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The information on this page was originally on our other web site.  I have expanded the categories and hopefully it is "better" this way. This site is a page of links for people interested in British actors and actresses.  I have on here all sorts of other links as well.  There are fan sites, movie sites, television sites and so on.  Let me know if there is anything to add to this.  I am always looking for "new" stuff to add.  Also, if a link doesn't work I include on here instructions for searching for things.  Sometimes I keep outdated links so I can try to find the information "some other how". Most of the links on here work in some form or fashion.   The main goal of this web page is to provide information for people who like to collect things for scrapbooks. Again, if there is anything you know of that I should add, let me know about it.

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Entertainment/Fan Pages


Entertainment News Sites

Of course most news papers have Entertainment sections.  You can find a listing of newspapers on our Miscellaneous Links page. (On our other web site---soon to appear on this one.)

Industry News "Around The World Around The Clock" (You have to pay to view articles.) ShowBiz Data: The Entertainment Industry Online Broadcastnow The website for the UK Television and Radio industry (You might have to pay for some of this too.)

General Entertainment News BBC News Entertainment John Cull's Waveguide--TV and Radio News Empire: Film Reviews, Movie News and Interviews Movie TV DVD Music Book Reviews: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Hollywood Reporter- Hollywood Entertainment News - Movie News and Reviews and celebrities--photos, news, videos, interviews, biographies, and more Canoe -- Jam! Movies (Canadian News) Anorak--Tabloid, Broadsheet, Showbiz and Sports Reviews Media UK- directory, discussions, schedules and news for tv, radio, magazines and newspapers Wanadoo Entertainment News (Used to be "Freeserve")  Now this is "Orange" Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news IGN ForMen: Babes, Celebrity Pictures and More (Used to be the daily Entertainment Network)

British Theatre The Stage Online :: Theatre and performing arts news, reviews, listings and auditions Theatregoer Magazine

Other Sites That May Be Of Interest International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (International Emmy Awards)

This is something you pay for and download. It is a service. Advance Media Information (AMI Plan) "See The Future Clearly".  ..." is the UK's premier calendar for future news, entertainment"...

Another one you have to pay for, London at large "The UK's leading publisher of comprehensive forward planning celebrity, arts and entertainment data for the media. Keeping media professionals up to a year ahead of the game."  "The Ultimate Celebrity, Arts, and Entertainment Forward Planning Tool for the UK".

Gone But Not Forgotten

There used to be this really good Entertainment news site.  This was from the web site of "Teletext" which is (was?) broadcast along with ITV and Channel 4. (Two televesion stations in the U.K.) But it is now, "Teletextholidays".  There isn't any Entertainment news on there now.  They use the same logo as the "old" Teletext had. If you want to know what "Teletext" is and what "CEEFAX" is/was, check out, Teletext Then and Now. I think digital broadcasting is making them obsolete now. Toaster-The ultimate guide to TV in the UK People News Where Gossip Is Good For You (Their last message is dated, November 25, 2003.)





















This is from a note I sent to myself so that I would have the sites readily available.  Corbis Stock Photography and Digital Pictures  Top Foto-- Professional Pictures for Picture Professionals  Wire Image Rex Features Fotobanka isifa Image Service Eyevine Archive  I searched under, "Editorial" (All Categories) and found some---(didn't put the name in quotes) I also searched the other sections and came up with nothing.  Was EXTREMELY slow!!!  (Not so slow now. May 2006)  this one is mainly US stuff---they do have some European stuff (Express Photo)  The mother load of web
site listings for picture sites list of sites Red Carpet Pictures (has been discontinued)



Talkies Internet Movie Database Neil Pearson (I) at the Internet Movie Database All Movie Guide Alfred Hitchcock--The Master of Suspense Film Experts Web Film Release Schedule (USA) Cinema Classics--VHS and DVD Sales ("old" movies) Internet resources on Russian Cinema.  From SSEES--School of Slavonic and East European Studies Cineman (Swiss Site in German) MGM: New and Upcoming Movies, Trailers and New DVD Releases    (has a database of all MGM movies)

Silents an online journal of silent films Silent Ladies & Gents Silent Movies

movie actor and actress almost kissing










people watching television










































ticket taker/seller

















Some Favorite Television Stations/Channels

T.V. DX (About picking up, "far away", "broadcast" television stations.) - TV technical information for DXers TV Database.  (Info. for TV DXers.)

U.S. Stations Channel 4 the local NBC affiliate. C-SPAN--Public Affairs on the Web Created by America's Cable Companies.  The U.S. Congress and Senate; committee meetings; the British Prime Minister's Question Time; Book TV; etc. International Channel.  I don't know of too many places, except China, where you can watch programs in Chinese that have subtitles in Chinese.  This channel used to show some great movies on the weekends.  Sometimes they were subtitled into English.  They played movies from all over the world.  Each evening they aired a French news program from France that had English subtitles. They had a news program in Russian too.  Vremya which means Time   This channel is now, "AZN Television" The Network for Asian America.  It is NOT what it once was.  We don't get it on our cable anymore anyway. I write more about this channel on the movie page of the "Journal". Bravo    I also write about this channel on the movie page of the Journal. This is a link to the "American" Bravo.  It has really "un-straightened" itself "out" over the years.  Ha! It used to call itself, "The Arts and Entertainment Network".  I am not 100% sure, but I suspect that Bravo Canada is like "our" Bravo used to be.  I think in Canada they show more "arts" programming than "ours" does. A&E Television

Canadian Stations  CBC Windsor Channel 9 Canada's Online Information Source TVOntario Radio Canada the French language CBC.  We get it on Channel 54.  Some days it comes in better than others.  This is their site for the Ontario region Global network. Once in a great while, if I hold my tongue right, we get this channel from somewhere in Ontario.  We get more static than picture, but sometimes we get a faint picture. CKCO Channel 42.  From what I understand it is in Sarnia, Ontario. This is the "local" channel we would receive.  We might get this one in faintly on occasion.

Sites Devoted to Specific Television Programs

Some Favorite Programs (These are pretty much in the order that I like them.)

November, 4, 2006 I wrote the paragraph following this one, some time ago.  First off, there isn't any more Star Trek on UPN.  There isn't  even a UPN anymore.  "Top Gear" isn't on Discovery Channel now. Darn! Da Vinci's Inquest/City Hall isn't on either.  No more CBC "Disclosure".  That hasn't been on for a long while. Web site still works though. (today, anyway)  Right now we watch--- "Lost" and "CSI";  I watch, "Coronation Street" (on CBC), and the Antiques Road shows (Canadian and U.S.); Douglas watches "Battle Star Galactica" and "critter" movies on SciFi;.  There isn't much else we watch together unless it is a murder mystery on PBS, CBC or TVO. I still watch "butterfly documentaries" when there is absolutely nothing else on and I need "background".  I still like Tucker Carlson on MSNBC but I always seem to forget to watch him.  We both watch the odd documentary on the "History Channel"/"Discovery"/"National Geographic"/etc.  I like to see what stories are going to be covered on "60 Minutes".  I also like to see some of the programs on "Discovery Health".

If there isn't a British murder mystery on TVO or maybe a Star Trek on UPN, I am probably watching one of the above things. [above things? I think I meant to change it to, "things below"] If "none" of these are on then I am more than likely listening to the radio. During the summer months I listen a lot to the radio. (Well, actually no. The summer of 2005 saw me addicted to "Top Gear" and "MythBusters" on the Discovery Channel. I know they are programs for "guys" 35 and under, but there wasn't anything else "good" on. In North America, the summer months are devoted to a lot of repeats of the previous winter's programming. The "American" network programming that is "new" during the summer, tends to be programs that I find disgusting. I assume they put the best of the program in the ads. The ads are awful!!!! The programs consist of things like; a young woman forced to eat live earth worms, while tight rope walking with roller blades on. [she is wearing a safety harness] If she doesn't fall off the tight rope, and she makes it across, the woman has to answer some really easy trivia questions in order to win a two million dollar prize.) CBC Television--Da Vinci's Inquest CBC Television--Coronation Street Discovery Channel MythBusters Top Gear BBC - Top Gear CBC Marketplace The National (CBC nightly news broadcast) The Best of Britain on the CBC CBC News: Disclosure CBC the fifth estate.  A very good news magazine! Royal Canadian Air Farce CBC Sports Online--Hockey.  Hockey Night In Canada  ABC News Nightline

Sites By and For Fans

The Official Fan Site for The Double Deckers BBC Comedy Guide "Here Come The Double Deckers" Between The Lines--"Sudden Heat".  Fan Fiction that takes up the story where the series left off.  I am not sure this works properly now. (July 2006)  Maybe you can find it somehow. Anitaspages Between The Lines Media Gems Between the Lines The Coronation Street Fans Website The Craggy Island Examiner--The official unofficial official Father Ted fan page Melissa's Heartbeat Page-- The original Heartbeat resource on the Web (I am checking out some of these links.  This one doesn't work for me.  I get a "forbidden" when I try to view it.  Then on another day it worked.  You never know what will happen.) It works November 4, 2006. Tranquility Forest--The Bugaloos!! The Bill (British Police Drama) Bill  (Sept. 2005 found a notice on this site, "
1998-2004 has closed." They then list other relevant sites you can visit.

Television: Episode and Program Guides Etc.

The BBCi Guide To Comedy BBC--Cult Television--Homepage (Urgh! They are trying to find a "home" for the content of this site.  They aren't updating it anymore.  What are we to do?)

TV Comedy Resources TV ARK The Television Museum TV ACRES: Home Page--Welcome TV Fans DigiGuide: The Best TV Guide--Library Kaleidoscope--The Classic Television Organisation TV Tome--Guide to the television shows you love Memorable TV The Custard TV Tip Sheet Ryan's British TV Show Reviews

Some "Other" Links Jump The Shark--Chronicling the Moments of When TV Shows go Downhill BOOKS FOR THE AVID BRITCOMEDY FAN.  There might be a newer one of these somewhere.  This one was in my favorites bin and it worked when I clicked on it. That was back when I typed up this page.  Today, (July 2006) it is not longer working.  A message says to look for this info. at the "Internet FAQ Archives TV Cream (Classic Television that aired in the UK)

Sites Devoted to Actors

Sites By Fans (Most of these are fan sites.  Some are not. None are commercial sites.)

Friend's Sites Suzy's Web Site--A place for happy petz and happy actors. Gushoneybungirl's Website!

Other Sites

This was the main Neil Pearson Fan Site.  The info. on it is old now. I can get it to work sometimes when I click on it in Google. This link may not work for you, if it doesn't, look for it in Google or on the web archive. (Google will probably have  a cache if their link doesn't work.)  It is saved on some server somewhere.  The author of this site is no longer doing it. The main reasons she stopped working on this site were, 1. she became a full professor and was very busy with work; and 2. John Cusack.  She asked me if I wanted to run the site.  I declined.  I didn't want the liability, and I didn't know anything about web "design" at the time. Blue Shirts HQ: The Best British Actors and Male Celebrities 1998-2004  Sadly, this site was updated for the last time on April 26, 2004.  Neil Pearson page: Theatre, Musicals and Actors Web  Neil Pearson page: The Actors of British Science Fiction, Fantasy and Cult Television Shows Star Archive: Information--Contact Addresses--Pictures--Autographs--Websites Charlie Chaplin Biographer Seeks Information Sources

There is a Russian actor that I saw in a movie once.  The movie is called, "Burnt By The Sun".  (It should be more accurately translated, "Wearied By The Sun"?)  The actor's name is Oleg Menshikov.  His unofficial web site is at, . Or you can click on the following box:


Other Fan Sites The British Comedy & Drama Homepage

Gone But Not Forgotten----------These are some misc. old sites maybe they will still work if not, hunt for them in the web archive... 

Becks (Becky) Steven Tompkinson fan pages (Drop the Dead Donkey pages URL) Drop The Dead Donkey Filming---someone went to see it live and wrote about the experience. Stephen Tompkinson fan pages

Another Drop The Dead Donkey Fan Site This one might not work for you. The League of Obscure British Actors  (This one is from Australia) (Ok you click on the above URL [address] and you get jumped to this It isn't exactly what I knew as "The League of Obscure British Actors".  It is some sort of forum I think.  I guess this should be a "gone but not forgotten".) United Kingdom Actors Appreciation Society (The page cannot be displayed) The Unofficial Guide to the BBC (Sept. 2005, "Sorry, The Unofficial Guide to the BBC is now closed." Bummer!!)

There used to be one with lots of Between The Lines "video captures" on it. It was called, "Berridge  Listening Devices".

fans hoisting the object of their fanaticism into the air







































Usenet Newsgroups and E-mail Lists

E-mail Lists

Yahoo Groups, Neil Pearson List This list is for fans of the British actor Neil Pearson.  Normally the traffic is fairly light.  In the summer and fall (autumn) of 2003, Neil has been working a lot, so there has been more traffic lately. (That is old information.) Supposedly in the autumn of 2005 he is to be on radio in a comedy series.  And he was filming parts two and three of a television movie in the summer. There isn't a lot of traffic on the list now. (Sept. 2005) But it will possibly pick up soon.

Newsgroups Dealing With (mostly British) Entertainment

I do not know which if any of the Usenet Newsgroups are still up and running.  I cannot access every one of them via my ISP.  If you want to view them, check out "Google Groups". This list is not in order of my favorites.  I tried to group them by subject. It is from a list that used to be online and then I added to the list. I also include some UK radio and theatre newsgroups. Actors and actresses can still be found on radio in the UK. (They still have radio dramas and comedy programs.) This is NOT a definitive list. Oh! I also cannot guarantee that the content of the "newsgroup" will be as advertised.








How To Find Things

Useful Things This is a link to the "Things I've Learnt While Doing These Pages" page that was on Carole Gobel's "Neil Pearson Fan Page". It has all sorts of information on it.  It might be a little outdated, but it would get someone started probably.

Search Engines This is a site that teaches a person how to find ANYTHING on the net. This link might not work.  Try this link,  if that doesn't work, search for "Fravia" and "searchlore" in the same search. 

This is from a post I made to one of the E-mail lists I am on.  I was writing it for someone searching for online newspaper, magazine and web site articles about a specific actor. This can apply to any sort of web searching.  At the end of this is a list of search engines.

You always want to "narrow" down your search. When you do a search always do an "exact phrase" search OR you put the whole name IN QUOTES. Otherwise you get all the people with that "first name" and then all the people with that "last name".

I go to "" ( and then I do an "advanced search". I put "first name last name" in the "exact phrase" section.  If the search engine you use doesn't have an "exact phrase" slot, then you can try putting the phrase in quotes.

I also have a long list of words that I put in the "without the words" section. There are other "people with that name" out there. It is best to narrow down your search. You will see what unwanted stuff comes up all the time and you can make up your own list of words you don't want "Google" to look for. It doesn't work 100% but it is better than nothing.

Another way to narrow down the search----you can put the name, IN QUOTES, of a specific thing associated with this person, into the "with all the words" section---along with the rest filled out as above.  Suppose you are looking for articles about a baseball player, but there is also a foreign politician with the same name.  You can try typing  into the "with all the words" section the name of his "baseball team" in quotes.  You can also try other phrases specific to that baseball player.  This will hopefully help you to avoid articles about the foreign politician.

If any links in "Google" are old, then you can click on "cache" to try and get it---not always with pictures.

You can search for pictures at "Google images"---- and click on images. Then you can do the same at  You do an advanced image search in "Google" and put "the person's name" in the exact phrase slot. I think in Altavista you have to put the name in quotes.

Jeeves at (see below) has a new thing now, where they will do searches for famous people.

Another search engine for articles is, Teoma You can search Altavista for articles too.

Go to "Google news" ----  and click on "news". Then do a search with "person's name" IN QUOTES. Then sign yourself up for a news alert. You will get news on the cricket, rugby etc. as well. Google, will notify you if there are any new news articles they have available with "person's name" in the text.

You can do a Google web alert too.

Then there is also the BBC Site Map.  You can search all the BBC (well, as much as this site has available) on here. (I don't know that it searches 100% of BBC web sites) But you can search BBCi from there as well. BBCi is the BBC's search engine for the Internet. You used to be able to do a UK only search. That narrowed down the stuff some.

If for some reason you run across an address that is old and won't work.... then type it into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. There are two addresses for it.  The second address allows you to search by text. With the first one, you have to know the address. You can find old pages if they have them captured. They don't have everything. And a lot of the times, the pictures and graphics won't show up. But the text is there.

If you really want to go nuts, there is  It is now at,  (It used to search a bunch of search engines all at once.  Now it does its own searching.)

You can also do a search on Froogle.  This is where you can look for products.

This should do it I think. These are the main ones. If there is anymore that I think of, I will let you know. I have (HAD!) a slight headache and it is difficult to remember all of everything at the moment. I am off to get some headache powders.

Don't know if you have headache powders where you all (I mean, ya'll) live, but in the "Southern" U.S., they are a tradition. Just do a search for BC Headache Powder or Goodey's, to see what I am talking about. They are fast at taking a headache away. They have aspirin in them, so they aren't for every body though. I live "up north" so I have had to special order them off the net. Altavista Canada Altavista Main Page BBCi Homepage a German search engine Dog Pile Excite UK Excite Deutschland Die Schweizer Suchmaschine (The Swiss Search Engine) Freality Internet Search Engines ---Allows you to search a bunch of them all at one place. Galaxy.comŽ : the Internet's First Searchable Directory (owned by Disney) Google HotBot Web Search Inbox Robot.  You have to sign up and pay for some of this service.  It allows you do a free search for news.  It is especially for business.  Other wise I don't know what it is, or what it does. Kolibri Fast Search  German Lycos Germany Northern Light Russia On The Net-- English Search Canada Teoma UK Directory UK Index Yahoo! Yahoo! Deutschland iTools




  (for now)