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Interesting "Old" Stuff I Scanned In

 Some of this stuff is, "Biblical".  There are pictures of some New Testaments we have.  One was printed at the "Amen Corner".  There is a Bible tract that talks about Television.  This tract is probably from the 1920's.  The most interesting part is the page that talks about women's clothing.  It blames women's clothing er rather the lack of it, as the cause of many ills in "modern" society.

At the bottom of the first "photo gallery" there are some "movie" photos. 

Title Page of a New Testament

This is the "Marked Testament". I stick it on here, because there is a real place called, "Amen Corner". Normally in the U.S. it is a "figure of speech". There is usually a section of some protestant churches where certain people sit. They tend to be the ones that say, "Amen" as the minister says something "good" in his sermons. This section of the church is called the Amen Corner. There are other meanings to the phrase which make it a figure of speech. Amen Corner is also a street in London, England.

Instructions for the Marked Testament

The page on the right is the front of the brochure. The page on the left is the back.

Marked Testament Instructions

This is the inside of the instructions to the Marked Testament.

1920's Bible Tract Page 1

This is a very interesting Bible tract. I don't think it is very Biblically accurate. I find it interesting what the author has to say about modern events that were happening around him. I found this tract inside the Marked Testament.

1920's Bible Tract Page 2

The world hasn't changed much since the 1920's.

1920's Bible Tract Page 3

In China they were exchanging the wheelbarrow for the Ford. My! Can you believe that a letter could be sent via Air-Mail to New York from San Francisco and it arrived in about 36 hours? Why, from this very computer I can send an E-mail letter to England and it arrives in minutes! I do not think this is "proof" that the "end times are near" though.

1920's Bible Tract Page 4

Six of the "money kings" could practically controll the commerce of the earth. I think it might be "worse" than that now. I have no proof though.

1920's Bible Tract Page 5

Was the famous "League of Nations" (forerunner to the United Nations), a precursor to a "world government under one head"? "That's hogwash! There is no way that there will ever be one government for the whole world!" Well, take a look at history for a moment. There was a famous dictator of the past who tried to establish one government for all Europe. This man was famously defeated. Yet in the 21st Century we are seeing the political ideas he strived for coming to pass. Today, Most of Europe is under one government. This government is called the, "European Union".

1920's Bible Tract Page 6

Flapper's and that "Abominable Dress Question"... I will say the author of this tract has a point. How many young ladies do you know that are allowed to dress beyond their years? I do believe that without proper instruction and suprivision from the child's parents, certain clothing can lead to certain negative behavior. It is true that the flapper of the 1920's shed much of the clothes that her mother and grandmother swore she should wear. I KNOW that if the flapper discgarded her corsets, she improved her health greatly! One of the greatest events in the history of women's health, was when corsets went out of fashion!! Now, if only we could get high heeled shoes banned!

1920's Bible Tract Page 7

"The Astounding Invention of the Television". Yes, it is astounding. The author of this tract would be even more "astounded" by the stuff they stick on this Television. It is "worse" in Europe sometimes. If our author were to see a weeks worth of programing on U.S. television, that would cause him to write a whole box of tracts!

1920's Bible Tract Page 8

I am not letting this tract die, I am passing it on. If you own the copyright to this tract, and I am voilating that copyright, let me know, and I will remove it from this web site.

New Testament Title Page

This New Testament was given out by the "National War Work Council of the YMCA". We suspect Mr. Weber was given it. He was in the U.S. Navy just as W.W.I was ending. He got out of the Navy as soon as he found out how many hours he would be shoveling coal in the engine room. For some reason I have it in my mind that Mr. Weber may have stayed (or belonged) to the YMCA after he moved to Detroit. Maybe that is how he got this New Testament?

Cole's Mill Document

Document Dealing with Cole's Mill. John C. Cole was the grandfather of Irl R. Weber. John C. Cole owned Cole's Mill in Missouri. (Valles Mines?) He is buying rights to this formula for cleaning the "burrs". The "burrs" are the parts the grind the flour. This document is from 1874.


Brochure for the Pretorius Liquefier

Edw. Neumann Quality Foods

Brochure for the Pretorius Liquefier

Edw. Neumann Quality Foods

One Page Brochure for the Vita-Mix Blender



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