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I'm writing up this page, July 21, 2007.   Updates are added to this page as new things are found.

Neil Pearson has written a book, "Obelisk: A History of Jack Kahane and the Obelisk Press". 

Below you will find, news, bibliographic information, and relevant articles.  After that is a not so comprehensive section on where to find "Obelisk" -- if you should want to purchase it.  Hopefully some day, I will find links to reviews to stick on here. (Found! See below.)  I've tried to put the links to articles in date order.  I also tried to list the links in such a way that you could search for the article "anyway" in case the link becomes, "broken". (The Internet being somewhat "transient", links do become "broken", or in other words, links sometimes cease to work after a time. I am leaving "old" links on here because there are ways of finding an article, either in print or some other "how".)  As far as I know, this is all there is.  If you know of any more, let me know please.

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February 6, 2008-- (It's just now Feb. 6) The post office says that my package was delivered, 11:25 AM on Feb. 5, 2008.  I did receive it along with some other "fan" things I bought on eBay.  It seems like an interesting book in a way

February 5, 2008-- I'm guessing that later on today my book will arrive.  The "electronic shipping info." was received by the U.S. Postal Service on February 1, 2008. The package was processed in Allen Park, Michigan, February 4, 2008 at 9:21 AM.  This is a big distribution center or whatever they would call it.  Mail usually arrives here any time after 3:00 PM.  But packages sometimes arrive as early as 1:00 PM so that the letter carrier (mail lady) doesn't have to carry the package a great distance to get it here. Sometimes just the packages are delivered early.  Sometimes it is packages and other mail.  And sometimes they wait to deliver the packages, and or packages and mail, after they deliver the mail on the street here.  It all depends upon who is delivering the mail and when they decide/remember to deliver our package(s).  Anyway my copy should arrive later today, unless they go slow and it arrives tomorrow. Will let you know when it arrives.  There's a storm out and I have heard some good thunder claps.  Must get off the computer NOW.  See ya. 

February 1, 2008-- Today, I got an E-mail from  My book is being shipped.  If you want, you can track the package at, and look up this number, 9102 1273 9179 0389 4698 66.  They said that the "estimated arrival date" is, "07-February-2008".  I thought something was funny last night.  I looked at website, and the site said, they had one that was "new or used" from another seller.  And when you clicked on the other seller, it said it was

January 31, 2008--I just looked at the website.  They are now saying that the, "Shipping estimate" is, "February 19, 2008".  A friend in Canada received her book yesterday.  She bought her's from 

January 30, 2008-- On January 28, 2008 Amazon sent an E-mail saying that they were having difficulty processing my credit card.  I know that Amazon doesn't charge you for an item until they ship it. They also said on the 25th that if it came in early they would send the book before the "Estimated arrival date". I got a little excited thinking that my order was coming early.  I guess Amazon tries out the credit card to make sure it works before as they prepare to ship something.  The credit card company had changed numbers on us and issued us a new card.  I forget what all is "tied" to it, so I only notify companies as situations come up.  So I hadn't told Amazon of my new number.  I haven't yet gotten any notice from Amazon that the book is being shipped.

January 25, 2008-- I got a new E-mail today, has changed their "delivery estimate" again.  "Estimated arrival date: 02/26/2008 - 03/03/2008". (delivery estimate: February 26, 2008 - March 3, 2008) They said that the "release date" had changed again.  It changed a while back, and they are just now changing the "delivery estimate". 

December 21, 2007-- Sometime between September 12, and today, (and .ca) updated their sites to say that the release date is now, February 15, 2008.  I went and looked at my order status just now.  (Canceling an old order that never came in.) The "shipping estimate" is the same as it was on November 20. (January 24, 2008) Don't know, what "the deal" is. 

December 19, 2007--The University of Chicago Press has put a post onto their "Press Blog", under the section, "Distributed Presses" telling about the good review of Obelisk in the December 8th issue of "The Guardian".  Since The University of Chicago Press is Distributing Obelisk in North America, does this post mean, the book will be arriving soon from

November 20, 2007--Got another notice from that the release date has changed again.  The "updated delivery estimate" is now January 26, 2008 - January 28, 2008. The shipping estimate is, January 24, 2008.  On a related note, Suzy in England got an E-mail from, informing her that her copy was dispatched today.  The E-mail went on to say that she should get the book, by November 24th. 

October 21, 2007--I notice that Amazon (.com;; .ca) has updated it's picture of the book cover to almost match the one on the Liverpool University Press site.  Don't know when the change was made. There are some slight differences between the picture on Amazon and the one on the Liverpool University Press site.

October 20, 2007--Got a notice from Amazon that the release date has changed.  That means, the estimated shipping date has changed to November 19, 2007.  The delivery estimate is, November 21, 2007 - November 24, 2007.  They haven't changed the "date of publication" on their web site.

October 15, 2007--(written October 21, 2007)  During the week of October 15, 2007, "Obelisk" is, "Book of the Week", at the Liverpool University Press. (Well, it's November 20, 2007.  Obelisk, is still "Book of the Week", at the Liverpool University Press.  No telling how long it will stay there.)

October 12, 2007-- Either today, or some days before, The Liverpool University Press put a slightly different picture of the book cover on their site.  It is still [vastly?] different from the picture on Amazon.

September 12, 2007-- Sometime before today, and well after August 31, The Liverpool University Press put a picture of the book on their site.  It is vastly different from the picture on Amazon. (.com;; .ca) I pre-ordered it from some weeks ago (via Border's). I wonder which cover will arrive.

August 31, 2007-- This page shows up in Google when you search for this book.  It took from July 21, 2007 till now to show up.

August, 12, 2007-- Sometime between July 16, 2007 and August 12, 2007 Amazon put a picture of the book cover on their site. (Sometime in the week of August 5, I suspect.) I haven't looked at every site that Google pulls up, but as far as I know, Amazon was the first to post a picture of the book cover.

June 26, 2007-- I ordered this book from Amazon via Border's.

May 10, 2007-- when I first ran across information about this book.  I sent a post to the fan list, I was writing about the first URL I stuck in that post... "I quite literally (er rather in this case "literarily") found this by accident.  (the first URL on here)  I was looking in Google for something that I wanted to stick in my scrapbook.  This (the first URL) came up in the list as well as what I wanted.  I clicked on it and got a surprise.  I don't know how I missed it before." I had found the 29 April 2007 post on the blog, "It's a Crime! (or a mystery...)".

Bibliographic Information

Title:  Obelisk: A History of Jack Kahane and the Obelisk Press

Author:  Neil Pearson

Publisher:  Liverpool University Press

Publisher:  University of Chicago Press

ISBN-10: 1846311012     ISBN-13: 978-1846311017
(For easier "copying and pasting"ISBN: 1846311012    ISBN: 978 1846311017)

Date of Publication: (according to...)

Liverpool University Press  "Published October 2007"

The University of Chicago Press  "Fall 2007"   "Publisher: Liverpool U.P. (1 Nov 2007)"--  Updated sometime before, September 12, 2007 "Liverpool University Press (12 Oct 2007)".  "Publisher: Liverpool University Press (October 15, 2007)"-- Updated sometime before, September 12, 2007 "Liverpool University Press (November 15, 2007)" -- Updated sometime before, December 21, 2007, "Liverpool University Press (Feb 15 2008)".   "Publisher: Liverpool University Press (October 2007)"-- Updated sometime before, September 12, 2007 "Liverpool University Press (Nov 15 2007)" -- Updated sometime before, December 21, 2007, "Liverpool University Press (Feb 15 2008)".

Barnes & "Pub. Date: October 28, 2007"-- Updated sometime before, September 12, 2007 "Pub. Date: October 15, 2007" -- Updated sometime before, December 21, 2007, "Pub. Date: October 2007"

Language: English

Hardcover: 360 pages

Obelisk at the Liverpool University Press 

Obelisk at The University of Chicago Press   
(That's the link for North American and Mexican customers on the Liverpool University Press site.)

Wikipedia Articles

Neil Pearson

Obelisk Press


Articles/Reviews (etc.)

The Courant -- number five fall 2006
 A Bulletin of the Special Collections Research Center Sponsored by the Syracuse University Library Associates issn 1554-2688 See: "Research Notes: John [sic] Kahane and the obelisk [sic] Press by neal [sic] Pearson".


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PDF: "The Guardian Hay Festival 24 May - 3 June 2007", "Programme 2007"  97 pages  Has "Introduction", "Hay Twenty".  See:  page 69, [390]. 


icWales "Don’t miss your favourite... check what’s on at Hay" May 25 2007 by Karen Price, Western Mail


The Guardian Hay Festival Archive 
You searched for: Events in the 'Literature' Genre See:  Bibliophile (03 Jun 2007)

Audio & Video Archive: Neil Pearson, Rick Gekoski Bibliophile Hay - 2007 (June 3, 2007) 


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Bookride: 04 July 2007 "Celebrity Book Collectors. Part Two."


It's a Crime! (or a mystery...) Posted by crimeficreader 08 September 2007 "International Literacy Day and some Literary News from the Week"


Print issue of Publishing News for Friday 14 September 2007.


The Times September 29, 2007 News and gossip from the Cheltenham Literature Festival


The Independent on Sunday Censored out: Actor Neil Pearson's new book focuses on a very British pornographer By Tom Rosenthal
Published: 07 October 2007


Belfast Telegraph A very British pornographer Wednesday, October 10, 2007 By Tom Rosenthal (Same text as the interview of October 7, from "The Independent". There is a photo of the book cover with this one.)


The Bookseller for 12 October 2007  Page 41, "Books in the Media: Press", under "Interviews", just one line mentioning the October 7, 2007 article from The Independent on Sunday.


During the week of October 15, 2007, "Obelisk" is, "Book of the Week", at the Liverpool University Press.


On October 16, 2007, Rex Features has new photos.  From October 14, 2007, "Neil Pearson at The Garden Theatre, Cheltenham to discuss his career and new book 'The History of Jack Kahande [sic] and The Obelisk P[ress]' 14 Oct 2007"


Book Group Online, post by Grammath of 18th October 2007. Report on the Cheltenham Festival.


Bailey Alexander: The Europhile October 23, 2007 "Serendipity sends not what I want, but what I need."


Audio interview on, "Front Row" BBC Radio 4 Friday October 26, 2007.  Neil, "reveals why he's written a book about an often-overlooked publisher".  (Can be heard for seven days via the "Listen Again" feature of the BBC Radio 4 website.)


Bailey Alexander: The Europhile October 27, 2007 "Old haunts, ex beaux and a beautifully written book called 'Obelisk'".


Bailey Alexander: The Europhile November 18, 2007 "Strikes, Sicko and not enough singing for their supper at chez Bay".


November 27, 2007 The Reader Magazine
The Reader [issue] 28: Rising from the Depths "Featured authors in Issue 28 are... ...and there is an interview with actor and book collector Neil Pearson". "Actor of stage, screen and board, Neil Pearson talks about his other life as an avid book collector." 


The University of Liverpool Magazine for Staff Precinct December 2007  [has photo of Neil at book launch]


From, The Times Literary Supplement, December 5, 2007
This week, A note from the Editor by Peter Stothard From, The Times Literary Supplement, December 5, 2007 Sauce and genius, published in Paris The life and works of Jack Kahane, the founder of the Obelisk Press, who first discovered Henry Miller by James Campbell


Light reading  Wednesday, December 05, 2007 "The lonely guerilla war against prudery"


I don't think this is a "real" blog. "Posted" December 6, 2007  "Literary Agents is the New Black" sort of re-posting the article, "Sauce and genius, published in Paris". (Source: Times Online)


From The Guardian [Guardian Unlimited Books], December 8, 2007 "Footnotes: Small Presses, Parisian publishers and lost girls".  "Nicholas Clee on Obelisk | A Kind of Vanishing.",,2223806,00.html


Weekend Stubble Saturday, December 08, 2007 "First Impressions Are Misleading" 


Rare Book Review December 2007 Issue
"Neil Pearson The star of stage and screen reveals how he became a book collector" December 13, 2007 Books of the new world and the old


From, Cadeirão Voltaire, Dezembro 14, 2007, "Obelisk Press"  (I thought this might be in Portuguese, but wasn't sure until I had Google translate [try to translate] it for me.)


From, Airbeletrina (air Beletrina) December 16, 2007, "O založniku, ki si je upal" (This is a blog? This is in Slovenian probably? [.si = Slovenia]  Since I don't know the language, I don't know what the title says in English.  This looks to be a book review.)


[Press Blog from the University of Chicago] Posted by HG on December 19, 2007, Distributed Presses Book Review: Obelisk--  About the review in the December 8th issue of The Guardian.  "Distributed Presses, Publicity and news from presses distributed by the University of Chicago Press including news tips, press releases, reviews, and intelligent commentary".


Booksurfer Books & Internet Resources, Tuesday, January 01, 2008, Only In Print  About most recent issue of "Rare Book Review". 


It's a Crime! (or a mystery...) Posted by crimeficreader, February 5, 2008, Neil Pearson and Obelisk Press


From Caslon Analytics ( the page "Print, Reading & the Book Profile: Publishing".  "This page looks at publishing as an industry and a culture, highlighting general studies and profiling particular publishing houses." See under "Naughtiness". [unknown date]


From, AustCrimeFiction "News and Views" page.  [I'm writing this entry February 12, 2008]  Seen as the last entry, "Neil Pearson and Obelisk Press" under, "It's a Crime".  Has a link to (For some reason this page and site doesn't seem to come out formatted correctly on my computer.  March 29, 2008 comes in much better now.)


From, Walking Paris with Henry Miller, February 19, 2008,  Obelisk: A History of Jack Kahane and the Obelisk Press


From, Bookride, March 15, 2008, "Henry Crowder / Nancy Cunard. Henry Music, Paris, 1930 + Negro Anthology 1934."


From, Anne Brooke's Writing Journal, Saturday, March 15, 2008, "Don't break a leg, Mr P!"  (blog post about Uncle Vanya but there's a comment on there that's relevant to this page)


From, A propos de Littérature Populaire, two publications about the Obelisk Press March 19, 2008 (Text not in English, is in French) 


From First Published in Paris .com, "Collecting The Obelisk Press The reference books you need to have!"  [no date]


From, Bookride, March 22, 2008, "Sheila Cousins. To Beg I Am Ashamed, 1938. 


The Old Mancunian, April 2008 Edition 28 [See pages two and three, JACK KAHANE & THE OBELISK PRESS by Stewart Platts (1946-51)]  (Manchester Grammar School Old Boys Network) 


From, Caustic Cover Critic, April 13, 2008, "Obelisk"  


After Hours  Living by the Book, People, Neil Pearson (I didn't see a date on this.  I stuck this on here when I found it.)


From, Caustic Cover Critic, April 28, 2008, "Obelisk Innards"


"Neil Pearson - Culture" at The Art and Popular Culture Wiki  (Essentially the Wikipedia article re-posted.  No date noticed.) 


From a Dutch blog,, Under Nieuwe boeken {New books} Boekwetenschappen {According to Babel Fish, it's "Book sciences".}  (Posted sometime in April 2008?) [ (de weblog ~) 1 weblog over boeken, schrijvers  en  vormgevers. zie ook ==> Cadoc] {In English (according to Babel Fish): about? no Babel Fish says it is, "concerning"-- Oops! same thing;  probably, books—even though Babel Fish says, "to book"; probably, writers, and that's what Babel Fish gives me; and; illustrators; see also,; Babel Fish didn't give me anything for Cadoc.}


Hugh MacDiarmid and Sorley MacLean: Modern Makars, Men of Letters by Susan Ruth Wilson
A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in the Department of English (University of Victoria?)  [This is a long slow one at 375 pages.  "Obelisk" is only listed in footnotes.]


From De Groene Amsterdammer [The Green Amsterdammer?] of 25-07-2008 (July 25, 2008)   Hoe te leven van taboes Door (by) Martin Koomen   [Yahoo! Babel Fish (formerly AltaVista) gives me, "How to live of taboos".]  I think this is an "abstract" for an article that you either have to register to view the whole thing, or you have to pay money (subscribe) and register for.  They ask if you are a "web subscriber".


[December 27, 2008 Just when I begin to think there couldn't possibly be any "new" stuff to add to this listing, more is found...]


From First Published in Paris .com, "Catalog of First Printing/First Edition Obelisk Press Book Covers"   [no date]  


Obelisk via Google Books (Don't know when this arrived on Google Books.  Stuck the link on here in the order I found it.),M1


Oxford Journals "The Library"  Volume 9, Number 3, September 2008 [pages 365-368]  Online ISSN 1744-8581 - Print ISSN 0024-2160 "Transactions of the Bibliographical Society"
Review: Peter Davison Obelisk: A History of Jack Kahane and the Obelisk Press. By NEIL PEARSON.  [When you click on the PDF link, you get a sign in screen. To get a user ID and password is free. But to gain access to articles you must pay. It costs $22.00 US.]


From, Walking Paris with Henry Miller, Obelisk Press, posted December 21, 2008


I think this is a library catalogue.  It is a sort of PDF document.  It is German.  SWBPlus  Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg  I don't put on this page every instance of this book that's in library catalogues.  This one seemed unusual for some reason.  Here is a link I found on that page.  It is even more information about the book.


Stephen J. Gertz My Bookshelf


From, "Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company: A Henry Miller Blog", Sunday, March 29, 2009, "Nexus: The Int'l Henry Miller Journal - Vol. 6".


Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal   Journal Contents Volume Six


From, Pursewarden: "Black Spring" by Henry Miller   August 6, 2009


(On A Side Note:) From the Daily Express, "Neil Pearson: My Best Six Books," Friday January 22, 2010  
If that link ever gets to where it doesn't work, maybe these will... From, Campaign For The American Reader, "Neil Pearson's 6 Best Books," Friday February 12, 2010  and, From, Lit Lists, also, February 12, 2010 "Neil Pearson's Six Best Books,"


From, Hogtown Scribble and Daub: (An Occasional Blog on the Arts in Toronto) "I Love the Toronto Pubic Library" Friday, February 12, 2010


From The Esoteric Curiosa, "Honorary Esoterics: Harry & Caresse Crosby" May 14, 2010





December 27, 2008-- This list is horribly out of date.  This book can be found almost anywhere via online book shops.  It can be found in a lot of libraries too. Just do a search for it via

If you want to find the "best" price in USD, then do a search for the ISBN: 10 at As of, July 21 2007, they have U.S., U.K., Canadian, German and Austrian listings for this book. 
Hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Liverpool U.P. (1 Nov 2007)
Language English
ISBN-10: 1846311012
ISBN-13: 978-1846311017
Hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Liverpool University Press (October 15, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1846311012
ISBN-13: 978-1846311017
Hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Liverpool University Press (October 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1846311012
ISBN-13: 978-1846311017
Format: Hardcover
Publish Date: 10/15/2007
ISBN: 9781846311017
Pages: 360
Publisher: Univ of Chicago Press
Language: English
Author: Pearson, Neil

Barnes &
Product Details
Format: Hardcover, 360pp
Pub. Date: October 28, 2007
ISBN: 1846311012
ISBN-13: 9781846311017
Publisher: Liverpool University Press



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