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Welcome!  I hope you are able to enjoy this page!!  I wonder if you are able to help us solve some mysteries?

We are trying to identify the people in these photos.  If you are able to help us out let us know.  There's a big box of photos in the bottom of a closet.  I hope to get more photos scanned in some day.  The closet door has to be un-buried first.

Someone gave us a scanner.  It is working for the most part.  It isn't meant to work with Windows XP but that is what we are doing.  I think the photos came out fairly well considering how difficult it was to learn how to work the scanner.

This is a page with links to the several other pages.  I am setting the other pages so that you can click on the smaller photo in order to see a larger one. It may take a while to view the larger photo if you have a slow computer. Let me know if you like what I have done.  This can be a difficult process. It is time consuming.

I have changed this page to a Weber page. (September 03, 2005) Quite a bit of the people on this page are probably Webers.  A good many of the photos are Webers.  You can read the page to find out more. 

Willneff Page:  We think these people are Wilneff's in Nova Scotia. We are not sure that "everyone" is a Wilneff. Also we aren't sure exactly who everyone is. There are definitely Willneff's on the page.  There are photos that were definitely made in Canada. More than likely there wouldn't be any Weber photos made in Canada.

Jean and "Whom"? I do not believe that "Whom" is Irl.  It looks nothing like Irl. Is, "Whom", someone Jean knew before she was married? Are the other photos the father and family of "Whom"? Were these taken in Michigan, or Nova Scotia? 

Miscellaneous Unknown Photos: These could be Wilneff's, they could be Weber's, they could be distant relatives, or photos from friends of the family. 

Any help will be appreciated!!

My husband is Irl Weber's grandson.  His grandmother was Jean Willneff (Wilneff). 

Jean Wilneff was from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Irl Weber was from Desoto, Missouri.  On some of the photos we aren't sure if they are people from Missouri or Nova Scotia. 

There are a lot of things we don't know about Jean and Irl.  Like why did they get married in Indiana?  when and how did they meet? And when, why and how did Jean and her family move from Nova Scotia to Detroit?

We know Irl moved from Missouri sometime in 1918.  He was in the Navy a few months as W.W.I was ending.  He learned how many hours he was going to shovel coal in the engine room.  That "cured" him of the Navy.  We know he started off driving cars from the factory? or a dealership back to Missouri. They didn't have car haulers in 1918.  Then he moved to Detroit to work in a Ford Dealership.  We found a group photo of mechanics at the dealership.  We aren't sure if he is amongst the group.  (I hope to scan that in when I get to that box.)  We do have the dealer's books and paperwork from when he sold cars at this dealership.  He worked there until sometime in about 1939 or 1940.  They started building this house in around 1939.  They finished it in 1940.  They moved from Detroit to live here.  Irl went to work at the Ford Rouge plant.  He was the guy the workers went to when they wanted a raise. They gave him some nick name.  I forgot what that was. He wouldn't give them raises. 


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