Snow Photos Taken December 16, 2008

These were taken with the new digital camera. I took these at night.  I was trying to get photos of some trees across the street.  Instead of trees, I got a black sky and bright dots which was the snow falling.  It was a very pretty photo.  So, I decided to take more photos.  I get our bird feeder, plus mine and the cat's footprints.  There are also two photos of the front of the house.  In the end I get Dubhghall eating snow off my shoes.  She likes to eat snow.  You should see her if we get ice out of an ice tray in the freezer.  She hears the sound and comes running.  She has to have a piece of ice. She likes to lick it in her bowl.  She likes frozen peas (English peas --- the round green ones).  She likes them frozen and thawed.  As we like to say around here, "You're strange cat!".



Front of the house.


The other side of the front of the house.




bushes and walkway to house


"down the street" looking east


Dubhghall's prints in the snow on the porch


My footprint and Dubhghall's --- steps to porch


Snow against the black sky  --- almost looks like the "sky" seen through the windows of the Starship Enterprise on television


Dubhghall eating snow off my shoes--- yuck!  (I didn't let her have much.)


Dubhghall eating snow again


Taking photo of bush through octagonal window of house.  You see my reflection in the window.