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These are photos that could be anybody.  As far as the men with a tent... I remember Irl Weber talking like his father owned a saw mill.  They had a steam engine that would cut trees in the woods.  His mother's family "Cole", they owned a flower mill in Missouri.  Could some of these be Missouri?

Men and a tent postcard

Are these men Webers, Coles, or Wilneffs? Why are they dressed up and standing outside a tent? Are they going to a wedding? I don't think they are on a hunting trip. At least not dressed like that. Ha!

Back of the postcard with the men and the tent

This is the back of the postcard. It add to any information about the photo really. I just included it, in case the company logo might help date the photo.

Comparing men with a tent and the guy sitting in the rocking chair.

Is the guy in the rocking chair also in the photo of the men with a tent?

Man in a Rocking Chair

I wonder if we don't have the chair this man is sitting in? If it is the chair I am thinking of, it is not in 100% perfect shape. Is this man one of the men on the postcard? Any ideas as to who he is?

Teddy, Douglas and Violet

Teddy, Douglas and Violet who? Any ideas? This is probably from someone who gave out photos of their kids. I wonder if it isn't a photo we found amongst Irl's things. He had letters from a lady who claimed to be a distant Weber cousin. Are these her children?

Back of the photo of Teddy, Douglas and Violet

This is the back of the photo.

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