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God Bless! Please feel free to write us about anything you read on this web site.  If there is anything on this site that is “amiss” do let us know! I would appreciate it if you overlooked any spelling or grammar mistakes.  Neither myself nor the computer are perfect and some of these types of mistakes are easily missed.  Thank You

Due to excessive SPAM, this form is not working.  The E-mail address listed on this page is still in working order.  You can contact me via that address. I left the form on here, so you know what information I require in order to reply to your E-mail.  Thank you!


The form on this page should work.  It does not, so do not hit the “submit comments” button at the bottom because you will not get a blank E-mail with our address on it ready for you to type your comments onto.  I am not sure how this page will work until I get it up onto the web.  Bear with me; I am new to all of this stuff.  Robyn

November 23, 2003 I had just found out that the form on this web site would not work.  You could always have used the address I had above to write us an E-mail.  Hitting the "submit comments" button below, will now cause the form to be submitted.  I had left the form on here even though it didn't work, so that you could know what sort of information we require in order for us to try and write you back.   You can click here and send us an E-mail via our main form. Or you can fill out the form below. Thanks!  You can also click on the, picture of the "mailbox", below to go to our other form.

June 8, 2006--- This form now works.  I am updating this page.  Everything should be fine now.

mail box picture    If you do not give me your E-mail address, I won't have it.  This form does not automatically collect E-mail addresses.

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