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Someone's Trip To Japan?

I am updating this page on, August 17, 2011. There are some typographical errors amongst the text with the photos below. It is very difficult to change that right now.  This whole website needs to be rebuilt using a more modern program. Thank you for your patience.

I have a wonderful green Japanese scrapbook.  The photos were taken in the (late 1940's?) or more than likely the early 1950's I think.  I think it is about a trip someone took to Japan.  Maybe the person was from Japan originally?  I don't know.  They may have been an engineer studying the effects of earth quakes on structures.  I bought this scrapbook in Ft. Worth, Texas.  If I remember correctly it was at the same charity thrift store where I bought the set of 78rpm records that had records from Japan and Thailand. Maybe the records also belonged to the person who once owned this scrapbook?  I do not own the records anymore.

I have these pretty much in the order that they were in the scrapbook.  If you know anything about the photos in this scrapbook, please contact me.  There is a form on this site which allows you to contact me.  I also have these photos posted at http://community.webshots.com/user/LenoraBell.

There is one gentleman, "Our man" who is in a good many of the photographs.  It seems to me that he is maybe some sort of "engineer"?  It looks like he was studying how to minimize damage from earthquakes.  Was he an American visiting Japan?  Was he from Japan, but visiting another part of Japan on a business trip?

I do not know who the photographer is. By a process of elimination, you can sort of figure out who the photographer is for some photos.  You can tell that it is someone who was in one photo, but not in the next photo. Some of the photos seem to have an "unknown" person as a photographer.  Did "Our man" take a photographer along? 

I wonder, who these people are.  Why did, "Our man" take a boat?  Where was he going? Why did they take photographs of the students?  Who was the unseen photographer? What part of Japan were these photos taken?  Are any of the men still alive?  Were they engineers? Were they studying how to make structures earthquake proof?  Does anyone have any idea when these photos were taken?

Do you know someone in these photographs? Would this scrapbook, "rightfully" belong to you?  Let me know and I will figure out how to, "repatriate" it to you.  Right now I see lightening out my window.  There is a storm.  I must get off this computer quickly.  Thanks for reading this!!!!


This is the text of the front cover of the scrapbook.

Title page to scrapbook

A Japanese woman once told me that this text means, "Big Island". I think it is "Japan"? I can't remember all that she said about it.

I believe this to be a painting on silk.

This postcard was loose. See the next postcard in order to view the text on the back of it.

The back of the loose postcard.

Another postcard. This one was glued in the scrapbook.

This photograph was loose as well. Some of the names are on the back of the photograph. Not all the people are named. "Our man" is on the left of the photo.

This is the back of the loose photograph. The woman's name is Gweneth J. Da?th.

"Our man" with a group of men at an industrial site. Were they studying how to earthquake proof structures?

Another photo of the same group of men.

This is one of the men that "Our man" visited. I believe he may have stayed with this man's family. Are they sitting in a University? Is this the building where "civil engineers" worked from? It is a very interesting room. I like this room very much!

"Our man" eating with his host? They are in a room that looks like a library or similar room.

"Our men" and colleagues surveying earthquake damage?

Is this a photo of earthquake damage?

Looking out over a city.

The men where they were looking out over the city.

Two men at the roadside where they were looking out over the city.

The men a hillside and an automobile. I like this style of car.

Is this where they were, when they were looking out over the city?

Inspecting a bridge. Someone is showing the men a bridge. Are they looking at earthquake damage? Or are they looking at earthquake proofing measures?

This may be the bridge they were inspecting.

Some of the men who were inspecting the bridge.

Earthquake damage?

Earthquake damage?

Earthquake damage I believe. In the "fog" you can make out two dark shapes. They are much clearer in the original photograph. It looks like a man? (person) with a large bundle of goods on his back? Behind him is appears to be a smaller dark shape. That is either a child or a dog. The larger dark shape in front, is a donkey loaded with goods.

Curve of a road with a blurry truck going past.

Road with cracks after an earthquake?

More earthquake damage?

Color photo of the men eating. Is this a Geisha house?

"Our man" with his host and his host's wife?

"Our man" with the wife and son of his host?

"Our man" at a park that has monkeys

Our man taking a photo of a monkey.

"Our man" taking a photo of someone feeding a monkey.

A student with a book?

"Our man" on a boad with students. I wonder if he is taking a ferry? I wonder why he is on the boat?

"Our man" and students? Are the other men engineers too?

Another view of "Our man" and the students. You can see the life boats. I wonder who took the photo.

"Our man" and more students.

Talking to students.

One of the students?

Another student?

Hotel New Osaka.

Is the man on the left an American? Are these engineers too?

"Our man" with the other men.

More men with "Our man".

One of the other men.

"Our man" and the other men again.

"Our man" and yet another man.

Comparing faces of some of the students. Are any of these the same person?

This is the sticker located on the inside of the back cover of the scrapbook.

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