The End Is Near [last post] February 14 2005

Ok.  I have decided to purchase other blog space.  I am not sure how long this will stay on the web after I stop paying for it and blogging on it.  Maybe I will write more on the "new" blog.  I hope to do podcasting.  There isn't enough "Christian" podcasting out there.  (At least I haven't found tons of it yet.)  You can look up "podcasting" in Wikipedia to learn what that is.

I am learning all this "new" stuff.  I think I will always be an analogue person in a digital world though.  Luddite (spelling) isn't quite the word I would use, although I have been called that.  I am not anti-technology.  I like technology.  I just like "antiquated" technology sometimes.  (I am waiting until I find a cheap record player that plays 78's AND has a head phone jack, so I can stick some 78rpm records onto my iPod.)

If you run across this and wonder where I have moved to, E-mail me.  The E-mail should still be good.   

I haven't checked the spelling on this post.  I hope it is ok. 

See you somewhere else in cyberspace.  Or check out: ttp://