Coming Soon: Our Own Web Site  March 10, 2004

The reason I do not write much to this blog is because I have been working on a web site, amongst other things.  Here is a list of the pages that will be on the web site.  I may add one or more pages to this.  This is how it looks so far.  I just have to finish some of the pages, then I can try to stick it on the web. I am just sticking this on here so I can have a “new” post to the blog.  But I have been telling people that the site is “coming soon”, this will give people some idea what it will be like.  By the way, the web site will be located at

The first page of course is the "home" page or "index".  I am welcoming you to our web site and telling you more about it.

Beans And Cornbread This is a page of home cooking recipes. Not all the recipes are 100% healthy. (they may call for white flour or something like that)  But they are guaranteed to taste good!!  One thing to remember, is that animal fats are not necessarily bad for you!  These recipes are best made with "real" food and not "imitation" substitutes!!!!

Food, "Dieting" and "Size" Rant The "rant" that was originally on the "Beans and Cornbread" page.

Healthy Eating Links Not what the diet dictocrats ordered!

Second Healthy Eating Links This is the "rant" that was originally on the "Healthy Eating Links" page.

A Story From Robyn This is a story about what effect words can have on young girls as regards diet and health.
Interesting Threads of Thought This is my brain connecting together certain things I have read.  This is also dealing with "health".

Some of the History of Medicine This page is my "take" on some aspects of the history of medicine.

Adoption Page  I was adopted.  Although I had what is considered a good "outcome", I still have strong feelings about adoption.  This page has links and information on adoption.  Be warned in advance that this page does not present the sugar coated "pro-adoption" information that one normally reads or hears about. [May 15, 2007 This page never got written but I stick a link to the current pages about my adoption.]

Fractured History Page  This is my humorous version of history.  I use puns and other figures of speech in my warped retelling of history.  I know how to twist words very well.  If you know history and you do not have a sense of humor, then this page is not for you.  If you know history and you like bad jokes and other humor, then you might like this.  If you don't know history and you want to "get the joke", or you want to know the truth of who or what I am writing about, then look the names and stories up in
Genealogy Page  This is the page where I am writing about the genealogy things I am working on.  I am trying to gather together all the information about G.W. (George) Bitner's descendants.  There is a large family tree being done already.  It kind of starts with Joel Wilson Bitner, George's father.  It would be nice to add "our" branch to that tree.  Then I am searching for my "alleged" birth father, Franklin whose father came from Switzerland. I am always looking for Somerville stuff.  I would like to learn more about the Wallaces of, Texas and the Storys of, Illinois. There is more to this page than I can put here.  See it for yourself.
Our Favorite Flags Our Favorite Flags from around the world AND why we like them.

List of Our Interests We had translated into various languages a list of our main interests.

Biblical Research Links Some excellent web sites dealing with Biblical subjects. This one should have gone on top maybe, but since it is simply just links to other sites, I stuck it near the bottom.  If we put some Biblical teachings on here, I will stick them up top. I was trying to keep the "writings" and "information" pages up top.

Radio Drama on Radio Page Robyn's hobby of radio.  If all goes well, there should be a list on here of radio dramas that can be heard over the short-wave radio.

Radio Drama Links English This is the page with loads of Radio Drama links mostly in English.

Radio Drama Links Non English  This page has Links about Radio Drama in languages other than English.

Miscellaneous A page devoted to items that are not covered on the other pages.

Contact and Feedback This is how you can get in touch with us