Stuff found in Moore's Universal Assistant

Sometime in the early to mid 1990's, I bought a book at a garage sale.  The name of the book was, "Moore's Universal Assistant".  It has everything in it from how to make printer's ink, how to break horses, as well as recipes for the hotel, restaurant, and grocery trades.  This book was copyright in 1879.  It is one of my favorite book.  I bought it for the receipts (recipes). 

The book was once (originally?) owned by Loren Longwell. Evidently his wife was Emma Longwell.  They lived at Schoolcraft, Michigan. Emma's sister? was Della Case also of Schoolcraft. 

Inside this book was one letter, a recipe for a vomiting remedy, some practice Morse Code, a hand written poem, and sundry little scraps of paper used as book marks.  There was even what seems to be a small quilt scrap. 

This page has the interesting items I found in the book.  You can click on the photos below to see a large version.  The files are quite large.  If you have any questions of comments, let me know.

two address stickers found in book

name written in pencil in front of book

Letter from Della Case to her sister Em (front of page)

Letter from Della Case to her sister Em (back of page)

Poem "God's Beautiful Sometime" page 1

Poem "God's Beautiful Sometime" page 2

Remedy for stomach (I wouldn't really take this remedy if I were you.)

Back of the drink for the stomach someone practicing Morse Code (see also the radio pages of this site for more)

October 1917

Front side of some Misc. small stuff

relevant back side of misc. small stuff (not eveything has something on the back)

More small stuff front

More small stuff back

"Figures" on "L" shaped paper 1

"Figures" on "L" shaped paper 2