Robyn's trip around the world June 14 2003

I want to travel only by boat; car; bus; train; or other land or water vehicle. If I ever make this trip, I want to “know” or “feel” that I have traveled around the world. It is not the same if you fly. We can fly to our first destination on the journey. That would probably be the best way to start out. This is going to be an expensive trip. It will take us a long time to save up the money for this trip. This itinerary is just “wishful thinking”. (Which means, “don’t expect a visit from us yet”.)

If I do get to make this trip, I will have to be very budget conscious along the way. I won’t be able to mail home every bottle or book I find. Another thing is, that I keep thinking the world might be a nicer place by the time we get to go on this trip. The Bible says otherwise. So, I may never make it to some of these places. We won’t be able to send postcards to everyone while we are gone. That would be very expensive. But expect to be able to read details of our trip via a blog; website or E-mail.

I am going to number each destination. I also will try and put “why” I want to go there. I am looking at an atlas. I am picking my destinations like “connect the dots”.

1a. (Maybe) Douglas wants to visit Alaska. We may go on a cruise to Alaska with friends. If we do that maybe that will be Douglas “Alaska fix”. If we don’t go with friends, then we will start our journey in Alaska. 1b. (Maybe) I thought I wanted to start my trip at the Calgary Stampede. This year (2003) it happens in July. I assume it always happens in July. From what I understand there are loads of crowds and such. I am not sure I want to go now. If there are too large of crowds, then I doubt Douglas would want to go.

2. (Or 1. depending) Illinois and Texas to visit my family—should I still have family there at the time I take this trip.

3. I want to visit Mexico in order to say, “I have been there”. I have been to Canada. I am from Texas, and I never ventured to Mexico.

4. I want to visit HCJB in Quito, Ecuador if they are still there and accept visitors.

5. I want to visit Argentina and get some tango records and eat some of their famous beef.

6. (Maybe) Douglas may want to visit Antarctica. It would be nice see penguins if they still exist. I don’t need to experience the cold. If Douglas wants this one then, we can go there. Who knows, it might be fun.

7. (Or 6.) New Zealand!!! I have listened off and on to Radio New Zealand for some time now. It is very “strange” to be sitting here during a heat wave, and listen to how they are having road accidents due to winter weather.

8. Australia. I think we both want to say we have been here.

9. The next logical stop would be Shanghai, China. I am writing to someone who lives in Shanghai. I first wanted to go on an “eating tour” of China. But then the Chinese food in the restaurants here, does not agree with me anymore. Then I said I wanted to visit Beijing, just so I could say I visited China. I believe now that the food in China is probably different than the food you find in the restaurants here. I don’t think Douglas wants to spend much time if any in China. Maybe he will want to visit if we have friends there.

10. Tokyo, Japan. Douglas has no desire to visit here! But I want to spend a day in Tokyo—just to say I have been there. I want to taste Japanese food, and buy a book or T-shirt out of a vending machine. (They are famous for selling everything in vending machines.) It may not be available to spend just one day there though.

11. Vladivostok, Russia. I want take the Trans Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow. I write to a guy and his family in Moscow. I have read two? books where the authors went from Vladivostok to Moscow via the Trans Siberian Railway. If it is a safe thing to do, I would really like to do this!!!!

12. Moscow!! I want to visit my friends in Moscow. I want to see the famous “Dom Kniga” or “House of Books” if it is still there.




13. Rujiena, Latvia!!!!!! I write to an English teacher in Rujiena. (pron. something like “Ruwyeena”) I really want to visit here most of all! It would be nice to take a trip into Riga also. I have seen photographs, and the architecture looks so wonderful!!

14a. At this point it should be mentioned that I was once under the impression that Douglas wanted to visit the “north” country that the Norman’s (men from the “north”) came from. (Denmark? maybe) The Somerville’s are Normans. There has always been a “Norman” in Douglas’ family for many generations. (Looks like that is going to “die out” with Douglas’ brother.) Now, Douglas does not remember saying he wanted to visit a “north” country. He says we do not have to visit there now. This entry is here because I am leaving the option open in case he changes his mind.

14b. Germany. Douglas came here on a school trip. I have never been before. I want to visit the home of my ancestors.

15. Austria. I may have ancestors from there. It would be nice to visit the Salzburg Festival, if we arrive at that time of year. I was Reading one of Maria Trapp’s books and she wrote about how wonderful the Festival was.

16. Switzerland!!!! I have wanted to visit here for a long time. I want to experience live Landler music!!!! In an “ideal” world, I would be able to visit St. Moritz and see the horse racing on ice. As it is, I will MAYBE make it into the lobby just to look around or on a “good day” I will be able to have lunch there. It would be wonderful to see the Alps. AND to visit a small village and stay in a nice old small hotel. I will definitely send home some Landler and yodeling music CDs or whatever they have by then. I have a “day dream” that I will be walking along and someone will say, “You look like my_______”. They will show me an old photograph that looks very similar to me. And I will find my birthfather’s family.

17. Italy. Douglas has been to Italy. He did not go to the best part. I used to want to go on an eating tour of Italy. I just want to say I have been there now.



18. (Maybe!!) There is either, Tunisia, Algeria, or Morocco. I want to visit North Africa and taste the food there. (Couscous) I always wanted to visit Morocco. The thing is, now days the authorities in those countries put Christians in jail or “to death”. These are not always pleasant places for Christians. Douglas does not want to visit any one of these countries.

19. Douglas does not really want to visit Spain. I would mot mind hearing/buying some Flamenco and trying the food maybe. It is just that Spain is next on the map. (After Morocco) So we will probably “have” to at least travel through Spain to get to the next place.

20. France. I want to visit the Somerville’s Villa in France. I don’t remember the exact village, but it is in Normandy, France.

21. From Normandy, France, it is off across the English Channel to England. I want to go on the famous “Chunnel” or “Channel Tunnel” train. Then I want to visit London. I don’t know where all we want to go in England. We have yet to plan each individual stop on the journey. I do know I want to visit the bagpipe museum that is on the border between Scotland and England.

22. Scotland!!!! Yea!!!! We both want to visit Scotland. Our branch of the Somerville’s came from Scotland. And my ancestors the Wallace’s came from there as well. This stop will take some intense planning.

23a. Ireland? I have no need to visit Ireland since I now know I am not “Scotch Irish”. If Douglas needs it, then ok.

23b. Oh! Canada!! I have always wanted to visit Toronto and the old Somerville home place at Paisley, Ontario. I don’t know if Douglas wants to visit his grandmother’s home of Nova Scotia. I do know that I want to take a nice ship like the Queen ElizabethII across the Atlantic!! I hope to stop off in Canada instead of New York. Then I hope to drive? across Canada back home. Maybe we can visit Niagara Falls? It depends on how much money we have left.

24. Home. It will be nice to sleep in our own beds again!! I will probably miss some dish or restaurant we ate at on the trip. Then every time Douglas asks, where would you like to eat, I will say, “_______ in _______”. Then Douglas will groan and ask me to be serious. As if that were available.