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September 22, 2005

This page was originally written by Carole Goble.  It was part of her "Neil Pearson Fan Page" web site.  The contents are hers.  I made a few "revisions" at the very bottom of the page. (I changed some links so they would come back to this site rather go to her old web site which really isn't up and running anymore.)  I suspect this information may not be 100% up to date.  This should get someone started anyway.  I am only including this information on here for people who want to collect things for scrapbooks and such like.  You can check out Gushoneybungirl's Website at She has saved and put Carole Goble's "Neil Pearson Fan Page" web site on her site so that the information wouldn't be lost.   Another reason that I am sticking this page on here, is because this information was rather "lost" amongst all the other things on Carole's site.


This page pulls together the things I've learnt and the telephone numbers I've accumulated on the way. Maybe it might be helpful to others but its mainly a handy reference for me.

Newspapers and Magazines

Practically any newspaper can be got after the event so long as you know the date.

Radio Times
Has a database for recent publications but not for much later ones. Contact 0181-576-2000 to get someone to search for an article for you. Back issues for up to a year can be acquired from 01483-733716.
The Sun/Times
News Group Newspapers Ltd 0171 782 4000.
Associated Newspapers (Mail on Sunday)
Back issues available from HART mailing, 18, Hill Side Avenue, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2PF.
Remember When back issues
This company will send acopy of any newspaper ever printed given the date. tel: 0181 688 6323, fax: 0181 781 1227.
News International Reference Library
Mainly deal with News Group papers. Can't be contacted directly by phone, but if you give all the details you can about an article and include a SAE they will send the article in about 10 days. Address: 1, Virginia Street, London E1 9XN
British Newspaper Library
Tel: 0171 636 1544. Visits only by appointment. Manchester Central Library, and others, keep many of the tabloids, the Radio Times and all the broadsheets on microfiche. The Telegraph, Times and Guardian are also on CD-ROM search engines in some libraries.

TV/Radio Production

Hat Trick Productions
Tickets for Drop The Dead Donkey etc need to be applied for well in advance on 0171 287 1598. Address: 10, Livonia Street, London, W1V 3PH, tel: 0171 434 2451
To get info on a programme call the duty officer on 0181-743-8000. They should be able to give you repeat schedules. For best response cut straight to the production office of the programme, esp. if its radio. Ask for the "Travel Show" production office (for example) and name the producer (available from the Radio Times). If its radio and you are timely the producer will make a copy of the programme for you gratis. Video is trickier but you might still get somewhere if you can get directly to the production team.
Yorkshire TV
Very prompt service. Email publicity officer Vicky Cameron at, or tel: 0113 2438283. If no joy email who is technical manager for regional programmes and responds to email.
Channel 4
Enquiries between 6am and 1pm on 0171 827 7064. Nick Austin ( says that GMTV can produce VHS tapes of segments from recently broadcast programmes but it costs a lot to do so. About ten pounds for 15 minutes. Two contact addresses for this service:
Viewers' Correspondence, GM-TV, The London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London SE1 9TT
And (the company that actually does the copying:) Scanners Ltd., 66a Ashley Road, London, N19 3AF

TV Web Pages

There are loads of these and I'll be putting the URLs here later. (Actually, Carole intended to do that, but never got, "a round tuit".  See my "Information For Fans" page to find web pages about Television.)

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