Summer, Fall, and Winter 2005 2006

Some of the pumpkin photos were "cropped".  I do have "Photo Shop" on this computer, but don't know as yet how to use it.  I am a little embarrassed by the photo of me.  It isn't very good. But...  On this page, you will find a copy of the German postcard that inspired me to take the photo of Dubhghall on the stairs that you see below.

Douglas and Royden. Royden works at Notre Dame University. He is Norman's cousin. Norman is Douglas' father.

Royden and Douglas again. These were taken around Christmas 2005.

Me taken March 14, 2006. We were trying to use the film up so we could take it to the shop. I don't think we took it in that day.

This isn't a very flattering photo of me. I was caught off guard.

detail from my favorite photo of Dubhghall. If you find the photo of the German postcard in the photo pages, you will see a similar cat pose.

I always wanted a cat like the one on the German postcard. Now I have one. This photo shows Dubhghall's "spunk" or personality.

two of Dubhghall (Dougall) the cat.

Dubhghall in the hallway.

Granny was right! A red floor really shows the dirt.

Take a lot of photos of Dubhghall thought I had better get one of Coal.

Thought we were going to put Coal to sleep. We took some "last" photos at the vet's office. Of course Coal is much better.

Coal at the vet's.


Douglas carving pumpkins

Douglas with pumpkins--trying to get their faces

Trying to get the faces better

Pumpkin lit on the porch

Another view of the pumpkin. This is the one with half a smile. You can barely make out this stuffed "pretend" kitty we have.

The "pretend" kitty is battery powered and motion sensitive. When the kids walk by it, it meows as if it were in a cat fight. It makes people jump as they don't expect it to meow. The kids really like it. Some of the littlest ones get frightened by it. It is always "cute" to see the reactions.

Yet again another view

Of course this is the one every body likes best.

more of same

My painting a picture for friends

Painting a picture for friends

Going to Windsor Ontario Canada via the Ambassador Bridge

Going to Windsor Ontario Canada via the Ambassador Bridge. I think we went in July of 2005.


Distillery for removing the oil from plants such as mint.

Uses and old pot, lid, bed spring and old bowl. I tried to make a room spray from mint. Didn't work well.

Distillery for removing the oil from plants such as mint.

I collected the bed springs before I knew about eBay. There might not have been eBay yet. Well, had I known, I would have had Douglas get the rest of them. He cut them out of the whole spring "matteress" with tin snips I think. It was difficult work. These springs are getting rare. Crafter's like them and they sell on eBay. Inside of pot is "yucky" because we used to heat water on the stove in it in the winter months. (humidifier) It's just mineral deposits in the pot.

Distilling aparatus put together.

What you do is put your mint or whatever in the bottom of the pan. You add water. Put the lid on upside down!! There has to be a good seal between the lid and the pan. You can't let steam escape. You then, boil the water. When it gets nice and steamy, you put ice onto the lid. That is supposed to make the oil come out of the steam and fall into the bowl. I don't know if you are supposed to crush the mint first or what. I can't seem to get enough oil out of it.