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I had this all done up nicely at one point.  And then I lost it when this program titled a page the title this one was given.  Bummer!!!!!  I have some idea what the text said on here, but do not have it 100%.  I might have a hard copy some where. No telling where it is.  I have tried to reconstruct this page the best I can.  Maybe I did better this time.

I have some Chinese Papercuts. Some of these are for sale. To make each design, the artist cut one sheet of red paper with a very fine blade. The designs are of scenes from Chinese mythology. It is very labor intensive work. The Chinese people hang these in their windows during one of their festivals.

I have a pen pal who is presently living in Shanghai. These papercuts were made by his brother. His brother lives in the small village of WuYi which is near Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province. Hebei Province is the province where Beijing is. Shijiazhuang is the capitol of Hebei Province. Wu Yi is in WuYi County. It is about 45 Kilometers from HengShui.

If I sell any of these, the money is going to my pen pal's brother back in China.  He needs the money more than I do.  If I "keep" any of the money it will be to buy him equipment he needs to make these.  If you know about the blade they use to make these let me know.  My friend said he uses a broken hack saw blade now.  My friend said his brother needed a German doctor's scalpel.  He says that thin razor blades will break easily. I have looked up scalpels online. They look "disposable" and very much like the thin razor blades.                          

Village of Wu Yi HengShui Hebei PRC etc in Chinese  

I am very much interested in finding the correct tools for my friend's brother to use.  If you know the blade or knife that would be best to make these, can you let me know please?

Below are the scanned images of these paper cuts.  They look very flat almost drawn or painted.  In reality they are fine like lace.  They are cut from one sheet of red paper.  Click on a small image in order to view a large version.

1 Chinese papercut

1 large paper cut

2 Chinese papercut front

2 Chinese papercut back

3 Chinese paper cut

4 Chinese papercut one way

2 Large Chinese papercut

3 Large Chinese papercut

4 Large Chinese papercut

5 Large Chinese papercut