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"Blog" is short for "web log".  You can find out what a blog is and also the history of "blogging" by going to this article on Wikipedia . (A blog "entry" is called a "post".)

My original or "old" blog was going to be a place for me to write "journal" entries and cat stories. I wasn't going to write much "journalism," "political," or "current events" type stuff. (Although, I did occasionally write that sort of "entry".)  I called my "old" blog "whatdubhghalldoes," because my cat Dubhghall (pron. Dougall) did and does many amusing things. She is the source of the cat stories.  I got the blog space during the time that I was figuring out how to do a "proper" web site.  I knew how to build the site, yet initially I couldn't figure out how to get it uploaded. (I was zigging when I should have zagged. Duh!)








I originally got a "free" blog.  After a while, I decided to pay for the extra features.  Then after having this blog a year or two, I decided it was expensive to be paying Euros for it, so I bought space here in the U.S.  I was looking for space to put "podcasts" (home made radio programs) onto.  As soon as I bought it, I learned that the space I got didn't allow for "podcasts". I kept forgetting to write to that "new" blog.  I had only one or two posts stuck on it.  I was mostly writing and adding to this present site. At one point, I figured out how to put my own backgrounds on here.  I reasoned that I could do up my own "journal" space on here.  Then I wouldn't have to pay for the blog AND pay for this site.  I wasn't doing a "proper" blog anyway, so why have a special blog site for the entries.  I stopped the "new" blog and here we are in this "journal". 

These are the posts from the blogs.  I am trying to reconstruct them as best I can.  I have the text saved, but it isn't always formatted into paragraphs.  I have to try and figure out how I had some of these arranged into paragraphs.  Don't know if I will be able to put them how I originally had them. The main goal is to make the pages readable.

Disclaimer: Any information and advice you read, in these blog entries, may be horribly out of date.  I would find out more up to date information if you want to do what is instructed in the text provided here.  Some of these instructions are for the computer.  I had an older computer at the time. If you follow my instructions exactly, you do so at your own risk. If you should want to contact me about any of this, you can do so via the "feedback" page.

December 7, 2004 "Welcome to my blog. A blog is a sort of online journal. I don’t write to it often enough it seems. I am re-arranging some things on here. Maybe it will be easier to figure things out this way. Don’t ask me how it works. I just follow instructions and get what I get. I hope you enjoy reading this.

On this blog there are also "pictures". They are charts for the radio hobby and pages with other info. I do not know how to access them from this page.

There are instructions for this blog at the following address: (This tells you how to view all the posts. It also has a brief description (index) of some of the early entries on here. I suppose I could always up date that.)"

  Blog Instructions December 7, 2004 The instructions on how to navigate the blog as it was set up. There's also some history of the blog in this post as well.

1. What the Humans and Cats Are Up To by Robyn May 29, 2003 General information explaining this “blog”. Information detailing how to get spyware off your computer.

2. Biblical Research and staying out of grief May 30, 2003 Some general info. Then some things I was learning about Biblical research.

3. Living with a "deaf" computer + other interesting (hopefully) stuff June 1, 2003 Radio, my lack of computer sound and songs etc.

4. Everybody Loves A Polka!!!!! June 7, 2003 “I’m gonna buy a bi, bi, bi, bicycle…” 78’s, radio, shopping, “catfoodterias” etc.

5. Follow the money right down to the local "loony bin"! June 8, 2003 Some rhetorical questions… Why is it that psychiatry is failing the mentally ill?




6. Oops! The one that got away... June 9, 2003 The point I had forgotten from the day before. Yuck and yucky, tobacco, as I “See you in the funny papers”…

7. If I take my cat to Windsor, Ontario, can I marry it? June 11, 2003 “Men” re-defining marriage. Ft. Worth Days. The coolest music of my youth.

8. Robyn's trip around the world June 14, 2003 The trip Robyn would like to make some day. The places she hopes to visit and so on.

9. And yet another "outrage"!! June 16, 2003 More on mental illness; the case of Dr. Charles Sell.

10. Help with cooking problem please… Monday, 18 August 2003. Trying to find out the best method for making the recipe for, “Napoleon’s Camp Sauce”.

11. What Dubhghall (Dougall) Has Been Doing Lately… Wednesday, 11 February 2004. The original purpose of this blog was to tell all the cute things Dubhghall does.

12. remind me February 13, 2004

13. Coming Soon: Our Own Web Site… Wednesday, 10 March 2004. List of what was on our web site as it stood at the time.

14. Garden, web site and Mom's party… Friday, 21 May 2004. What was going on-- in the garden, with our web site and what happened at my mother’s party.

15. Anybody know Chinese?... Sunday, 13 June 2004. My “new” desk, Biblically chatting with my friend in China, more garden “news”, and a French language television program I like.

16. My new desk, old office supplies, peanut butter sandwiches… Tuesday, 15 June 2004. More about the desk, stuff we found in the house, the best sandwiches, etc.

17. just got to thinking October 13, 2004

18. The End Is Near [last post] February 14 2005

Amendments: Some other "posts" and writings that belong with this.

1. Charts, Drawings, Pictures

2. "New" Blog Stuff