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If you think you may know the people in these photos, please contact us!!  It would be nice to know who these people are, or even who they might be.

If you see any stray question marks after text, it is because I couldn't make out the original text very well.  I am working from hand written documents or photocopies, in some cases. It isn't always easy to make out people's hand writing.

A lot of the photos below are Webers. I finally had Douglas clear out in front of the closet door.  We pulled the box of photos out.  I found some Weber photos that were in Gramp's things.  Then there are more modern photos that are identified on the back.  Those people looked similar to people in these photos.  See the "photo gallery" at the very bottom of the page to see what I mean. Thanks.

Keep checking back, I should be adding more photos to the photo pages as I scann them in.  We found a bunch of negatives.  Hope to have them put on disk soon.  Then I can just cut and paste the photos on here.  That will go faster than scanning them in.  It will be better quality too.

On the "Miscellaneous Old Stuff" page you can look for this document dealing with Cole's Flour Mill. The document is from 1874.

I stick some versions of the photos on here with labels.  I label the actual photograph.  I was going through some old letters.  I had sent some photocopies of these photos to Nina Garner.  She sent copies of the photocopies to Mrs. Myrtle Young.  Myrtle was able to identify some of the people in these photos.  Myrtle Young was a sister of Irl. R. Weber.  Nina Garner is Irl's niece.

Some Weber Info. from the letters:

Irl R. Weber graduated from DeSoto (Missouri) High School in 1918.  I hope to have more information about Irl on here soon.  His father was John Kaiser Weber born May of 1865.  (He died, January 19, 1922.)  Irl's mother was, Nina Eva Cole Weber. She was born, May 1866 (or was it 1865?).  (She died, in December 1904.)

Nina Garner is Irl's niece. Myrtle Young is Irl's sister. I was in contact with them during the early 1990's. 

I found a note about a Weber who was in the Illinois Volunteers during the Civil War.  According to Myrtle Young, this was her father's (John Kaiser Weber's) cousin.  Henry Weber Certificate # 409675 Date 8th Day of October 1892 In.? Co. E. 22nd. Reg. Ill. Vol.

Most of the information I have is from the perspective of the Cole's.  I don't think Irl's family had much to do with his father for some reason.  If I remember correctly, he was one to squander the family fortune.  According to the biographical sketch of John C. Cole, Mr. Cole owned 400 acres of land.  If It seems as if I remember a telephone conversation with one of the family something about John Kaiser Weber selling off the land.  I guess it was the part of the Cole land he would have inherited from his wife.  I guess people weren't too happy when he did this. This story is very anecdotal.

The towns in Missouri that are associated with the Coles and Webers are:  Mountain Grove, Valles Mines, De Soto, Avoca, Bonne Terre? (Nina Garner mentioned visiting Bonne Terre in a March 1992 letter. She was writing about going back to Missouri to look at the Cole cemetery. Don’t know if Bonne Terre is her childhood home, or if it has some connection to Coles or Webers?)

The following was in a letter from Nina Garner dated, August 16, 1991.  She refers to another niece of Irl's, Vinita.  "Vinita got the following information from Aunt Myrtle, Uncle Irl’s father, John Kaiser Weber had two sisters and one brother.

Sisters— Brother—
Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Married Louis Bender
Son Charles
Jacob (Uncle Jake) Weber
Married (wasn’t listed)
Lydia (Liddy)
Married Frank Huber
1. Mary (daughter)
2. Joe (son)
3. Anna (daughter)
4. Leon (son)

Nina Garner sent various editions of a family tree.  It was hand written and drawn (somewhat crudely).  She called it the "Cole" family tree.  It is the descendants of John C. Cole and Sarah A. Walker Cole.  These are the maternal grandparents of Irl R. Weber.  John C. Cole is listed as being born, March 4, 1814.  Sarah A Walker is listed as having died August 25, 1872.  It doesn't list a birth date for John C. Cole or a birth date for Sarah A. Walker. There is a "Cole" cemetery at Avoca, Missouri. (A sign was put up there April 6, 1992. The sign was made by Harold Hardin.) If you want to learn more about John C. Cole you can read a biographical sketch at this address, There is also an 1874 document dealing with their flour mill on our "Miscellaneous Old Stuff" page.


These are "Webers"

There is another photo with people who look very similar to these. I think they might be the same people. I compare them in a nother photo.Myrtle Young is one woman in this photo.


Jean and Virginia? are in the far left of this photo. I compare some of these people with people from the photo before this one. See the next photo for the comparison.This is Myrtle Young; her daughters, Wilma and Wanda; Jean and Virginia; and Mrs. (S.? or L.?) Young, Myrtle's mother in law.

Are these the same people?

I am wondering if these aren't the same people. I am comparing people from two photographs. Please see below in order to view additions to this one.

This is Jean and Virginia with Webers by a lake or pond. I don't know exactly. It is probably Missouri somewhere.

These are some of the people in the picture next to this one. I am sticking it on here twice. I can't put the picture next to it above with the other's so I am doing it this way.



I am wondering if this isn't Iva Ann Weber Hardin. She was probably Irl's sister. Iva Ann was born in 1890. She was evidently married to Grover Cleveland Hardin who was born in 1888.This is probably Myrtle Weber Young and baby.

This was taken July 7, 1984. It is written on the back. The older woman is Iva Ann Weber Hardin. The younger woman is, Myrtle Young. That must be a younger sister. Myrtle is aged 84 in this photo.

Are any of these the same people? I am comparing the photos of the women again. I added the "new" photos I found. Thanks for your help!!!! We have identified some of these people.

This is probably Irl R. Weber, Uncle Frank Hubert, Uncle Frank's wife Libby?, and Ura Weber. Myrtle Young (Irl's sister) identified these by looking at a photocopy of a photocopy. I have what she looked at. I don't see how she could see who the people were. Maybe she knew the photos? Myrtle did not know who the "girl" was. It looks like a "girl" with Ura. But she looks a little old in the original to be a "girl".

The people in the previous photo "identified". The woman's name tag should say "Hubert" in stead of "Huber".

Envelope from Laurella Studio in DeSoto, Missouri. I found this in a box of photographs that were with Irl's things. It has written in pencil, Weber spelled, "Webber".

Thrashing or Harvesting by Steam Engine

If you like "farming" and rural things, please see the "Miscellaneous Old Stuff" page to view a document I scanned in.  It is a document from 1874 dealing with Irl R. Weber's Grandfather, Cole's flour Mill.

Don't know if this is the end of the day or the beginning. I assume it is the end of the day. It looks like they did a lot of hard work. These may not all be Webers. They probably hired hands to help. Some of the men look like they might be immigrants. It would be interesting to know what nationality the people are. The woman in white up front, looks like she is maybe pregnant. Judging by the clothing, this was taken in the 1920's maybe. The men have collars attached to their shirts. The woman isn't wearing a corset, but if she was pregnant she should not be wearing a corset for healt reasons. (When did "healt reasons" ever stop anyone?)

This is the same photo as the previous one. One man was identified as Irl's brother Veron by their sister Myrtle Young. She was looking at a terrible quality photocopy though.

This is the steam tractor or steam engine. Is the man putting water from the barrel into it? I wonder what is in the barrel if it isn't water? I don't know what sort of fuel these things burned.

Here are the men working. I assume they are harvesting hay. They could be thrashing wheat. I have seen many a hay bale, but have never seen the harvesting of such. Oh wait, I did see some hay baling on the farm near Littlefield once. My grandfather harvested a lot of hay in his time I would imagine. So I don't know thrashing wheat from harvesting hay. If you know what is going on, let me know please.

This looks like hay harvesting that I have seen in movies. I don't know what the long belt off the tractor does. Maybe it runs a hay baler?

You can really see the ribs on the horse in front. I don't know if that means the horse is "poorly" (sick) or if it just needs to eat some of the hay. I don't know much about horses either. I could be reading into things too.


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