What the Humans and Cats Are Up To     by Robyn  May 29 2003


Just write what I feel... What if I don't feel like writing right now? Can you believe I wrote that??? I am just writing "something" on here today so it will have something on it... I just signed up to this today. Hopefully I can put stuff on here as I come to it... This will be a "when ever" blog. I don't know when I will stick stuff on here... Just check here once in a while to see more if there is any...

This will be cat stories and human stories----things we are up to. I know I send people these long E-mails... well maybe I can write the stuff on here rather than bombard people with the E-mails... then you can read it if you want to or not read...this does not have a spell check on it (that I see off hand) I will cut and past this to "Word" and check the spelling...but if I forget to do that, overlook the bad spelling please. (I have to turn the grammar check off because my use of grammar and the computer's use of grammar are so different... every sentence has a mistake of some sort.)

You never know what might end up on here... Ok.... Today is Thursday.... Wow!!! I found out last night that my favorite type of soda pop (soft drink) bottle to collect is called, "ACL". (Applied Color Label)

My friend in China asked me via E-mail if my web site was "running". I replied, "Yes, it is running. It is running so hard it is out of breath. ;)) Maybe it does not run all the way to China? The server it is on----maybe as it ran far away from the server, it ran out of wires??? (the wires are not long enough to reach China?) Ha!

http://www.writerwithbottles.1colony.com/ Did you use this address??? It works for me. The only problem, is that it is FREE. I did not have to pay for the space. This means that they put advertisements on it. AND you also get spy ware and ad ware. It is like a virus and it looks at all the web sites you visit. You can look at it, but look at your own risk. You have to download the software to take off the spy ware when you finish looking at the web site."

Ok, here is how to solve the "spy ware" and "ad ware" problem. This is for Windows Only... First you go to www.lavasoft.nu/software/adaware/ Read the whole page you come to. Then click on the paragraph under "Download" on the right hand side of the page. You come to another page with text on it. Read all the relevant text. Then click on one of the files to download. I think I got mine from "Major Geeks" (the one on top). When you get the page up from "Major Geeks", read the relevant text on the whole page. On the right hand side of the page you will see, "down load from" then you click on one of those. It will ask you if you want to save it to a disk or not. You click on "Yes". Then leave it alone and let it go. It will then save the program on your hard drive. When it is finished, you go to "Windows Explorer" and you click on the program "adware" it will be called "aaw6". Then you follow the directions for installing it. It will tell you what to do. It is very easy.

If these directions are too difficult for you, then have your local computer person do it for you. It is very simple if you know what you are doing. If I can do it then anyone can do it once they learn how!!

Oh!!! After you download and then install that program... you have to "run" it. That is, "make it do its thing". It will find the spy ware and ad ware programs on your computer and delete them. It is a very cool thing. I found over 60 on mine. If nothing else go to that address, and read what it says about spy ware and ad ware. I am sorry if our web site put this adware onto your computer. Our paid for site shouldn't do that---if we ever get it up and running.

I should probably go now. A day or two before we had Dougall's "tickle box" removed (spade) she was sneezing. After we got her home from the vet she was sneezing more. Of course she got over what ever it was. Now Coal the older cat is sneezing. And Coal is not bouncing back as well. She sounds awful sometimes. She sort of coughs. I guess I will have to get her to the vet. It is soooo expensive though!! We have spent a lot of money at the cat doctors lately. Dougall needed to be spade. Then Coal needed her yearly shots (vaccinations). It is expensive to have cats. See you later... any comments or suggestions are welcome... Robyn