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Bitner Family Tree Things I Scanned In

A lot of this are photocopies from the Bitner Family Bible.  This Bible belonged to Joel Wilson Bitner.  This was J.W. "Joe" Bitner's grandfather.  There is also a photo that Jewel Bitner Dillard told me was of the Hunters.  She said that the Hunters were Martha L. Bitner's grandparents.  They are supposed to be her mother's parents.  Martha L. Bitner is J.W. "Joe" Bitner's grandmother.  The inscription "Hunter" in pencil is an unknown person's handwriting.  The other inscription is mine.  Sorry I wrote on the front.

As usual click on the photos in order to make them larger.

The Bitner Family Bible, is really falling apart.  J.W. "Joe" Bitner said that it had once belonged to his Uncle Rube.  (Ruben McGill Bitner)  Joe said that his Uncle had allowed some kids to play with this Bible and they "tore it up".  I managed to make photocopies of the family tree information that was inside the Bible.  I didn't make copies of the photographs.  Joe had indicated that he thought they were farm hands and not family. Joe also told me that his mother Lenora Bell Bitner was the one to ask who the people were. Of course by that time Lenora Bell Bitner had already passed. J.W. Bitner Jr. now has possession of this Bible. (From Oct. 2005)--- Please, if nothing else, keep the following from the old Bible; photographs; pages with hand writing on them and the newspaper clippings.  The pages with births, deaths etc. will be useful for future family historians (family tree).  If the photographs turn out not to be "family" you can always sell them on eBay or some such.  Old photos especially tin types have some value. The value of old photographs keeps going up all the time. If I remember correctly some of these photos (all of them?) are tin types.

There's more "family" stuff on the "Can you help us with some mysteries please?" page. We are trying to have some things identified.  There is one postcard (U.S. Fishery) that I found in a box of Bitner family photos.  It is a complete mystery to us.  Can you help us solve a mystery?

If these people below are not "Hunters" can you let me know please.


This is probably a copy of a tin type. It is supposed to be the Hunter's. They are the grandparents of Martha L. Johnson Bitner. These people are supposed to be her mother's parents. If you know who these people really are, let me know please.

J.B. Hunter Obituary

This newspaper clipping was found inside the Bitner Family Bible. It is an obituary for a J.B. Hunter. "Bright's Disease" is a kind of kidney disease. "Ashley" would have to be "Ashley" in Illinois. I have no idea how old this obituary is. Please see the next photo as well. I do not know who J.B. Hunter is. I am sure he is related to Martha L. Bitner.

Back of the J.B. Hunter Obituary

This is what was on the back of the J.B. Hunter obituary. I was thinking it might give someone clues as to the date of the clipping.

Family Record

This is a hand written sheet that was inside the Bitner Family Bible. There are some inconsistancies between this and the record written in the Bible itself.

Family Record (lighter)

This is a lighter version of the family record sheet.

Copyright of the Bitner Family Bible

This should give a rough idea as to when they got the Bible. They probably bought after the copyright date on it. And they for sure wrote inside this Bible AFTER they bought it.

Certificate of Marriage

This is the "Certificate of Marriage" that came inside the Bitner Family Bible.

Marriages Page

This is the "Marriages Page" from the Bitner Family Bible.

Births Page

This is the "Births Page" of the Bitner Family Bible.

Deaths Page

This is the "Deaths Page" of the Bitner Family Bible.

The Bitner's about 1952

Birdia said that this picture was probably made in 1952. She thought it was made when they went to Lenora Bell Bitner's brother's funeral. See the next entry to learn more.

This is the letter from Birdia that came with the photo next to this letter.

Oct. 31st (2005)

Dear Robyn,

Here is a copy of Grandpa & Grannys' family taken after Grannys' brother Willie Bell's funeral in 1952 I think. We lived in Northwestern Okla at the time and didn't get to go to the service.

Left to right:

Albert (A.D.); Jess; Jewel; Virgel & Joe.

I had Kathy make a copy of it. They are a "smiley" bunch aren't they?...

(Robyn's note: I don't know if this picture was made around the time that the brother's had a falling out? If this was made after that time, then that would explain the lack of smiles maybe? If anyone knows more about this let me know.)



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