshop  WRITING, TELEVISION AND RADIO Links
A History of British Radio & Television Broadcasting Catalogue No. KBRT  JOKAN Bibliogrfie Hörspiel - Rundfunk – Medienpädagogik (German page with list of books about radio drama etc.  NOT the list I was talking about earlier.)

bulletPages of Radio Drama Links  Erik Deckers’ Laughing Stalk  “Angela’s Radio Drama ‘Top Ten’”  British Council Playwriting Links  The Burry Man Writer’s Center—Stage & Radio  Theatre Related Links  Page of Various Radio Drama Links at  Internet Sources for Radio Drama Information

bulletSome General “Writing” Links "Writers Beware" alerts for writers 10 Big Myths about copyright explained U.S. Copyright Office RoughDraft, a donationware word processor designed with the writer in mind.  Get Writing  BBC World Service “How To Write”  Blast Writing  BBC Education “Listen and Write”  h2g2 Home  Ideas4writers  Page of writing links  Another page of writing links  UK Resources for Writers  How to Write Science Fiction FAQ  British Council France, Creative Writing  Software for Writers Recommended Links  Flip Writer’s Tip Sheet  Writing Coach Links  “The Electric Eclectic”—References to “Writing”  Ravens Court Publications, “A Novel Approach”, a showcase for fiction and poetry  Mr. Wright, Dialog and Storytelling. Uses a radio drama by Norman Corwin, as an example.  Script Skills  Virtual Library for Theatre and Drama  “Playwriting Discussions” from Suite 101  A Boot Camp for Creative Writing  Script Writing Tutorial  Writers Market  Playmarket New Zealand’s Playwright’s Agency & Script Advisory Service  Australian Playwriting links Some radio too  Script Writers Tool Kit  Glossary of Technical Threatre Terms  Historical Mystery Appreciation Society  The Mystery Box  Mystery Net Timeline of Mysteries Writer's Write